Smell like a motorcyclist, man

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Old-Spice-Man.jpgMost people in this risk-averse age wouldn’t consider riding a motorcycle. They’re loud. They’re scary. You might die on one!!!1! But despite their increasing irrelevancy to John Q. SUV, motorcycles still occupy a unique position in this country’s subconscious, signifying adventure, stickin it to the man and some sort of masculine ideal. The problem is, the motorcycle that makes Sally Beigecamry wet probably isn’t the motorcycle you, as a motorcyclist think it is. Wieden+Kennedy knows that and that’s why your bike doesn’t look like Old Spice Man’s.  >

Thanks for the tip, Chad and Vanessa.

  • CMC

    Those commercials are hilarious, but I doubt the lay-dees are looking at the bike.

    • Wes Siler

      In the same way the laydeez fantasize about a man that looks like that building them a kitchen or riding a white horse on the beach, they picture wrapping their arms around him and going for a ride on the back of his motorcycle. They just don’t think bitchin’ R6 or hot Hog when they do.

  • flatfive

    A CB350? I always thought so.

    • robotribe

      Size matters not, HMMMMMMMMMM?

      • HootieWho

        Well he is a black guy.

        • robotribe

          LOL. The stereotype any man would forgive.

    • avus9

      are we certain it’s not just an Aprilia under there?

      • Hank

        It wouldn’t surprise me. Judging by the sound, neither would an ironhead sportster.

  • Mark D.

    GODDAMN IT I just sold my CB400…I guess I’ll just have to get by on my personality. Like that’ll work!

  • Nate Weaver

    At the risk of taking this too seriously…

    With a little marketing experience under my belt, they had to make sure the motorcycle didn’t steal the show for the last shot. The directive was to telegraph adventure, not show a bitchin motorcycle.

    Just sayin….

  • Duge

    @ avus9: LMAO!

  • Case

    That was the first time I had seen that and yeah the bike doesn’t look like mine but it’s effing awesome nonetheless. And it’s not a coincidence that they put a bike in the shot. It’s phallic, and both men and women understand that.

    Saw an interview with the creatives (after “I’m on a horse” got so much press) and they talked about the fact that their marketing has to cross over between genders because although men wear the product it’s women that do most of the buying.

  • Troy

    Yep, I’m keeping my CB360.

  • Steve516

    Probably the only bike they could fit into the pool easily LOL

  • Odie

    har, har, har, har, har!

  • allthatremains03

    But do you really want Sally Beigecamry?? If my bike repels that type… I’m good with that.

  • pinkyracer

    I love the new Old Spice man. But not remotely because he smells like that crap.

    Sally Beigecamry! hahahahahaha! She’s not the chick who’d go for the guy on the vintage cafe racer. That would be Aubrey, the hipster

    Sally Beigecamry does not know thing one about bikes. So like everything else women look for in a man, the bigger and stronger the better. She’d go for the guy on a Harley. They only used that CB to make the actor look more manly. After all, he’d look a tad petite on a Harley.

    My brother once wanted to buy a Harley. He said he wanted it to get chicks. (he already rode a beater UJM). I told him he’d get sexier, smarter chicks with a Ducati (especially cuz he lives in SF) and he did. They’ve been married quite some time and she eventually got her own Ducati.

  • Isaac

    Bet he’s a Flammer.

  • JR

    That commercial is great.

  • Core

    I love these commercials, they crack me up… Didn’t know a new one had come out though.

  • Eightjack

    But my bike does look like Old Spice Man’s.

    I had no idea Sally BeigeCamry was getting wet about it.

  • Kit

    The smaller the bike the hotter the guy, right? That’s why I hang on to my ’75 Kawi G4. Focus on the bike ladies, focus on the bike…