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What’s more important: being safe once you smack your head into
something or avoiding that accident in the first place? Painted in lurid
shades of high visibility orange or green and fitted with reflective
graphics, the new Icon Alliance HiViz helmet aims to help you avoid
accidents with increased visibility. Based on the refined Alliance
helmet, it’ll be safe even if that car driver wasn’t looking. The
helmet’s interior shape has been elongated to increase comfort, there’s
improved ventilation and a wicking liner to help keep you cool and dry. >

The mid-range Alliance uses a plastic shell and is certified to meet DOT and the all-conquering ECE 22.05 helmet safety standard, which means its slightly softer than Snell -certified helmets.

While a high visibility helmet alone isn’t a guarantee of safety, it can work as part of a system of safe riding that can help you avoid accidents. The idea is that helmets painted like this capitalize on the slim chance that car drivers might, for once, be paying attention or at least looking out of their windows. Drawing their attention to you with these colors even a fraction of a second sooner might be enough to help them avoid hitting you altogether or dramatically reduce the forces with which they do.


  • JR

    I work at an air force base, and we have to wear bright, reflective colors and full gear. It’s annoying, but I see why they require it, and comply. Really I just wish I could leave the long sleeves off on the hottest of days… I know I know… road rash.

  • vic

    bright colored helmets work.as seen by me driving a car .and mirror mounted turn signals also work

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Anything that increases visibility will help avoid being creamed by Susie SUV.

  • http://twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    I agree with increased visibility in theory, but put zero faith in other drivers. I think I could wear a chicken suit and have a hundred lit sparklers blazing all over my bike and still get hit.

    • Grive

      Well, in the driver’s defense, a sparkly chicken? They might want to ram you in principle.

      Seriously though. I usually go with the mindset “Everyone sharing this road is a contract killer hired to make it look like an accident”. Sadly, it feels like a pretty accurate assessment.

  • shinigami

    Hi-vis is greart in theory, but I wonder if any benefit is offset by target fixation on the part of cagers?

    • K2theM


      “…but I wonder if any benefit is offset by target fixation on the part of cagers?”

      Wow dude. If they see you they aren’t going to hit you, unless they are totally incompetent. Thus the whole reason for “Hi-Viz” gear. I could see drivers getting distracted/fixated by a crazy looking graphic of some type(or possibly that Iron Man suit that was featured here last week), but I have yet to see or hear of a person getting distracted by bright yellow/orange gear.

      • shinigami

        Wow “dude”. It so happens that, Yes, Virginia, they ARE incompetent. MOST cagers in the USA HAVE THEIR HEADS UP THEIR ASSES. So forgive me for not neccessarily following the party line with regard to this subject.

  • Rob

    I’m more inclined to wear a hi-viz helmet than I am a hi-viz vest. These helmets don’t make you look like a construction worker and I think the yellow and orange look good independent of their potential to provide higher visibility.

    And the yellow is very Rossi-esque!

  • Tim

    Great idea. Why aren’t all helmets “High Vis”?

    • Sean Smith

      Because a lot of people don’t wanna look like a traffic cone. I wear almost exclusively black gear, with the exception of one brownish greyish jacket. I rely on my high beam and common sense to avoid certain death, rather tan dressing up like an oversized reflector.

    • Sid

      Hell why don’t we paint our bikes neon yellow with blinky lights as well. ;)

  • Martin Cron

    This is pretty cool, and almost makes up for Icon’s terrible advertising and juvenile sense of style.


  • robotribe

    I liked it up until I took a closer look and saw the “hi-vis” logotype at the back; in practice, it’s as pedestrian as putting “INTEL INSIDE” on laptops.

    No shit, Sherlock.

  • http://www.dashzerosystems.com Barry

    One of the guys I used to ride with had a full leather race suit in pretty much that same shade of radiation red and silver with highly reflective silver piping. In bright Texas sun, it would all but sear your retinas, and you would see little greenish ghosts after you looked away from him.

    Every once in a while, I catch somebody on a bike, at night, driving away from the military outpost here, and they always have to wear the high-viz vests, or at least some manner of reflective something. They must have started allowing people to wear just the retroreflective “belts” recently, since I’ve seen a bunch of them lately. Watching one guy from inside my car with HID headlights bouncing off of him, it looked like a neon snake floating around in random spirals since all you could see was the belt fluttering, and almost no reflection off anything on his bdu’s. Certainly caught my attention, but more in the “what the flippin’ell” sort of way.

    • robotribe

      “Certainly caught my attention, but more in the “what the flippin’ell” sort of way.”

      Well, I guess it worka.

