Destination: STT PRO School

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Hypercello.JPGGrant and I are at Monticello today, attending Sportbike Track Time’s Performance Riding Option School, a WERA-accredited program that aims to elevate avid trackday riders beyond their current skill level. At $100 above the cost of a trackday, think of it as a cut price alternative to bespoke multi-day programs at far away tracks. Oh, and we’ll be riding a couple of Ducatis.

Doing this is much more fun when you participate. We’ll be checking comments, but the easiest way to play along at home is with Twitter.

Update: we survived the monsoon. Look for an article on the school and on riding the Hypermotard later this week.

  • the_doctor

    God, that green blob looks like an oil spill I saw recently. Have fun out there guys.

  • vic

    what is the brand name of that blue tape?

  • Brennan

    I have a pretty great life.
    I sell glitter all over the country. I get free massages once a week.

    But damn it if I wouldn’t trade all those sparkly rubdowns for a couple weeks in your guys shoes.

    Great work on creating a fantastic life.

  • cds

    Now, how are you supposed to report on MotoGP when you’re way over on the wrong coast??

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      We aren’t really a racing pub and we’d rather ride than watch.

  • g


  • El Guero

    So much for the Hypermotard and that magic of air-cooling that I’m always hearing about from all ye olde farts.

  • geonerd

    looking forward to the grant vs. hypermotard feature!

  • Bronson

    Looking forward to reading about the Hyper’s blown motor and what brought it about. More motards please!