It's the BMW GS's 30th birthday

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30-Years-BMW-GS.jpgIt’s been 30 years since BMW first twigged that sticking tall suspension on a road bike could do more than create an ill-handling road bike or a dirt bike too heavy to ride off-road. Instead, that move invented an entirely new type of motorcycling, adventure touring, in which people willingly ride extraordinarily expensive motorcycles on the terrain most likely to damage them. Three years before the GS’s inception, the process to dye Cordura blinding shades of neon colors was invented. Coincidence? We think not. >

  • Hank

    Hooray for using vehicles designed to go across Siberia for commuting to work.

  • Rich

    I love the studio shot with the potted palm, yellow lighting and hand-on-hip, stern faced rider in his bright red kit. Gotta’ love that 80s style.

  • HammSammich

    They’re as ugly as sin, but I defy anyone to read “Long Way Round” and not come away with some sort of romantic notions of riding a GS through Mongolia (even if it was their second choice).

    • Pinkyracer

      how does one read “Long Way Round”? I mean, it stars Ewan MacGregor. Much better on film than on paper.

      • HammSammich

        I have not seen the film, so I can’t say if the book is better, but I recommend checking it out at your local library. “Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across The World” by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman with Robert Uhlig.

  • AadmanZ

    And this is why I read HFL..

  • Steve781

    Forget the “long way round” wimps. Read “Investment Biker” by Jim Rogers for a truly great story of riding around the world on a bimmer. In addition to a great story about riding around the world, it is a great story about the world circa 1994.

  • telekom

    I don’t recommend Uneasy Rider by Mike Carter.

  • Wes Siler

    I just buy Bike and read Dan Walsh.

    • Urban Rider

      Please tell me you are taking the piss.

  • Robert

    Rich, I don’t know what you’re talking about; thats the motherfucking Sahara!!!

  • Ninjah

    If you plunk down $20k+ for a big GS, it should come with an iPod that plays nothing but the epic music from that commercial.

  • Deltablues

    I really really wish I could have that GS in the picture above. There is a purposeful elegance to the design that has not been totally washed away by 30 years of added weight, electronics, and ‘adventure’ baggage.

    • Cowpieapex

      I’ve had a long time love of these old airhead boxers, R60/2, R75/5, R60/6 and R80GS. In many ways the R80 was a little disapointing. Smog tuning in 1980 had robbed some of the phenominal torque and reliability that made my R75 a superbly versatile adventure machine.
      Get your hands on any of the mid ’70s 750 to 900 cc BMW workhorses available so cheap, freshen it up, modify it to taste and serve.

  • deckard

    He’s looking off into the future. Little does he know, in 30 years people will still be riding air-cooled Boxer motors. Not quite the brave new world implied by that ad.

  • Doug D

    Hooray for riding vehicles designed to race on a racetrack for riding to the mall so you can visit Sunglasses Hut.

    • Pinkyracer

      actually, I ride my R1 to the mall to buy expensive Japanese sunblock at Sephora, to protect me as a spectator at the MotoGP races I ride to on my personal rocketship. Sunglass Hut is lame. ;-P

  • Dan C.

    I can’t figure out if that guy is a member of Devo or Kraftwerk.

    • Hiwatt Scott

      Obviously it’s Gary Numan. Duh!

      • Dan C.

        In “Cars”? Come on!

  • vic

    damn the gs has gotten fat over the years :)

    ps:i see decent studio shots we’re as much of a challenge for bmw then as they are now :D