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One month and two days after he broke his right tibia and fibula in a gruesome highside, Valentino Rossi has climbed back aboard a motorcycle. This photos comes from Misano, where the World Champion has already completed one ten-lap session aboard this SBK R1 and has headed out for another. Note the bulge in his right leg, which covers a special oversized Dainese boot made to fit over the cast he still has to wear.

Update: high-res pictures from the test in the gallery above. Rossi completed another, 14-lap session.

Update 2: Rossi says, “I had some pain in the ankle, the knee
and the shoulder, but above all I lacked strength in the shoulder and a
bit of movement in the ankle. I would really like to come back at
Sachsenring, but it is still too early to say. We still have twelve days
and we must wait and see how much we can improve my condition in the
next few days. The Superbike today was good and great fun to ride! I
really would like to ride at Sachsenring, but we must wait another week
before making a decision.”
It’s thought that, should this test go well, Rossi could return as early
as Sachsenring on 18 July. Even if he is fit enough to ride, the value
of such an early return could be limited. He might be fit enough to
ride, but will he be fit enough to win? There’s also concern over the
impact a further injury could have.

via @Davide_Brivio

  • Liquidogged

    Big brass ones. Go Rossi!

  • mototom

    Totally agree, Cu3Zn2 and huge but no, should not ride before its healed. As always, the once and future king.

  • gregorbean
  • johnnyC

    WOW…. Somewhere in Australia Mick Doohan smiles proudly… Wonder if there’s a thumb-brake on that there SBK; I would imagine so!!

  • jwinter

    Just seeing the photos made me smile. Even if Jorge wins the title, these two battling again will hopefully make the season a little more exciting.

  • jonb

    With DeAngelis the human torpedo returning to the premiere class, I would not want to be an injured Rossi on track and not at the front.

  • Sean Smith

    This makes my freakin day. Just when I thought my 800 mile ride to laguna was going to be Rossi-less, these photo’s come out. Amazing.

  • Prich

    GO!!! GO!!!!! GO!!!!!!!

  • Turf

    he truly isn’t human

  • Grive

    This stunt of Rossi is incredibly irresponsible.

    Yet, I’m sure I’d be doing the same thing, and I’m happy to see him back in the saddle.

    Maybe this is why we love il Dottore.

  • gregorbean

    Forget zee Germans! Rest up and come back at Laguna!!

  • the_doctor


    I would rather have Rossi back at near 110% and rock my face off than have him back at 60% just to pick up a few points.

    But Rossi gotsta does what Rossi gotsta does. Cheers to him.

  • RT Moto

    He is all that is GOD!

  • Joneez

    As much as I want to see Vale at Laguna, I hope he’s not risking a possibly damaging re-injury. Especially if Yamaha’s gonna dis him for Jorge like Honda did to Nicky.

  • The Grudz

    LAGUNA Pleeeeeze! And what was that health insurance provider again, Vale?

  • Mitch

    I can’t imagine what it feels like to feel track surface scrape against knee puck and have those vibes transmitted directly into the lower leg I just broke.

    • Grant Ray

      It probably feels a lot like this.

  • vic

    so he manages to heal up an OPEN FRACTURE in about one month and is able to not only walk but ride on a track?

    did he go like this when he gave the interview

  • chris

    How lame, why not kick back with your broken limbs in the air and let some Italian nurses do some physical therapy. Why risk destroying the rest of your skeleton for a silly race :P

    Doesn’t the repeated world champ get any sick days Yamaha????

  • Swagger

    Chris, I think you may have hit it on the head.
    What external pressures is Rossi having to deal with. How much is there to make a few more track appearances before shifting off to Ducati?