North-Korea: open for motorcycle business

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nord-korea.jpgNeed to get motorcycles made on the cheap? Usually, you’d just call China, India or Brazil. Now, there’s a fourth option. There’s not a lot of information about the North-Korean motorcycles now available for export, but according to the spec sheet at least half of them are 125cc single-cylinder 5-strokes – a technology previously unavailable in corrupt, decadent imperialist nations (or the rest of the world, as it’s also known).

According to their website it’s not all about tech, though. The Highly
Democratic People’s Republic have several other benefits to offer:

  • Lowest labour cost in Asia.

  • Highly qualified, loyal and motivated personnel. Education, housing and health service is provided free to all citizens.

  • As opposed to other Asian countries, worker’s will not abandon their positions for higher salaries once they are trained.

  • Stable. A government with solid security and very stable political system, without corruption.

  • Full diplomatic relations with most EU members and rest of countries.

Sounds almost too good to be true…

You’ll find a full list of motorcycles available for export on the Business in DPR Korea website

via: @motorradblogger

  • ollie

    Please tell me what a 5-stroke is.. Does it have a spark plug in the sump as well? :s

  • Fodder650

    Oh I like the stab at Foxconn there. But as much as we want to laugh this off. Let’s remember that China is still a communist country and is becoming a superpower based on manufacturing. Do I think that will happen here? Heck no.
    Now if I was Fidel Casto i’d be kicking myself he didnt try this nearer to the US and offer lower cost labor and cheaper shipping.

    • Richard Gozinya

      Wouldn’t have worked for Cuba, due to that whole embargo thing.

  • MPA

    “motivated personnel”

    aka we have guns to their heads, if they fuck up, they die.

    The 5 stroke thing must be amazing lol

  • Fodder650

    Ok a 5 stroke is actually the following. On a twin of this level of quality the first cylinder is a 2 stroke and the second cylinder is a 4 stroke that never allows the exhaust gases to exit. Making that one a 3 stroke. So add that together

  • MPA

    Apparently the 5 stroke is real – this is from wikipedia:


    The British company ILMOR presented a prototype of 5-Stroke double expansion engine, having two outer cylinders, working as usual, plus a central one, larger in diameter, that performs the double expansion of exhaust gas from the other cylinders, with an increased efficiency in the gas energy use, and an improved SFC. This engine corresponds to a 2003 US patent by Gerhard Schmitz, and was developed apparently also by Honda of Japan for a Quad engine. This engine has a similar precedent in an Spanish 1942 patent (# P0156621 ), by Francisco Jimeno-Cataneo, and a 1975 patent (# P0433850 ) by Carlos Ubierna-Laciana ( ). The concept of double expansion was developed early in the history of ICE by Otto himself, in 1879, and a Connecticut (USA) based company, EHV, built in 1906 some engines and cars with this principle, that didn’t give the expected results.

  • skadamo

    If this helps them get over the whole neuclear missle thing, stop abusing their population and feel more respected I hope they pull it off.

  • Mark

    North Korea is really stepping up their style. Finally something better than our outdated 4 stroke technology. The 5 stroke! Just check out this video as proof that North Korea is the best Korea!

  • sperglord

    “Stable. A government with solid security and very stable political system, without corruption.”

    This made me laugh the hardest.

    • Grive

      Well, if the government’s overt function is to feed the government at the expense of the population, and the government’s job is to do what the governmnet wants…

      …well, by definition there can’t be corruption, can there?

      So yeah, I’m guessing they’re right… in a rather tautological manner.

  • Will

    Not sure how this’ll work what with the increasing sanctions and humanitarian concerns and the being the worst country ever in the world and all.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    First Putin, now this. The Rolling Thunder and ABATE guys are going to switch to vintage Cadillacs before the end of the year if this keeps up.

  • Open Moto X

    If Steve Mcqueen had made that last jump over the boarder fence in The Great Escape these bikes would never be built.

  • Woody

    I’m only familiar with Husky’s version of the 5-stroke: Intake, Compression, Combustion, Exhaust, Rebuild

    • CubanSandwich

      Thats Hysterical…like Peter Griffin would say…LMFAO.

  • Bill W

    “Our motorcycles must be better in every way than those of the decadent West! If they have 4-strokes, we will have 5-strokes!!!” – Kim Jong-Il

  • Stephen

    They mostly look like copies of Japanese motorcycles and Taiwanese scooters but I’m sure the build quality isn’t there.

    I wonder if the average North Korean can obtain one of these.

    • Patrick from Astoria

      Dude, the average North Korean can barely obtain food. GDP per capita is about $1900 a year; take away the amount that goes to the elites in power and normal per capita income is scary low. A bare-bones bicycle probably looks like a race-prepped 1198S to those Godforsaken souls.

  • mr smith

    They’re building tanks for over 30 years, bikes and small displacement engines shouldn’t be a problem.

    In a centrally planned economy, like the one in north korea, there is no private enterprises, so this bikes are made by the government for a reason. my guess is police work and cheap personal transportation with export being a bonus.

    I’m not even overly concerned with the quality assurance: workers that are being held at gun point tend to do their best, especially once they’ve been properly indoctrinated in the ways of the evil capitalist west.

  • Miles

    It’s just a simple mistranslation.
    5단변속 means 5-speed transmission in Korean lol

  • Rob

    Thanks for ruining our wild, out of context speculation, Miles.

  • schizuki

    Asian Communist manufacturing – now with 300% more evil!

  • Kit

    The “5 stroke” bit is in reference to how many compression strokes the motor’s got in ‘er before she melts down.