Details: the tiniest steering damper in the world

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This tiny adjustable steering damper belongs to the 2011 Honda CRF450R and 250R. Isn’t it cute? It’s not new, debuting on the 2008 models, but like the rest of the 2011 MX bikes, it’s been slightly upgraded, in this case growing its piston size from 20 to 24mm for better control. On off-road bikes like these, steering dampers help keep the bike tracking straight over ruts and while landing jumps and are said to reduce fatigue as they drop the amount of effort exerted by a rider’s arms. Attaching the headstock to the bottom clamp, Honda’s damper occupies space behind the number board that wasn’t previously occupied. 

  • AK

    Just don’t forget to adjust you race sag to 110-120mm to get rid of the oversteer caused by the steeper head angle adopted HPSD in ’08 to now.

    God, I LOVE Honda.

  • Sasha Pave

    Nice that Honda engineers found a discreet place to mount the damper.

    This damper would certainly work best for motocross only. Most motocross applications prefer zero dampening when returning to center, while off-roaders prefer some dampening. The really trick dampers allow you to select different modes and dampening rates for each application (moto, desert, rallye).

    • Nck

      Off-roaders do like dampening; it helps keep the dust down during a race.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Gawd that looks cool. I’d use ‘em on my screen door if I thought they’d extend enough to allow my lard to pass though.