Michael Lock leaves Ducati

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Michael-Lock-Ducati.jpgDucati North America has just officially announced that its CEO, Michael Lock, will be departing the company at the end of the month. Lock’s reign at the top of the company has been controversial. While he has led Ducati to unprecedented sales success, Lock’s management style has proved unpopular with some dealers and other business associates we’ve spoken to. Cristiano Silei, Ducati Motor Holding’s vice president of sales will be taking over until a permanent replacement can be found. Lock has not announced where he’s going next.

“In a few short years we have been able to transform our brand into the most feared and admired European motorcycle by competitors and enthusiasts alike,” said Lock in an official statement.

Silei said, “North America is the most important international market for Ducati and the one I personally know the best.  I am excited to be supporting DNA’s Senior Managers to set and implement policy for the new season.  Our goals are to support our dealer network and keep improving our market share thanks to an ever expanding product line-up, innovative branding and sound commercial policies.”

  • http://twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    Lock is right. Every Ducati in the wild terrifies me.

  • Azreal

    No surprise here rumors of a shake up were circulating for a month before. Surprised they didn’t send Chinock packing too considering his incessant support of the D list all stars with a significant chunk of the marketing budget.

    • D$

      Thank you Azreal! that “all stars” crap disenchanted the brand for me and others I’m sure. so embarrassing and to waste DNA money own their own personal star fucking habit, weak.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    He must have seen the sketches of their cruiser on HFL.

    • Isaac

      I think you are right about that.

  • http://www.desmoworks.com Anthony

    I liked Lock and it is too bad he is leaving. It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

  • disgruntled

    Good stuff, maybe the new guy will be able to cleanup Ducati of Manhattan. Shady stuff going on in there and that’s not even talking about the way they treat Ducati customers.

  • caferacer

    I like the part about the fear.

  • armpucks

    The guy was a tool, so long. Arrogant prick for no reason.

  • Steve N.

    Perhaps he’s going to Aprilia.

  • The Grudz

    Cristiano is a good guy. Yeah! First order of business: kill that cruiser p.o.s.!!!

  • toeCutter

    First Job… Bring Ducati back to the gearheads and not fashion posers…

    -Kill the cruiser

    -Kill the All “BullS” Star band

    -Stop sending bikes to movies….

    -Stop the ducati fashion shows, hollywood crapolla… is a MC brand FFS… not Armani Collection…

    That would do it for now…


  • cds

    Whether or not he had anything to do with it, pin the whole Cruiser concept on Lock & deep 6 it ASAP! It’s the only way to get out of this unscathed..

  • Scott

    Ducati should sell bikes so they can afford to race. Nothing else should matter.

  • Nobody

    Maybe the fact DNA turns over massive amounts of its staff yearly is starting to catch up. Bit of a problem when a small office continues to burn-up young, talented, up-and-coming management people every year. What a cesspit.

    • Azreal

      Nobody you’re absolutely right! Something is seriously wrong if 3 young upstarts in the marketing dept leave the company within a 5 month period. Apparently its so bad there that they have to hire from outside the motorcycle industry because everyone knows how you treat employees.

  • IL Duce

    Maybe now they will start working on serious fix for our SportClassic magical spreading tanks instead of financing washed up band members and ill conceived cruiser prototypes. Jackovs.