Jupiter's MotoShare cuts the cost of riding

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Jupiters-1.jpgOwning a motorcycle in New York is prohibitively expensive and a huge
hassle. In addition to the usual ownership and maintenance costs, you’ve
got to worry about enormous insurance premiums and the cost of storage;
keep your bike on the street and it’s virtually guaranteed that it’ll
get stolen or destroyed. In fact, it’s such a ridiculous pain in the ass
to own a bike here that there’s a lot of people who can ride, but don’t
or people that have to settle for owning a shittier motorcycle than
than they could otherwise afford. Enter Jupiter’s MotoShare, for less
money than owning a single bike you could have access to an entire

The MotoShare model is a little bit similar to that of the Classic Car Club; it’s basically fractional ownership of vehicles you otherwise couldn’t afford to own or drive without the hassle of taking care of them.

Here’s the deal: for $1,999 a year you get access to a growing fleet of bikes that includes BMW R1200GSs, BMW G650GSs, BMW F650GSs, BMW F800STs, BMW R1200RTs, Triumph Speed Triples and Triumph Bonnevilles. As the club growns, more bikes will be added. We’re already bugging Chris, the guy behind MotoShare, to add track bikes.

Jupiters-2.jpgThat $1,999 fee is likely lower than the cost of making payments on, insuring, storing and maintaining any single bike mentioned above and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of arranging any of those services, it’s all taken care of in that price.

Chris doesn’t just want people to toodle around town on the bikes, he wants people to use them for long trips and adventures. There’s also a Jupiter’s in Los Angeles, members can pick up a bike there and ride it around SoCal or all the way back to New York if they want.

There’s also a social scene growing up around Jupiter’s HQ in Gowanus. Need people to ride with? You’ll probably find them there. Need a place to drink beer and chat bikes? Go hang out.

Interested? Check it out:

Jupiter’s MotoShare

  • Brian Zooom

    reminds me of the plane-share’s I have heard about from a pilot buddy. great concept as long as you don’t get that 1 single douchebag to fuck up the works by trashing stuff( whether intentional or not).

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.

    Wow $2k a year? That’s pretty amazing. How often are those bikes booked? Could you decide on a Thursday to take one of the GSs to Canada that weekend?

  • http://twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    Riding only a few days a month would make me cry. A particularly good value for a less-frequent rider, though.

  • noone1569

    This is a pretty good idea, and I’m sure a pretty sound business model, provided insurance is effective enough to negate bike abuse.

    2k a year isn’t much money, specially for someone who is into motorcycles and lives in the crazy cost of living area that this services.

    However, I’d have to check into how many days and what days you can pick up the bike.

    Like said earlier, if I decide Monday I want to trek it to Canada on Thursday, can I go snag a GS?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/christophercullen/sets/72157622530167071/ CMC

    I really want an R1200R. Just sayin’.

  • contender

    Maybe I could live in NYC after all. Provided the fuzz stop targeting motorcyclists.

  • Tim

    Well, I had this idea about 2 years ago, but without the money to start, the idea doesn’t count for much. I think it is a grand idea. It could also fit other areas of riding-track time and dirt come immediately to mind.

    BTW- the “one single douche bag” that dorks up the equipment looses his deposit and the ride for the rest of the contract.

  • Jamie

    The liability insurance must be crazy, no?

  • Willing to keep an open mind

    They’ve been doing “fractional ownership” for a long time with boats and airplanes and speaking from experience it works really well. Getting to ride all sorts of different bikes would be great. It’s always bugged me the industry more or less expects you to buy a particular bike based on a quick test ride, or simply because the magazines say it’s cool. If there were more services like this I think we’d start seeing better bikes overall because demand for the crappy bikes would dry up. People could try their dream bike before buying one. I think the new electric Bike companies should promote this as a way to introduce e-bikes to the riding public.

  • Sean Smith

    So are you guys signing up and then taking the bimmers to canada?

  • whiskeywaters

    I wouldn’t complain too much on the cost, especially with the amount of cool riding that can happen out of either NYC or LA.

    The solution to NYC parking with a MC is relatively simple: small engine. I had a cousin who’d run his 500 up the stairs/elevator and park that sucker in his living room. I imagine it would be twice as simple for a 250cc Rebel or something.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yeah, that’s in no way practical or doable.

      • Supergome

        Doesn’t stop plenty of people from doing it!

    • http://www.americadelivered.com Nick

      I tried that with two honda mopeds, and even though it was on the second story of a building and the mopeds weighed just 90 lbs, it got old VERY quickly. To the point that I’d ride them perhaps once a month.

      • Brian Zooom

        “I tried that with two honda mopeds, and even though it was on the second story of a building and the mopeds weighed just 90 lbs, it got old VERY quickly.”

        try a nice trials bike then!…it’ll do stairs with ease!

  • Ninjah

    Love the idea – but $1999 is for just 18 days out of the year. Bump it up to $5000 to get 72 days, according to their site.

    It’s hard for me to see the service from a city-dweller’s perspective, having never lived in a big city where public transportation is good enough to live without wheels. What do the serious urbanites think?

    I’d prefer a membership plan tailored to trying out a variety of bikes before buying one. Something like 5-6 bikes, with at least a full weekend on each one, and not more than a week or two between bikes would be a sweet deal.

  • Nick

    I seem to remember in the Guinness book (the old small one with no pictures) that someone rode a dirtbike up the Empire State Building or the Sears Tower. Does anyone remember that or am I just going nuts?

  • Pinkyracer

    that’s genius for NYC! I used to pay more than that just to garage my Ducati.

