Official: Stoner leaves Ducati to join three man Honda factory team

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Casey-Stoner-Honda-Official.JPGHonda confirms Casey Stoner will race for the HRC factory team next season. The biggest surprise is that they also state they hope to retain Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizio in a three man factory HRC team. Official words from Honda and Ducati after the jump. Oh, and we told you so!
HRC Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto said:

“We are very pleased that Casey will join Honda again next year. Clearly
he is one of the top riders in MotoGP and he will bring valuable speed
and experience to our team. In the factory Honda squad we already have
two very strong and experienced riders in Dani Pedrosa and Andrea
Dovizioso who are performing very well and currently hold second and
third positions in the 2010 World Championship. HRC hopes also to retain
these two riders for next year – giving us what would be a truly
formidable line-up.”

Ducati press release:

Ducati and Stoner to part company at the end of 2010 after four
fantastic years together

The Valencia Grand Prix on November 7th 2010 will be the event that
concludes four years of extraordinary collaboration between Ducati and
Casey Stoner. An important relationship characterized by a strong
reciprocal esteem and many victories, among which the first MotoGP World
Title for both the Italian manufacturer and the Australian rider.

Stoner arrived in Ducati in 2007 and, riding the Desmosedici GP7 that
was making its debut in the new 800cc category, he took his first
victory in the very first race, embarking on a path that would lead to
the world title later in that same year and many more successes during
subsequent seasons.

Ducati would like to thank Casey Stoner, who has decided to undertake a
new challenge, with gratitude and affection that will always remain


“I would like to thank Casey on behalf of our fans and our sponsors, but
most of all on behalf of all the people working at Ducati,” commented
Filippo Preziosi, Ducati Corse General Director. “The victories and
emotions he gave us, rewarded all the hard work and sacrifice we made.
In these four years together we have had a lot of great moments.
Securing the 2007 MotoGP World Championship title and the victory at
Mugello in 2009 were moments that we will never forget. In Casey we not
only found an incredibly talented rider, but also an honest and loyal
guy and that’s why there will always be a strong and sincere bond
between us, even as a competitor.”

“I must thank Ducati for giving me such a great opportunity to race and
win with them over these past four years” commented Casey Stoner. “They
took a gamble when they signed me at the end of 2006 as I was unknown,
but as we worked together we were able to win a Championship, many races
and challenge for the Championship in the last two seasons. I have now
decided to move on and I will have new challenges in the future and
different obstacles to overcome, but I will not forget these years with
Ducati and the people I have had the privilege to work so closely with.
So a big thanks to Ducati and all our sponsors who we have shared
success with while achieving lifelong goals”

  • Turf

    As a Ducatisti I can officially say

    We will miss you Adrianna

    • damien

      haha. good call.

    • The Grudz

      I second that emotion…

    • Ken

      Peter Crouch (gangly England striker with questionable overbite) was once asked “What you would be if you weren’t a footballer?” to which he replied “A virgin.”

  • shinigami

    HFL is vindicated.

    • brandnreal

      I third that emotion!! we will miss you adrianna!

  • Mike

    HFL-Glad to see that you were right. Your credibility is now only slightly higher than MCN. Congratulations.

    I hope that Honda can modify the upper fairing to fit Stoner’s dumbo ears.

    • Grant Ray


  • Ninjah

    Score! That means one more bike on the anemic GP grid, after Yamaha refills its roster.

    The mo’ riders, the mo’ better.

    • Ninjah

      (Assuming Rossi goes to Ducati, that is.)

  • Case

    Glad to see Honda will keep 3 riders on the HRC team. I was surprised to hear they were picking up Stoner because Dovi is riding so well. Makes sense now. Can Honda dethrone Lorenzo? How fast will Rossi be on a different bike? Should be interesting.

  • the_doctor

    I bet in 2 years we will see Casey’s book, ‘What if I never tried it?” The book will be about milk, and its deadly consequences.

  • Tom

    I’m still confused about how the team points work with a 3 rider team? Is Honda trying to get a manufacturers championship on volume?

  • Woody

    I hear that either casey or dovi will be on their own one-man team, so they won’t be “cheating” the points system.

  • Dario

    Hopefully Adrianna will go back to being a brunette at Honda.

  • richmeyer

    And Rossi just signed a 2 year with Ducati. Should be an interesting 2011.

  • LADucSP

    standard operating procedures at HRC….if you can’t get the rider’s championship, you can increase your odds of the constructor’s with more bikes competing

  • tony starr

    it’ll be interesting to see if jeremy burgess follows rossi to ducati, stays at yamaha or goes back to honda to (once again) look after another australian in stoner.

  • Jim

    Rossi to Ducati for 12-13 million. Announcements coming soon…

  • alex

    told who so ? these kinds of smug remarks are the reason I frequent jalopnik less and less – HFL was hardly the first to mention it anywho.

    Stoner is to Honda what Alonso is to Ferrari – talent with a flaming attitude. I’d rather see Honda employ davi and j rae and mega man Pedrosa and lose than employ this has been turn coat whose only managed to take from Ducatti the last 2 seasons.

    There not even half way through the year and they are announcing this, this isn’t professional this is fame whoring at the cost of the sport.

    Plus he reminds me of those retarded twin robots from TF2, I hope his front teeth fall out.