Rossi hobbled into test session on crutches

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Rossi-Crutches.jpgHe might not be fit enough to walk, but that didn’t stop Valentino Rossi from riding a motorcycle yesterday. This photo shows the injured champion hobbling up to the R1 he tested at Misano yesterday on crutches. Just minutes after this was taken, Rossi was pictured pulling wheelies and getting his knee down.

Editor’s note: we’re not sure of this photo’s origin, if it’s yours, email us

  • Cynic

    I guess the rumors of him walking on water might have been exaggerated then.

  • Jon.C

    Your not Valentino Rossi unless you have a flat spot on the knee of your cast.

  • gregorbean

    he’s the GOAT

  • noone1569

    This is impressive.

  • jaski_sm

    Just unbelievable!

  • UglyDuc

    GP riders regularly transcending space and time Rossi seems to have mortality licked

  • Matt

    here’s video from the test.

  • gregorbean

    Here’s more footage from the stands, not great quality but boy that R1 sounds good, and he does a great big wheelie down the straight at the end of the vid. If the words man-crush were ever appropriate, it’s now. Guilty as charged.

  • f0ul

    Impressed, but it is just a publicity stunt to keep him in the lime light!

    He was a good 3 seconds off the pace, and we wouldn’t want to see him strain himself – but he won’t be back for at least another month at least!

    Take your time Vale! The world can wait! :)

    • emd

      whats pace for a broken leg? I’d say he leading it then.

  • Cole

    Rossi is always so impressive. Those crutches look like the SmartCrutch Andrew Short was using.

  • yellow card

    I guess it’s not a publicity stunt when injured rider goes out and laps faster than the fastest lap of the race…one set a day earlier…on the same track…on the same bike… thats pretty impressive