Race: 2010 North West 200

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Northwest200.jpgAll photography by: Zane Haserot

The Isle of Man TT is not the only historic motorcycle race in the British Isles. Northern Ireland’s North West 200 is a 8.97 mile road course, nearly as old as the TT and just as bat-shit crazy. However, this race begins with a circuit-style grid start en masse, and several racers are now breaking the 200 mph barrier, with Stuart Easton hitting record-breaking 204 mph from Station corner to University. Apparently, that silly MotoGP stuff is for tossers.

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Race: 2010 North West 200

  • http://www.americadelivered.com Nick

    It’s like you read my mind. I watched NW200 footage all weekend after watching tons of Guy Martin videos, trying unsuccessfully to mimic his accent, and then wondering what else he likes, besides emulsions, tractors, and the TT.

    • Peter


    • Brennan

      Where are you watching this footage? And where can one find motorcycle footage in general? I would love to know.


      • http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/nw200/ Gillian LLoyd

        The official website for the International North West 200 is http://www.northwest200.org.
        The link I have posted is the television company BBC that do all our coverage.
        DVDS can be purchased from http://www.dukevideos.com.
        Have fun watching.

  • Bryce

    …With milk in it

  • Deltablues

    That is some of the best race photography you all have posted.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/christophercullen/sets/72157622530167071/ CMC

      Agreed, great stuff for sure!

  • Peter

    Milk tea is really really good actually.

  • http://www.americadelivered.com Nick

    I was talking about tea… Guy on MIF vs TIF

  • Woody

    Psh, of course MotoGP’s for tossers, it’s what American Football is to rugby. All that run-off space is for pansies, real racers slide in to telephone poles and walls LIKE A MAN.

    • richmeyet


      Keep up the good work Grant, this is one of the best features you’ve posted. Wonderful photography. Keep up the good work, you keep making those “tossers” at the mainstream bike mags look like incompetent fools.

      • vic

        All photography by: Zane Haserot

  • irish dave

    i,m glad that I was there to see it in person,those of you who did not have that experience,,,, try it , it will blow your mind,, really!!! the pictures are AWESOME and the experience even more,if this keeps attracting more people to enjoy motorcycles from the frame of mind that I see through,let it be,,,to those who want to watch the action at N.W 200,,,, try B.B.C/N . I,,, sorry i,m too stressed to give a link ,,,but google it,


  • Si

    Brilliant photo’s! thank the snapper for sharing!

  • Chuluun

    Lovely pics, fair brought a lump to the old throat seeing my homeland now I’m down under, especially real pubs! Road racing is still big all over the east coast of Ireland; part of my old commute used to be raced on … something I always had to try hard to forget when I was on my way to work.

    Anyone who likes these pics and hasn’t already done so should check out Stephen Davison’s book ‘Ragged Edge’ which is crammed with incredible shots of Irish racers.