Photo: Casey Stoner tackles the corkscrew

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Casey-Stoner-Corkscrew.jpgPhoto: Matthew Murray

The photo composite clearly demonstrates the dramatic left/right transition and elevation change that is Laguna Seca’s corkscrew. Honda rider Casey Stoner‘s line is perfect, but if you’re Ducati’s Valentino Rossi, you can just cut through the dirt.

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  • Sean Smith

    Damn italian taking the easy way out…

  • HammSammich

    This is still a really cool photo, but when I first saw it, I thought it was some kind of impossible motorcycle stunt team riding in formation. Sort of like a high performance version of the Seattle Cossacks .

  • The Grudz

    “The gravel give a good grip!”

  • flumpies

    i think you mean ducati (still)

  • the_doctor

    Oh man, look at #69 on the Repsol machine behind Casey! Wait, what year is it?

  • AK

    Is Vale riding the Duc at MRLS? If he’s riding the Yamaha still for the remainder of the season, you should/need to reference him as Yamaha’s rider…

    …but yay for Rossi on the Ducati, whenever it may be.

  • kavs

    Saw the USGP live here in 89-91. john Kocinski would wheelie between these two turns (8 and 8A). I don’t recall seeing anyone else do that. Schwantz would actually take his left foot off the peg to reposition here, again unique to him.

  • alex

    I’m holding a prayer session at my house race day to call forth the foot of Godzilla to smote this piece of puppy poo, please join me.

  • Brian

    Isn’t Rossi a Yamaha rider?