Kawasaki Concours 14 Police: eat your heart out Eric Estrada

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With duties extending beyond looking good in jodhpurs and busting drug dealers masquerading as punk rock bands, modern police forces need a motorcycle that can delivery safe high performance and all-day comfort. Enter the Kawasaki Concours 14 Police, which combines 155mph speed with low operating costs and advanced safety features in the form of ABS and traction control.
Kawasaki also says, at $16,000 to $22,000, the Concours is at least
$2,000 cheaper than comparably-equipped BMW R1200RTs or “equivalent”

Upgrades include a tighter turning radius than stock, adjustable
speedometer, a second wiring harness with room for 12 circuits, a second
battery and a 41.5 amp alternator. There also appears to be some
heavy-duty crash protection.

We’ve ridden a Concours 14 up to an indicated 150mph and taken it
through some pretty challenging corners and can report that we
definitely would not want to see one of these in our mirrors with its
lights flashing. Making 153bhp and 100lb/ft of torque thanks to a
de-tuned ZX-14 engine, the ZX-14 is fast enough to worry liter bikes in
real world conditions despite its prodigious 661lbs weight. On the
800-mile ride from LA to Moab and back it never once felt uncomfortable
either. On second thought, can’t cops just stick to aged Crown Vics?

  • Turf


    a challenge

  • PeteP

    Now, if we could just get the motor officers to go ATGATT…….

    • SSIGirlz

      Yeah, that guy looks completely unsafe.

  • SSIGirlz

    I guess the only place this would be needed is for high speed Highway enforcement? Around town and for parade duty it is super overkill. Cool, but overkill.

  • piccini9

    “equivalent” Harleys? LOLZ

  • Liquidogged

    The picture of the cop posing on the bike makes me giggle a little bit. This guy is going to get the bike up to 155 next time some meth head on a gixxer thou decides to pin the throttle in 6th? Methinks not. Some cops are hardcore though – be interesting to see how some chases play out now.

  • GP

    I wish more bikes came with sturdy, well designed crash protection like that one does. Seeing rashed up sport bikes is getting to be all too familiar. Buell had some neat rubber-ish fairing corners on some of their bikes, but that is about is as far as stock factory protection goes.

    • Sean Smith

      Aprillia has been doing integrated frame sliders for a while now. It’s so slick, you don’t even notice they’re there.

  • Michael

    When I had my C-14, I always thought this bike would make one mean authority bike. One of the things I heard is that C-14 Police gets thinner bags for greater ease of negotiating traffic. More so than the weight, my biggest gripe withthe C-14 was it’s width. Of course, that still didn’t stop me from eating up WDC and NYC traffic.

  • the other larry

    That all black style is cetainly not the way to go. For the cops safety and our chance at fair play hi-vis is the only right thing to do.

  • Jay Allen

    I’m a HD fan, but can clearly see this is the obvious replacement to the old KZ1000 police bikes. I agree with you on the cops sticking to the Crown Vic. Check out the movie ” The Taking of Pellham 123 ” for some great BMW cop bike action hollywood-style

  • Sean Smith

    If they could just stick to Harleys, KZ1000′s from the stone age and crown vics from some time before that, I’d sleep a whole lot better at night.

    But the the thought that they’ve got C14′s and 173mph eurocopters make my hair stand on end.

    • ToughGuy

      “They call him the Bandit”

      Do you often engage in high speed chases to allude the fuzz? I figure it would not matter if the cops rode Vespa, most people will pull over when they see the lights.

      • Sean Smith

        I used to. I slowed down a bit after 240 hours of community service though.

        If the cops rode vespas, hell, even if they rode only harleys, there would be zero chance of me pulling over. Tickets are just too expensive and the vehicle code isn’t a great match with reality.

  • MotoRandom

    Yet another casualty of Buells untimely demise was the loss of the new Ulysses XB12XP police bike. I think, given the condition of most urban streets, it would have been quite a bit easier to ride in town than this beasty. Nimble and lots of suspension travel to handle the meaner potholes, berms and the ocassional curb. I’m sure the Kawi would be great on the highway, but cities that can use the advantage of motorcycles for patrol don’t really benefit from the tour barge approach. The FXRP was a decent machine but I don’t get why HD went back to the Electra-Glide. Other than tradition, it’s just so outdated for this kind of work.


    • Sean Tempère

      Agreed on the not so city friendly model choice…

      In Paris, cops ditched old FJR and BMW’s, they now got white and blue tmax’s…Pretty handy in the heavy traffic we got here…

  • Richard Gozinya

    Yeah, not much is going to outrun that thing. Still though, the Moto Guzzi Norge, done up in the Italian police paint scheme, has to be the best looking cop bike ever.


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/christophercullen/sets/72157622530167071/ CMC

    Are there no “fit” cop models available for these photo shoots?

  • the other larry

    You may want to spend time on the “GQ” site Mr. CMC.

    • CMC

      Eh, I’m a fat bigot. So sue me.

  • Greg

    It’s my understanding this bike recently won the bid to be the next motorcycle fielded by the California Highway Patrol – replacing the BMW R1200RT. I never saw cops riding beemers before the CHP started putting them on the streets; now it seems every police agency in California has a fleet of Autobahn Bombers. This could bode well for Kawasaki.

  • http://n/a Bikerdad

    It’s my understanding this bike recently won the bid to be the next motorcycle fielded by the California Highway Patrol – replacing the BMW R1200RT. – Greg

    Cali hasn’t made up its mind yet. Phoenix PD has gone to Honda ST1300s, and Arizona HP is looking hard at their choices (HD, Honda ST1300, BMW, Kawasaki) as well.

    Me, I’d hate to ride one of those as a motor officer. Why? Getting on and off it is going to be a PITA. Take a good look at that picture and riddle me this: how many motorcops are hi-kickers? Swinging a leg over that thing ain’t gonna be easy, which also means getting off it isn’t going to be smooth either.

    Mind you, as a citizen interested in avoiding performance awards, anything that discourages Smokey from writing me a ticket is a good thing, so….

  • willybeamish

    I hope they get these in the dc area. when they got bmws and magnums they all thought they could keep up. this thing is like 9 feet wide. i cant wait to bait one of these into tight traffic and watch him rip peoples mirrors off. hhahaha