eRoehr eSuperbike: 135mph on batteries

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Coming hot on the heels of yesterday’s Brammo Empulse is an entirely different take on electric performance. The eRoehr eSuperbike is eFaster but also eWay more expensive. It’s also based around and existing eChassis, that of the eHyosung GT250R and will only be produced in eLimited numbers. Still, 96bhp and 135mph is eImpressive.
There’s actually three bikes here, but they all look about identical.

The eSuperSport uses a single AC induction motor that makes 48bhp, has
5.8kWh of battery capacity, will hit 100mph, weighs 395lbs and costs

The eSuperBike uses two of the eSuperSport’s AC induction motors for
96bhp and a 135mph top speed. It’s batteries can hold 7.7kWh of go
juice, but weight is up to 500lbs. A snip at $27,595.

The eSuperbike RR is identical to the non-RR eSuperbike but adds fully
adjustable Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

The eRoehrs should appeal to electric vehicle enthusiasts who want
something they can race in the TTXGP or tinker with, the idea here isn’t
to try and enter the mass market to compete with Brammo. No word on
ranges, but despite the full-fairing they should be somewhat limited due
battery capacities that now, post Empulse, feel a bit small.

Roehr  Thanks for the tip, Ben.

  • Brett L.

    eEnough already! Just ekidding. Cool.

  • Bald Shaun

    Not feeling this one. Plastics are an eyesore, and nearly 30K for a bike with a Hyosung chassis? Pass. But, I am glad more companies are getting into the fray.

  • Ian

    Hmm… Someone actually stood there and said “yeah that looks good, Walter, let’s build it”.

    I honestly can’t believe how so much time, effort and good work underneath gets wasted by such a lack of understanding of fundamental volume and form. This could be the best performing bike in the world, but so many people will be turned off at the first sight that they’ll never know.

  • Pete

    Ugly and ridiculously expensive? Good luck eSelling that piece of eCrap.

  • JR

    hmmm, doesn’t look good, but probably really fun to ride.

    See the Brammo Empulse for a good looking electric bike.

  • Turf

    I always feel bad for roher, it’s like they’re trying so hard but there are a few fundamental things they just dont get. American superbike you can be proud of?….no Thats Motoczysz.

  • Mark Morrison

    Um, 500 POUNDS!!! 200lb of torque !!!!!

  • mike

    I’d have to agree with Bald Shaun – for that kind of money I’d expect a much better chassis.

    As for the fairings, I think it would help if they got rid of the plastic behind where a normal fairing ends (around the footpegs). It just looks weird and can’t serve any purpose other than hiding something.

  • Will

    What an ugly blob….(isn’t that an older gixxer headlight?) Roehr just doesn’t get it IMO….maybe the designer picked up the superglue accidentally instead of his eyedrops. Angles, lines, and proportions are way off, making it look rotund.

  • Sean Smith

    I really hope they make a shit-pile of money off of this thing. That way they can hire a designer next time around and the bike won’t look like the downs syndrome afflicted love-child of an early 2000′s gsxr and a ducati paso 750.

  • gregorbean

    Will this also be eracing next weekend at Laguna?

  • Tessier

    What do you get when you put a Suzuki GSXR, Ducati Paso, and a Yamaha R6 together? One Ugly Roehr! who the hell said this look’s good lets go with it?

    • Sean Smith

      Beat ya to it ;)

  • Mark

    I really don’t understand why everyone here is so negative about this bike. As a designer myself, I think it looks fantastic! It’s clean, smooth and very well proportioned, it has a very organic quality to it not dissimilar to a consumer electronics product which is what it really is.
    I applaud the effort in pushing the envelope in alternative design rather than playing it safe with a more conventional looking design.

    I also think the use of an existing rolling chassis is a smart move. It provides reliable, proven, and inexpensive components to be sourced that dramatically reduces the cost of the overall product. Individual components that aren’t up to the job can easily be upgraded as they seem to have done, Ohlins shock, Brembo calipers, and full Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes on their RR version.

    Would you rather pay $70-80K for a Mission One or MotoCzysz bike that most likely won’t perform much better, especially on the street? I think not, and neither do they, that’s why they are not selling any products yet.

    I my view, this bike is a great effort to bring a performance electric bike to the market for those that want one.

  • Cajun

    I’d like to see some one of Mr Roehr’s considerable design and engineering talents put their efforts towards developing an eTrail Bike (sorry had to do it). Something beyond the electic mountain bikes that are available now.

  • gr8scotny

    The problem here is that the “engineers” designed the bike. Whenever design is engineered it usually come out less than ideal. The Brammo is spot on in it’s looks. Sparse and well done. Bad design will not sell this bike and will not turn on new customers to buy it. Like the Brammo, why hide the engineering? I would highlight it and be damn proud that I was the only guy with an electric bike in my city!! Hells Yea!!

  • Anders

    e is the new i.

  • Isaac

    This bike is Fugly just like his last one was.

  • The Grudz

    E-gadts! She ain’t purdy…but it’s wonderful to see all the competition rolling out the one-up’s!

  • GeddyT

    All this bike does for me is make me wonder, “…and how much would a MotoCzysz Electric Digital Drive (sorry Michael, no 1s for me…) cost compared to that?…”

    If you’re still one of the first 15 Digital Drive customers, you can have that package with 10kWh of hot-swappable batteries for about the price of this bike. Slap on the liter bike front end/swingarm/shock of your choice, make some race glass fit, and stomp all over this Rhoer for probably less money all told than the RR version.

  • Odie

    Hmmmm, doesn’t it look like Shamu?

  • brettvegas

    Well, it is ugly.
    Waaay more reality involved though, in pricing and build, than brammo.
    It has that honda ‘coast-highway’ thing going on, fully covered is not a good ascetic. First attempt, at least they didn’t call it a commuter.

    Motocysz, have they ever actually made a single sale of any product? How long has he held a business license?

  • toeCutter

    To me it looks like this just bigger.. i bet some chinese whos clueless about bikes designed it..

    Mark if you think this is nice… sorry ask from your Industrial designer your money back!!

    After all .. all production @bikes supposed to be UGLY