Michael Czysz to race E1pc at Laguna Seca

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MotoCzysz-Laguna.jpgMichael Czysz, the founder and CEO of MotoCzysz, will be racing his electric superbike at Laguna Seca in support of the US Grand Prix. This will be the second ever race outing for the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, it’s just returned from winning the Isle of Man’s TT Zero, and a rare opportunity to see the CEO of the company and the designer of the motorcycle actually race it. And yes, he expects to win.
“I cant even articulate what it will mean to race a MotoCzysz at
Laguna,” Michael told us. “I am very excited, I am very nervous; it will
undoubtedly be very overwhelming. I am far less concerned about the
physical race and far more worried about emotions of the event.  I hope I
can stop crying long enough to see turn 1 semi-clearly.”

Michael has previously estimated that the E1pc should reach 135mph in
Laguna’s fast turn 1, so let’s hope he can see.

The E1pc reached a top speed of 141mph while lapping the Isle of Man’s
tight road (as in real roads) course while only using around 40 percent
of its throttle. Laguna Seca should prove far more suitable for electric
motorcycles than the 37.7-mile Mountain Course, where battery
conservation, not speed, was the chief concern. The much shorter race at
Laguna should allow Michael to more completely employ the bike’s 100bhp
and 250lb/ft of torque (continuous).

Michael-Czysz.jpgAmerican rider Mark Miller rode the MotoCzysz at the TT, so this will be
the first time Czysz will race the E1pc. The former AMA 250 racer is no
slouch (as you can see in this picture), he’s currently the head
instructor at the Skip Barber Superbike School and recently completed
some pre-race testing at Laguna with Eric Bostrom.

“[Eric] says I’m on form and up to pace, so what the hell. It’s pretty
official, forms have been sent, assuming no licensing hang-ups, I will

Michael and the E1pc will be taking part in the FIM e-Power race at
Laguna on 24 July as a one-off entry. Ultimately, the MotoCzysz isn’t
competing against the other electric bikes – it should easily blow them
away – but instead for the imaginations of motorcycle fans. If any
electric motorcycle can convince people that they’re the future, it’s
this one.

  • chili sv

    Maybe it’d be easier if you’d just tell me what this guy can’t do.

  • Peter

    Is his name ‘Elbowz’ too?

  • gregorbean

    Awesome. I’ll be there cheering him on! Then how about an All-American podium in MotoGP? Nicky wins his first race on the Duc, with Spies and Edwards in tow. I can dream, can’t I?

  • msalteer

    I don’t get why there always has to always be someone who brings debate in the form of sarcastic undertones.

    Michael Czysz is a decent human being. Ask anyone who has ever worked for him.

    The man is a saint.

  • superfan

    I love it when he wears tight bluejeans.


  • chili sv

    Sad your first post was deleted? Well, at least this one was better crafted.

  • K2theM

    So… he’s basically racing a 400cc bike against a pack of 6 200cc bikes?

    And he “expects to win?”

    I should hope he wins. Or am I missing something?

    • Doug

      Don’t forget about the crying in turn 1 handicap. That should even things out.

      GO CZYSZ-ler!

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Good for Mike. I away complete HFL trackside coverage via twitterbookface.

  • Sean Smith

    It’s really hard to rag on a guy who’s clearly dragging an elbow. I guess I’ll have to make sure I’m at the track to see this.

  • noone1569

    Alright this is great.

    All we need is for Erik Buell to develop a rockin E-bike. Then we can have the ultimate e-bike CEO face off.

  • robotribe

    Here’s hoping he only channels similar parts of Howard Hughes, and not the crazy, kleenex box shoes recluse part.

  • sburns2421

    This will be a good experience for him and the team. Hopefully this will be the start of a real group of people that can actually bring his original bike to the paddock when MotoGP goes back to 1000cc in 2012. Dominating electric racing would be a nice place to start.

    Then we will see what his original internal combustion contraption will do really when ridden in anger. So far all we have had of the C1 is Discovery Channel specials and fawning magazine articles.

  • Isaac

    Man I wish I was going to at Laguna this year. It would be interesting to see how it would fair against the Moto GP bikes in a practice session. That thing looks so sick! And @ 40% throttle 141mph….I am pretty sure that it can hit the 190′s.

  • http://zys Tom

    So is that photo of the elbow dragging Miller or Czysz? I dragged my elbow like that once…then my hip, then my bum….good times man….good times…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Czysz in both shots, he’s got a fairly unique helmet/leathers design.

  • ludofrenchalpes

    le czysz c1 à déjà était présenter au laguna-séca motogp ,il y à quelques années . le grand drapeau de fierté à crée une chaleur non désirée … la preuve du concept à eu sa validation !!
    Mr czysz & son team as un outil en main pour de nouveau ,graver dans le fer & le marbre, que , l’obstination née au fond d’un garage ( comme d’autres …:) peut aboutir à de très beaux rêves et d’inspiration pour d’autres !!!!!!!
    le standard “F.I.M” permet de, pourquoi pas ouvrir les yeux à des non-fanatiques !!!!!! ;) et au MOTOGP 2012 commanditaires …
    motoczysz est une firme de concept; son “6x-6flex” ou cadre full-carbone , le fabuleux ” Z4 line ” mérite l’intéressement des puissants ! des surprises sont à venir !!
    Mr czysz Sr . réguler votre pompe d’alimentation , éviter l’emballement ;) que le E1pc brille pour tous& toutes !! encore bravo ;)

    • DoctorNine

      Je suis d’accord. Il vous montrera ce que ses rêves sont faits à Laguna.

  • http://www.epo-bike.de Christian

    Does anybody know how heavy the E1PC is?

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Around 450lbs, compare that to full tank weights on other bikes as that’s ready to ride.

  • Designboy


    Not according to Mark Miller: http://www.roadracerx.com/features/website-exclusive/mark-millers-iom-tt-report-but-im-scared-pa/

    He states the bike is “well over 550 lbs”. ???

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      The transcript of my Czysz interview says “under 450lbs”which he then goes on to compare to the weight of a fully-fueled Desmosedici.

      I think Miller must be misquoted or mistaken. Additionally, the bit where he says “weighs more than a goldwing.”Is off, the Goldwing weights around 800lbs.

      Think about it, the rolling chassis weighs no more than that of any other racebike. The only thing you’re adding to that is 195lbs of batteries (10 packs x 19.5lbs a piece), but you get to drop the engine in the process. The motor’s not a huge additional weight, but I’m not sure what the controller weighs.

  • http://www.epo-bike.de Christian

    Thanks, so the bike has a minimum weight of 200kg.
    Battery is 90kg, motor with oil and radiator 40kg, chassis around 70-80kg?

    My chassis is 43kg, motor 11.7kg, controller with circuit breaker 4kg, battery with case 40kg and some small parts…
    So my bike is around 110kg or 242lbs in total.

  • Les

    That Michael Czysz is dreamy.

    Here’s wishing him best of luck and may he continue to shape the world to his liking.

  • http://varefinancing.org/va-cash-out-refinancing.html Devorah Brancato

    haha…I adore Miley-Hanna Montana..! She is really wild!

  • alex

    can’t wait to see all of this come street side so the rest of us can join the fun.