  • smoke4ndmears

    Yeeeesssss. I’ve been waiting for someone to crank out a helmet in hi-vis yellow. Too bad it wasn’t Arai or Shark. Icon really hits the mark in making gear for us DOT/GOV people who are required to wear this stuff at night. I have one of their ridiculously garish backpacks, but I’ll be picking up this helmet for days that I don’t need to lug it around. The hi-vis jacket they have is a bit too over-styled for my tastes unfortunately.

    • PhilMills

      Scorpion’s had a hi-vis yellow version of the EXO-700 out for about a year now if your head goes more toward that shape.

    • jmz

      Arai sells a high-vis version of the Vector.

      Is ECE really better then M2010? I thought the comparisons that were unfavorable to Snell were between M2005 and ECE, not M2010 and ECE.

  • HammSammich

    Dad used to say, “Ride like every car on the road is trying to hit you.”

    So I ride a black bike with black gear because I figure if they can’t see me, they can’t try to hit me.

  • Woody

    This is Icon? Where’s all the skulls and eightballs and other tacky shit? Can I special order my hi-viz helmet with skulls on it? I want my head to look like an affliction shirt while I ride.

  • Michael

    It’s not Hi-Viz yellow, but I have a very much attention getting Arai Quantum 2 in that bright orange/white/and black Jungle theme. It’s bright, it looks like it was designed by somebody with turrets syndrome, and it gets attention. Part of the reason I bought that helmet was because I recall reading one of the finding from the Hurt Report was that when looking at a rider on a bike, the first thing people notice is the helmet/head area. I might be wrong, but it did drive my decision on the purchase of my lid.

    I would cop that orange Icon, BTW.

  • http://www.gtamotorcycle.com GTA Motorcycke

    Sorry, High Viz isn’t cool. Why ride a sports bike if it makes you look gay. Real rideers wear all black. squid for life. http://www.gtamotorcycle.com

    • g

      yea high viz isnt cool, i dont think i would wear a florescent vest ever, but what you said is super gay, i dont ride a sport bike because of how it makes me look, i ride it because i enjoy it regardless of how it looks, your a ricer, and only a girl would be all worried about her looks

      i have a black helmet, black jacket and gloves, hadnt even thought about it, but you sound like a metrosexual dude all conscious and worried of how you look, go tell your bullsh&%t to rossi, seems he likes bright colours allot, bet his a million times more of a rider then you

      your link must be so pathetic i wont even bother.

    • CafeRacer1200

      Sayeth the man with his ass in the air ready for action.

  • UglyDuc

    Icon gear is pretty gaudy at times, but at least it’s gear. They haven’t put out a motorcycle flipflop yet have they?

  • Jordan J.

    I could see this working well for control riders at track days who wear the high-visibility vests.

  • Stephen

    Finally, an Icon product that I would actually consider buying.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Irrelevant. Last Wednesday I compressed my Buell against the ass of a lane jumping Lexus SUV. My gear included a hi-viz Tourmaster Intake jacket. Icon red base Dios de la Meurtos helmet, Cortech Adrenaline gloves and Oxtar X Squared boots. How do you NOT see that coming? I’m fine. Very sore for 47 years old but fine. I wish the hi-viz had lasers to blast the eyes out of the stupid through the back of their skull though.

    • Stephen

      Maybe eye-blasting lasers will be an option on the BMWs with that iDrive thingy referenced on HFL earlier in the week.

  • smoke4ndmears

    thanks guys i didnt realize arai had an offering in hi-viz.

    caferacer1200 how did the bike fair? id be fuming if my buell was demolished due to a fault not of my own.

    • CafeRacer1200

      It’s actually not too bad. All cosmetic. Bad news is that it’s coming out of my pocket since they ran and nobody got the plate number. Good news is the parts are pretty darn cheap. Nineteen bucks for the mirror and it’s genuine Buell! I can bring it back to new for $150 over my deductible.

  • Core

    …Most accidents happen because people aren’t paying attention, well that or they are just bad drivers.

    The only thing this helmet will help, is in seeing where your body lands. OR at least where they can locate your head at.

  • Core

    Also, I wanted to say, the helmets do actually look good for what they are.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    I’m all for this trend and was going to make my next the Scorpion exo-700 in high-viz yellow/green. Nice to have some other options.

    I also noticed that Icon now makes a textile jacket in high-viz yellow that has not a single skull or tribal tatoo. I believe they’re going after the military market, but more high-viz gear that doesn’t make you look like a dot employee is a good thing.

  • waynze

    yuk, no ones going to look cool wearing this thing , that’s what 50% of riding’s about is’nt it? :-P