Burt Munro's first Bonneville time slip

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Burt-Munro-1962-Timesheet.jpgThis appears to be Burt Munro’s first Bonneville time slip, recording an average speed of 162.149mph. Burt would go on to ride his 1920 Indian Scout to 178.97mph that year, setting his first world record speed. There’s a great photo series from 1962 and 1932 over at The Jockey Journal

  • Joneez

    Great set of pics! The man deserves his legend status.
    I love Bonneville it’s still one of the few more or less unlimited “run what you brung” races left.

    Also of note is the Saab 52ci (two-stroke triple?) powered VW listed at 95 mph. Anyone who’s driven a bug at speed knows how frightening this can be but I’ll bet it made a glorious noise doing it!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/christophercullen/sets/72157622530167071/ CMC

    If you have never seen The World’s Fastest Indian, you are missing out, big time. Such an awesome film.

  • http://speedmotive.blogspot.com Michele

    WOW beautiful pic!

    and yes, the movie is special…unlucky there are not many nice movies on motorbikes world!
    I love the scenes of the gas station before leaving and the first run in the desert during the test of reliability at Bonneville…


  • gregorbean

    Just watched it again last night with my girlfriend, brings a tear to me eye every time.

  • Cowpieapex

    When I first saw this movie I wondered if it represented reality or a disneyesque fantasy. I then found out that Burt had made my home comunity in Nothern California his home away from home during the consecutive years he ran The Indian on The Salt. Some of this history has been reported in The Times Standard of Eureka California.
    The genius of a man who cast his own overhead valve heads to update a flathead engine and hand shaped piston rods from old axle shaft is to me as awsome as Einstein or Edison.
    As I found out the role my elders in the cycling comunity around Arcata played I learned first hand about this man’s gentle spirit and fierce determination. One story tells of his arrival in town prior to speed week to pick up the streamliner from where it was stored to save costly shipping each year. He was diving a beat-up used Ford purchased up upon his arrival stateside. On this occaision the jalopy featured a unique fixture. On the hood ahead of the driver was affixed a section of metal stovepipe with a funneled front end. Inside mounted on gimbals was a scale model of The Indian. As Burt drove across Nevada on his way to Wendover he repeatedly refined modifications to the model observing the effect in his “windtunnel”. When he arrived at Bonneville he then hand formed a new fiberglass body which allowed him to set the ,still standing, speed record.