One small step for Jorge Lorenzo, one giant leap for the 2010 championship

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Is it just me or is Jorge Lorenzo getting mighty uppity now that he’s 72 points clear of Dani Pedrosa? Staking a claim to the corkscrew also seems a step too far, it’s not as if he passed an arch-rival through the dirt or anything. That claim still belongs to Rossi, the man Lorenzo’s so desperately trying to emulate with these post-race stunts. Sorry Jorge, but the trick to showmanship is personality and spontaneity, not shiny props. 

  • Michael

    Dear Jorge,

    HiViz. You’re doing it wrong.


    PS: Let me know when you want to go riding.

  • Duge

    Those at turn 5 got quite a show, 4 or 5 crashes on that ONE turn. the race this year was as good as every other…Pedrosa was KILLIN’ it in the begining…once he crashed the race for fourth which quickly caught up to the race for third (what happened Dovisioso?). Sucks that Spies ran wide because he probably would have taken third:o\

  • the_doctor

    It must be tough to be original these days. Although, I do not remember Rossi doing anything quite so lame. Jorge, get some fucking fireworks and blow some shit up next time.

  • damien

    I’m a big Rossi fan, but I was laughing at this celebration; the suit was hilarious.

    He’s certainly emulating Rossi with these antics, but I find it enjoyable because he seems a likeable guy.

  • Eddie Smith

    I thought it was hilarious. He doesn’t have Val’s personality on stage, but at least he’s not a Yamaha robot. If Nicky or Ben had won the race and done this, no one would call it uppity. Jorge deserves his moment.

  • Jordan J.

    What’s so bad about Jorge being a Daft Punk fan?

  • gregorbean

    What’s stupid about it is that he’s already used that same celebration. I think he has ten victories in the premiere class and he’s already recycling his post-race winning celebrations? Come on! We thought a surfboard and a blond wig would have been funnier and more appropriate for CA. He’s no Rossi.

  • Alex B

    Hehehe, out of nine races, 6 number one and 3 number 2. What he lacks in showmanship, he more than makes up for it as a racer. For showmanship, I like Green Day or Mickey Avalon, for racing, Lorenzo is it.

    • gregorbean

      I meant overall in his three years in MotoGP, not this year. I just checked, it’s 11 wins. No doubt he’s racing great this year, better than anyone else. I just wish Rossi had been healthy all season, maybe the fight for the championship wouldn’t be all but over halfway through the season.

  • Trojanhorse

    Next year with Spies & Simoncelli on factory bikes, Stoner on a Honda, and fully-healed Rossi on a Duc…= best season EVER!

    • Darren B

      Wayne Rainey + Kevin Magee + Kevin Schwantz + Eddie Lawson + Wayne Gardner + Mick Doohan + Randy Mamola = the best years of GP racing. Back in the days of two stroke screamers and NO control tyre.

  • gregorbean

    Oh, and Wes, he did kinda pass his rival through the dirt, what with Pedrosa low-siding into the gravel at turn five…I guess he should have planted the flag there.

    PS. Anyone else get a chuckle when the brainiacs in the soundroom played 5-10 seconds of the Italian national anthem before putting the Spanish anthem on during the podium ceremony?! Only in America.

  • K2theM

    Anybody catch the BBC coverage? Rossi’s interview was classic.

    @Lorenzo: Running out and planing the flag = Cool
    Slowing changing into Techno Dance attire then slowly walking out to the track, then slowly planting flag = not cool

    His pool stunt was cooler than this.

    Props to Hayden and Spies for Playing with Rossi most of the race.

  • Ricardo

    Wow, now even journalistic websites that should stay neutral are jumping on the “I don’t like Lorenzo” bandwagon.


    • Alex B

      Hehe, no, they just don’t like his style. Culture/style/design, not racing…

    • Doug D.

      HFL is the last place you’ll find neutrality.

  • Ninjah

    it’s not as if he passed an arch-rival through the dirt or anything

    That claim to fame (this year anyway) goes to Marco Simoncelli – you can see if on SpeedTV’s coverage, with a slow-motion replay of him recreating the Great Rossi/Stoner Pass of 2008.

  • gregorbean

    What’s wrong with you robots? Neutrality is boring. I like my blogs with opinionated writing. Keep on keeping on HFL.

