Custom: 1977 Mopeds Ketchup & Mustard

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We spotted this 1980s Motobecane 51v at 1977 Mopeds just before they closed up shop in The Mission to go online-only. Equipped with a 50cc cylinder and a bunch of other engine hop-up parts, it’ll do about 50mph. Dan Kastner, a member of the infamous bathroom burnout gang, uses this as one of his race bikes. He’s wearing tennis shoes in the pictures because, in moped racing, you actually have to pedal. 

  • contender

    ‘moped racing’ almost sounds oxymoronic.

  • Roman

    Action shots!! Where are the action shots (6 deep into a corner, preferably)?!

  • Dan

    Here is a good pic from the Polini Cup, Ketchup and Mustard is not in that race though.

  • Moped envy

    That’s a beautiful bike. So light and purposeful looking.

    I encourage Kastner to take this concept to the next level: start fabricating bikes like this with old 2 stroke motocrossers. Those bikes are cheap, readily available, and inexpensive to rebuild. Stretch out and lower the frame on a 125 or 250cc 2 stroke dirtbike, put street wheels on it, and you’d have a TZ250 replica that would spank any superbike up on Skyline. Less mass= more speed through the turns.

  • Kyt
  • Franzwa

    Every 14 year old use to ride this in France during the 80′s- 90′s. My was a Peugeot RCX… So many lessons were learn on those non-breaking fun little bikes