Ducati 848 Evo: faster than a 999

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Equipped with a revised 140bhp engine, the Ducati 848 Evo now has a
better power-to-weight ratio than a 2005 Ducati 999; the
torque-to-weight ratios are identical. Now that’s progress.

Update: now with high-res images.

Update 2: action video below.

Here’s the numbers:

Power: 140bhp @ 9,750rpm
Torque: 80lb-ft @8,000rpm
Weight: 186kg (dry)
Power/Weight: .753 (bhp/kg)
Torque/Weight: .430 (lb-ft/kg)

848 Evo
Power: 140bhp @10,500rpm
Torque: 72.3lb-ft @ 9,750rpm
Weight: 168kg (dry)
Power/Weight: .833 (bhp/kg)
Torque/Weight: .430 (lb-ft-kg)

The 848 Evo is up 6bhp and 1.5lb/ft thanks to new cylinder heads, new cams, new pistons, larger throttle bodies and more precise monitoring of gas flow. The compression ratio is also up to 13.2:1.

Aside from the engine, there’s now top-shelf Brembo Monoblock brake calipers and a standard steering damper. Notably absent is the Ducati 1198‘s traction control.

There’s new colors too. Red paint with a red frame and black wheels or “Dark Stealth” which uses either grey or matte black paint (we can’t quite tell from the pictures) along with a black frame and black wheels.

The 848 Evo is due for an official unveiling at Laguna Seca this weekend.

  • pdub

    Can’t hate on Ducati engineering. They just keep delivering. Really hope the next gen Superbike line ditches the 916 as imagined by Japan motif and start taking more cues from their GP machine. That and drop the “Night at the Roxbury” marketing team.

  • UglyDuc

    i know manufacturers rate at the crank but 140hp seems optimistic. Looking forward to finding out what it puts down at the wheel.

  • Steve

    I think I’m looking at my next bike… I know they say your first Ducati should be red, but what the hell… ‘stealth’ looks pretty damn good to me.

  • http://www.seandaw.com mr man

    13.2 to 1 compression? holy crap. it’ll have to have race gas to see that full 140…

    • Sean Smith

      There’s production cars with more compression than that. You can run shitty california 91 all day long with no problems up to about 13.5.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Wish they’d lose the black wheels and red/black frame and go back to the metallic finishes. The bronze from a few years ago was especially classy.

    Otherwise: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  • sburns2421

    White frame and wheels look best with a red bike, but keeping the wheels clean is impossible.

    It will be interesting to see what changes they made to increase the power. This bike is probably the “best” sportbike for realistic riding in Ducati’s lineup.

  • TeeJay

    Reliability is one big question, but still: this is a kickass bike. :)

  • Bald Shaun

    From another site “The tweaks see the engine outperforming even BMW’s S1000RR according to the engineer’s standard measure of engine performance – bhp/litre/1000rpm.” Pretty impressive. I wonder when the 1198 Evo is going to drop.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Boss. I would rock black on white frame and wheels.

    An aside: Can anyone tell me about that helmet?

    • Turf

      looks to be a corsair 5 with a new drudi design, First time i’ve seen it. I’d expect it to be in the 2011 catalogue. my best friend works at arai I’ll shoot him a text later.

      • Sean Smith

        That’s a Vector; Arai’s base model helmet. I paid a little over 300 for mine, but I’ve seen em going for damn near 800 bucks with drudi paint.

        • Turf

          Ohh you’re right about the vector. Hard to see on my netbook at work. My friends looking into the new duc helmet.

          • Sean Smith

            Tell him to save a few hundred bucks and get a black one. Black helmets are classier anyway ;)

  • Isaac

    I can smell the 848 Ev0 ‘SP’ comming really soon.

    They did that with the Hypermotard EvO

  • Jordan J.

    And that’s another sweet bike I’ll have to ignore while I save up for more trips to track days and eventually a track’ed SV650.

    Could Ducati make about half the bike for about half the price for us mere mortals?

  • jason

    i love my white 848…..i wonder if it will be just as quick if i paint it matte black! this bike is SICK!

  • aaron

    ok, so when do we get a streetfighter dark based on this?

    …wait, was this the “new model” I was getting excited about? they could have parked a few of these around the track and no one would have noticed the “new” ducati… I’d love to see a new supersport model, inspired by the ncr millonia. very low weight, (say 350lbs with a half full tank) half faired, and powered by a enlarged version of the 796 motor…. drool.

    • Deltablues

      My first motorcycle was a 1994 900SS CR. I loved that bike. Put 10000 miles on it in a year and sold it for more than I bought it for. Although the GT1000 and Sport 1000 were nice, they were not replacement for the old 900SS line. I really wish Ducati would put out that type of bike again based around the 1100 engine, or even the 796.

  • jblaze

    i want…

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/christophercullen/sets/72157622530167071/ CMC


  • Matt

    Please; we can count to three… not counting your intentional use.
    Seriously though, we had might as well get used to the new electronic media grammar; it will soon supplant “proper” English. Language is dynamic and we’re witnessing its simplification (or devolution, depending on your perspective).

  • Bald Shaun

    Sexy as this bike is, I concur with Aaron and Deltablues. I’ll drool over this and other Superbike based Ducatis, but if they built an new Supersport, lightweight, sexy lines, aircooled 2 valver, good suspenders and brakes, and priced it in line with the current monsters, I’d do more than drool. I’d buy one.

  • deckard

    +1 for a rebirth of the SuperSport.

    See this Oberdan Bezzi drawing for what could be:


  • g

    ah what a beautiful bike, simply beautiful

  • http://www.teflon434.com TEFLON434

    EVO???? But, YES!!! Sexy, Nice And Faster!!! This spec 848 should have jus been the 2011 model. Upgraded from the other years… an EVO should have wayyyyyy more stuff…. I say 848, 848S, 848R, then something kRaZy….. EVO…. Stroked motor, Magnesium bits, ridiculous price and only a certain amount… Only 500 available!!!! None to Jay Leno, Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt…. LOL!!!!

  • Rod

    The helmet is available now in the USA. Doug Polen wore one last weekend at Mid Ohio. $599 retail.

  • Rod

    I just bought a 2009 848 to build into a race bike so I am not sure what to do now. Sell it and wait for the Evo or just build it and race.