    But yeah, I wouldn’t ride any of those bikes unless by some strange twist of fate Brammo, Zero, Mavizen, Native, CRP, Czysz, Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, MV Agusta and hell, even Honda somehow all ceased to exist. Brandist? yep.

  • http://twitter.com/marshallhaas Marshall Haas

    Someone is a BMW lover. I see all BMW’s and 2 Triumphs…

  • RandallR

    If you really like riding motorcycles you shouldn’t be living in NY City.

    Don’t get me wrong, NY City is a great place to visit but there is no way in hell I would want to live there as long as I still am able to ride bikes.

    sorry, but living in NorCal has spoiled me when it comes to motorcycles.

    • Michael

      Damned straight. I have traveled up to NYC a couple of times with the wife on my old Concours 14. My little brother went with us both times with his grilfriend on his FJR1300. While it’s good fun riding up there, and around the city, parking it always left me on edge. We would park our bikes next the the apartment building that our friend lived at. While we ride old men’s bike and were not worried about them getting stolen, damage on the other hand was always in the back of my mind. I couldn’t live in NYC for that reason (and others, for example: tolls). ThT shit would be in the back of my head ALL the time.

  • The Grudz

    Two thumbs up. I’ll check out my local Jupiter for sure…especially if they start including track bikes! I’ll drop $2000 for a years access to that here in LALA!

  • Woody

    Get an electric supermoto and ride up and down the stairs.

    Problem: Solved

    • Grant Ray

      You clearly have not lived in New York City if you think it’s that easy.

      Keep dreaming, buddy.

  • Parkwood60

    I think I would rather spend the $2-3000 on a 10 year old slightly beat up sv650, or whatever and pay for the full insurance coverage so I could ride it more than 9 weekends out of the year and park it on the street and not worry about it. But I live in L.A.. When I lived in Boston it was harder to find a place to park, but I never got a bike knocked over, and only had it towed once. The bitch was doing top end rebuilds in a 3rd floor walk up. I just carried the motor up the stairs (Honda 450 twin) a friend brought a Ninja motor up via block and tackle and the fire escape.

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com Mark Ryan Sallee

    Cool advertorialstory, bro.

    $2,000 for 18 days access to a moto? You kind of left out that detail. I’d have to be pretty desperate for this to entice me.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      No interest for us here other than to promote a business we believe in.

      New York’s a really unique place, this service is killer here, less so elsewhere were people have more time and less money.

  • Bjorn

    We had something similar here in Australia, called the Superbike Club it offered access to a Desmosedici, various other top of the line sport bikes and at least one Harley. The business was an offshoot of the Supercar Club, with all of the same parties financing it.
    Unfortunately for those who bought a contract; there was financial malfeasance that ended in a court case between the principals. The club members were left out of pocket, with no access to the bikes.
    I don’t for a moment suggest that Jupiter’s MotoShare will go this way. I’m just drawing attention to the fact you are taking a certain risk that is not there when you have your name on the registration papers.
    Good luck to Jupiter’s MotoShare, I hope your business is a success.

  • jr

    It’s not for me, or probably anyone that reads this site…but it’ll be a good idea if they can get it off the ground and find the people with disposable income for things like this.

    Anyone bother to read the terms and conditions of rental? Here are some highlights:

    - you wreck it, they terminate your rental agreement without refund unless the other person (if there is one) receives a citation in the accident

    - if the bike is damaged you pay for all repairs

    - if it’s stolen, you bought it

    - if Jupiter has to go to court because of you, you’ll be paying for it

    - $50/hour if you’re late returning the bike

    - $4.99/gal if you return it without enough gas


    My personal favorite:

    - you can’t ride it on an unpaved road (take that BMW GS…happy 30th anniversary)

    So if you don’t mind riding a rented motorcycle whose owner makes no claims to its service or “fitness for use” for thousands of dollars a year then this is the perfect solution.

    I’m sure this is a standard rental agreement but it makes me feel proud to turn a wrench on my own motorcycle that’s I’ve set up for me and that I can ride whenever I want to…on dirt roads even.

  • Scottie

    When I bought my Stratoliner the insurance here in the city was going to be $970 and the parking about $180/mo. So I was looking at $3,000+/year.

    Friends that have a weekend place upstate offered to let me keep it there. Insurance is $270 and parking is virtually free – I just make sure there’s always Maker’s Mark waiting for him. As it turns out I get better use of it up there anyway.

  • erik

    isnt the problem really parking/security? Why not just a garage for bikes I mean you can store what 6 bikes per 1 parking spot? This is cool and all but in no way would be interested myself, seems more like for the guy who wants to show off every once and a while

  • Jeram

    Theres a company in australia that does this already, they have been doing it for a few years.

    you can choose from a host of BMWs
    a few jap bikes
    a 1098R
    or a DESMO !!!

    price changes depending on how much you want to ride.

    if 2k was 2 days a month, Id imagine 4k would get you 5-6 days a month surely

  • Kent

    This comment is for JR…

    Well, if you wreck it, then you should pay for it! Why should the rental guy pay for your f’up?? And the same thing for going to court – if you do something stupid and make them go to court, why should they pay for it? Regarding the $50 per hour late fee – he rents bikes – therefore, what he is selling is time on a bike and if you are an hour late, you gotta pay because that is what he is selling – moral, manage your time and don’t be late. Why do you want a free ride – or expect one? Do you work for free? Then don’t expect anyone else too… Same goes for the $5 per gallon gas – if people started throwing you the keys to their vehicles and having you fill them up – how much would you charge to do this service for them? I will bet it make $5 per gallon look cheap. If you don’t want to pay this – easy fix, bring the bike back full!

    The rest is standard lanquage… I wouldn’t run a business any other way…