SloMo crash pr0n is hot, but what's it say about insurance?

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Allstate-roadrash.jpgWatching this new Allstate ad gives you a great idea just how many sparks your bitchin’ Harley would throw if you dropped it off the back of a pickup truck while driving through a tunnel, but it doesn’t really make us want to buy bike insurance.

The tagline, too, is confused. “Bikes don’t feel road rash” is
transposed over a bike very clearly feeling the road slowly destroy it.

The above ad is a follow up to the below one, which is equally fun to
watch and equally lacking a clear message.

“Allstate Motorcycle Insurance protects your bike, protects you.” What’s
that got to do with special effects and consequence-free crashes? If
it’s a crash where no one gets hurt, then why do you need insurance? If
crashes are just something you watch, then why do you need insurance?
What does Allstate’s insurance offer that other insurance providers
don’t? Slicker commercials?

  • T

    I think the message is very clear. Bikes DON’T crash alone.

    You’re on the bike so they cover you (medical) and your gear, not just the motorcycle.

    Most insurance policies have these coverages if you pay for them but I do think it’s good marketing.

    • Spank

      I’m a motorcycle claims rep for a motorcycle only insurance company and bike insurance gets tricky from state to state. Most people don’t know that in PA/OH/WV/IN, and quite a few other states, 1st party coverage(ie-PIP/medical for the driver) ISN’T required by law and that in fact, most companies don’t offer it. You’re not even required to have insurance on a bike in FL. Just check into your coverage and make sure you have enough.

      and for the love of god, wear your damn gear at all times!

  • Shawn

    Guess they should get out the crayon and spell it out. ;)

    • Grant Ray

      Yeah, Wes is crazy. Those ads are teh hot and right on message.

  • Nick

    I saw that ad during the F1 race and though “oh cool a Th!ink Bike-style ad!” I thought it was going to be for educating drivers about bikes. Sadly, it was about insurance.

  • DC

    Also, F them for wrecking that Bonnie. Jerks.

    • dustin

      no, F them for destroying that 599/919 (not sure which – dual exhaust says 919). There aren’t enough of them as it is

    • lonestranger

      I’d assume that an insurance company has a selection of written-off bikes that were fixed cosmetically for the cameras. Of course, just because the insurer writes something off, doesn’t mean it’s worthless!

  • Roman

    Yeah, I really do hate those ads. The message is clear enough, but there’s gotta be a better way to sell bike insurance. Why freak out your loved ones who are already leery about you riding. Also reinforces stereotype to the general public: riding=dangerous.

    I’d rather get that insufferable “Each day is better than before, I want more!!” song stuck in my head than watch another Allstate commercial.

  • caferacer

    I’m sure where their agency lifted the idea, right down to the bus shelter. BTW, bus shelter?? Dude, you crash in to a freakin’ glass bus shelter (how, again?) and you’re riding with Sheene and McQueen. Let’s stick to low-sides on easy sweepers and grabbing handfuls of brake on The Dragon.

    In any case, I vote big thumbs up across the board for all. Awesome, memorable imagery. Messaging from Allstate could be a little clearer and more “on brand.” I think their challenge is just getting riders to have any to begin with! Blows my mind how many people skirt the laws and think they’re getting one over.

    BTW, The Good Hands have great rates for lots of coverage, at least in the Golden State where the uninsured motorist minimum coverage wouldn’t buy you a new footpeg for a Ducati.

  • Paul

    I hate those ads. More doomsday marketing to get us to buy crap…

  • skadamo

    First one doesn’t make sense. Confusing. Saw it during MotoGP I think and said… huh?

    Second one makes sense.

    I have a feeling both were created by people who don’t ride. Might be a good ad for a protection/leathers company but scaring people it is not doing much for promoting the sport.

    People need to know that it hurts and it’s expensive to crash but they also need to know there are ways to ride smart and ride safe to prevent a crash. It needs to be a complete message.

    Overall… fail.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Allstate wouldn’t sell me motorcycle insurance when I was 17 years old (for a 400cc bike,even with a clear record). That was 25 years ago, but I’ll never forget it. F-U Allstate, you’ll never see a dime of mine.

    (That said, maybe at least these commercials will make an impression on the shorts and tank top biker legions)

  • PeteP

    I hate all the Allstate ads, even the print ones. The rider/agents are all so GODDAM serious!

    Riding is fun, fer chrissakes.

  • Pamberjack

    Wes – they all seem on-message to me and I think they work well. Could I suggest a little advertising 101?


  • The Grudz

    I was so fascinated by all the slo-mo twisting, flexing, sparking, shattering, and flipping that I completely missed any message at all. I did see a set of Two Bros pipes though…was that the message?

  • vic

    the ads are nice but if they are selling MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE the text should be something like “ohh look what happens in a you really want to pay for the repairs alone you fucker?get insured”

    • Grant Ray

      Ha! You have a bright future in copywriting.

      • vic

        hell man, i’m broke, i’ll take anything i can get .thing is i am a lefty so can i do this copyright thing with my left hand?

        ps:the ads are briliant

        • Grant Ray

          Stupid Fruedian slip…

  • PeteP

    I notice they’re not wrecking any Harleys.

    Maybe that would p1ss too many people off.

  • HootieWho

    That’s not a Harley

    • MelGibson is not American!

      I think its a Boulevard

  • Miles

    Insurance for the rider? Doesn’t your government pay. . .
    Oh. Right.

  • Verucht

    I hate those damn ads. Who the hell wants to buy a service from a company that uses fear mongering to sell it? At least Progressive has bikes at the motorcycle shows.

  • Mitch

    I like them, however if you think you can get some kind of reasonable medical coverage for yourself along with bike coverage, you’re crazy. Luckily my normal health care provided at work covers me so I just need col/comp/lia on the bike.

    It really pays to check out all the carriers – bikes differ from cars in the way they are treated by the companies, GEICO wanted over a $1000 a year from me, but State Farm is less than a tenth of that for the same coverages.

  • mr man
  • g

    “If it’s a crash where no one gets hurt, then why do you need insurance? If crashes are just something you watch, then why do you need insurance?”

    I have been in a crash where no one gets hurt… and i was very glad to have insurance to pay for all the damage.

    also, i know this guy who watch some jerk crash his car while it was parked, couldnt do anything, just watch… i bet he was glad for insurance

    ” Allstate Motorcycle Insurance protects your bike, protects you.” What’s that got to do with special effects and consequence-free crashes?”

    Well, it says “bikes never crash alone” meaning: “in reality thats not how it will play off, so imagine youll be there with the bike, and theres probably also going to be somebody sitting at the bus stop, not good eh?? so you better be covered!!!”
    thats what i understand they are trying to tell you

    I really dont like the fear strategy on this adds. just talks very bad about the company, and feels more like a threat then a friendly ad

  • Derrick

    I don’t like these ads. My family’s already uneasy about me riding my bike, I don’t need these ads to make them any more scared.

  • willybeamish

    buncha women, hahahaha