  • Chuluun

    There’s something quite hilarious about the total lack of spontaneity of this one that I think he’s probably aware of.

    I love Lorenzo. He rode Laguna Seca like a god. The only thing he got wrong was cutting in front of Stoner too quickly at the start and letting Pedrosa past.

    Rossi still rightly got the headlines anyway.

  • Wyatt

    I was a corner worker at turn 5. We had a workout yesterday!

  • sburns2421

    I would gladly watch Lorenzo’s lame antics if that meant I didn’t have to listen to Greg White’s lame SpeedTV commentary.

  • the_doctor

    In retrospect, at least he is doing something fun for his fans. That is what’s important. If I liked Casey, I would be thrilled to hear him bitch and moan about the set-up. Lorenzo is good for MotoGP.

  • alex

    why you such a lorentho hater – as speed mentioned yesterday his record so far per race is unrivaled even by Rossi – so despite the fact he looks like pedrosa’s younger sister he’s got teh seekillz

  • pdub

    Whether Lorenzo is the original or not with his celebration skits so what? At least he’s embracing and having some fun with his wins. Maybe Rossi brought that angle of silly playfulness to GP but I wouldn’t be mad if it took hold with successive generations of riders. I’m liking Lorenzo more and more. In 125 and 250 he was the one to hate because he could destroy the grid and act like an arrogant little prick but he seems to be growing up, looking and acting the champion he’s sure to be. If ya think about it he’s only 23. Think about that. Since a teen he’s been in the spotlight of international racing winning races and championships and he seems to be more and more gracious to his competitors and more engaged with his fans. I think in the same circumstances at his age I’d probably be getting pretty high on my own farts. Big up to Lorenzo. No he’s not Rossi but it’s looking like he’s not going to need to be.

  • monkeyfumi

    A pale imitation of a master. He may be fast, but he is deeply unoriginal.

  • boxofbits

    Rossi Lite.

  • boxofbits

    Rossi Lite.

  • bahwolf

    At least he no longer goes to the podium and post race press conference with that silly lolly pop sticking out of his mouth — must have finally realized how it made him look. “Yourgay” is what Rossi calls him. Cracks me up every time.

  • Les

    He’s such a body snatcher it’s not even funny.

    Rossi’s post race stuff is mostly inside jokes for a laugh. Lorenzo’s post race stuff is a big wankathon ‘look at me! look at me!’. Epic Bore.

    Rossi has a two tone race suit with a ‘dark and light’ theme… so lorenzo gets a ‘dark and light’ theme. Rossi is number 1, so lorenzo takes number 99 (surprised he didn’t take 47). Rossi rides a yamaha, so lorenzo rides a yamaha with a contract that states he gets all of rossi’s parts. The whole post race ‘celebration’ thing is wearing very thin. When it comes to personality, Rossi is the beatles. Lorenzo is the air guitar playing wanker. Follow him on twitter cause he loves you!

    Now because everyone has sealed motors and tires that were made and warehoused last year.. there will be no change. The rest of the season is predictable and maybe even boring.

    MotoGP used to be an awe inspiring technological wonder of bravery. Now it’s a black box spec series. Boring.

    • hiTTheroadjack

      nice one les.i second that!

    • mike


  • Deltablues

    I don’t know, personally, I respect warriors who totally destroy their opponents. No stupid skits or lame iside jokes…just pure victory. No need to be liked…just someone who dishes out the whoop-ass every damn race.

  • Will

    Just jealous of that killer fuckin helmet.

  • Cynic

    I thought it was funny and cool, but I’m not one of the millions of Rossi fans.

    I guess if I was a sheep and followed the herd I would hate it too.

  • Mark Ryan Sallee

    Rawr, Wes. Rawr.

  • Sven

    Jorge passed Spies IN the corkscrew on lap one. Guess you missed that.

    • Wes Siler

      I thought that was just before the corkscrew, under braking for 7.

  • piccini9

    I want that helmet.

  • Case

    I thought the celebration was contrived and lame. Changing into a costume? Douche. Full credit to him for pushing Pedrosa past the limit but silver suits and space helmets is lameass for sure. For that stuff, spontaneity > choreography.

  • sburns2421

    They need to have a mandate that if anyone is planning a celebration like this they have to do whether they win or not. Imagine how stupid he would look if he had crashed out and then was forced to don the space suit and plant his flag in the gravel trap that ended his race.