Fireblade, transformed

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“Matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.” Based on a simply physics principal, UK artist Kyle Bean created this work for the window of Selfridges, a massive department store in London. The idea isn’t to demonstrate that a Honda CBR1000RR weighs the same whole or in bits, but rather to consider the incredible degree of effort and creativity that goes into each part that forms a cohesive whole. Basically, bikes are freakin’ complicated. Build video below.

Kyle Bean

  • Urban Rider

    Cool, very cool, but Selfridges have nothing to do with motorcycles. I wonder what’s in it for them, giving Honda the best shop windown in the whole of England?!

    • shinigami

      “giving” Honda the best shop window in the whole of England?


      Surely you jest.

  • Beast Incarnate

    That’s one hell of a wind chime.

  • HammSammich

    Perhaps it’s too cliche, but it would be kind of cool if the scales were shown tipping toward the completed bike as a metaphor showing that the “incredible degree of effort and creativity that goes into each part” produces a machine that is greater than the sum of those parts.

    • AadmanZ

      They should have put scales on it to show the difference in price between a complete bike and a bike in parts.. I think the stack of parts could easily add op to 100.000 pounds.

      • vic

        sad but true

  • Jordan J.

    Well, I guess we know what happened to at least two CBR1000RRs that dealers couldn’t sell at closeout prices.

  • telekom

    I want first shout on the box of parts once the show is over. :)

  • Deltablues

    The amazing thing to me is that despite all those separate parts…modern sportbikes only weigh 375ish pounds dry.

  • brettvegas

    It’s both matter and energy, in the law of thermodynamics. Hard to show the bike converting energy/matter to another form, if the pistons are hanging from fishing line. Could fire up the assembled bike, tie a bit of fishing line to the throttle, run it WFO, and watch the scales get lighter on that side. The assembled bike is in a higher ‘state of transformation’ because it probably runs, the box of parts don’t do nothing but hang there.

  • vic

    so is this what they call conceptual art?

    i like it btw

  • CMC

    More motorcycles as fetish objects used to sell other stuff, no? As in, “ooh, motorcycles are cool, let’s go buy some vaguely moto-inspired clothing at this store, even though we don’t ride.”


  • Paul

    What a useless waste of a good bike .

  • Peter

    It seems rigged, I would have liked to see a lock release or something and the guy line in the final turning shot makes me skeptical. Maybe the line was just there to hold it stable as they worked, but it doesn’t show it cut.



  • Les

    Oh, a honda parted and hung on wires.

    They could have made it more interesting if they at least kept it to the general layout of the complete vehicle. Like, oh.. say this hanging honda by Paul Veroude (warning: it’s an f1 car)