Is Old Spice Man your bike bro or sensual bike friend of romance?

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old-spice-man-bike-bro.jpgIn this video, Old Spice Man responds to a commenter’s question about the bike he throws a muscular leg over in this ad. Look, we’re not judging, would you turn down a pillion ride with a man that smells this fresh?

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    Whatever about this video…I think WES has a crush on this guy!

    JK buddy

    • Wes Siler

      Wait Adey, I thought you were the Old Spice Man!

      • adeysworld

        hah! my pecs are bigger. you should know!

  • Brandon Glanville


  • Michael

    What kind of bike would Old Spice cast Terry Crews on? Rocket III Roadster? Twenty-10/11 V-Max? Maybe he’d have a 2010 KTM 990 SMR on a chain leash like some sort of Pit Bull. Building Kick!

  • Woody

    They really know how to deliver for the internet. There’s a few of these, the funniest of which is probably for “Anonymous”.

  • Pinkyracer

    hmmm. I betcha $1 he doesn’t actually ride. except maybe on the back of my R1. He’d certainly fit there better than some of the guys I’ve tried to carry on it.