The Aprilia RSV4 sucks at deliveries

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Aprilia-RSV4-Wheelie.jpgThe Aprilia RSV4 is hot, cramped and difficult to ride. Unlike some other superbikes it’s not designed to commute, tour and deliver packages, it’s designed to do one thing and one thing only: win races. It’s doing that too, winning nine of 18 SBK races so far this season and leading the manufacturer’s championship by 358 points to the second place Suzuki’s 305. Aprilia drives that point home in this new video.

Aprilia USA commissioned Hell For Leather and Tangent Vector to produce this video. It’s the second in a series of three. You can see the first here and the third in a couple weeks.

Visit Aprilia USA’s YouTube page and they’ll give you a free RSV4
t-shirt if you pay shipping and handling.

  • Johndo


  • Andreas


  • Turf

    As usual nicely done.

  • HammSammich


  • Ninjah

    How about you guys apply your skills to the VFR?

    Take footage from the Shamu track excursion. Show it oscillating and wallowing around the bends, suspension squatting as you throttle onto the main straight, the engine struggling as it’s passed by every other bike on the course.

    “Racing is not our job.”

    Cut to the VFR parked out in front of a nursing home, with crusty octogenarians(*) fawning all over it.

    “Elderly care is our job.”

    • No offense to crusty octogenarians intended.
  • Michael

    I dunno, it looks like that rear pillion seat makes more sense as a letter carrier than for holding actual human females.

    I still think the Ape’s the best sounding of the Superbikes. Hot shit!

  • piccini9

    Yeah, when my local pizza guy showed up on his RSV4 I just knew the dinner was going to be a mess.

  • AK

    Great video guys!

    Biaggi is an animal in SBK

  • Sean Smith

    Now that’s an awesome way to make a buck.

  • Chris Y.

    What was the rider wearing? It looked like a shirt over leather jacket?

    • Wes Siler

      A post office jacket with the sleeves cut off, watch the video in full screen, 720p and you can see details like that.

  • Brandon Glanville


  • eric

    Not as funny as part 1, but still, not bad.

  • cirtyag

    To what is this a counterpoint?

    • Wes Siler


      • cirtyag

        I thought there was some BMW or Honda campaign for bikes as parcel vans that escaped my radar. A la the your previous Aprilia ad.

  • Paul

    So was some guy on a scooter riding behind picking up all the papers?

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, no, that was my job and I was on foot!

  • matt

    That was really good, I liked it even better than the first

  • Drew

    Hey, Wes, was that Danielle that he delivers the letter to at Piaggio USA offices?? :)

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, I’m not sure actually, I was lining up at the passport office when that scene was shot.

    • Nick

      Yup, it sure was. Nice bunch over at that office.

  • damien

    very cool. now go do some entertaining spots for triumph.

  • g

    liked it alot, nice!

    waw you guys a producing this clips, great job!!

  • LADucSP

    I just had the opportunity to ride my buddy’s RSV4 Factory through the canyon and coast rodes outside San Francisco.

    He leaves it in Race mode, of course.

    And that thing is the most obscenely fast motorcycle I’ve ever ridden! It’s ludicrously, outrageously, illegally, stupid fast bike ever! And, it’s tiny and brakes, turns and handles magnificent.

    And, for the record, we rode it back to back with a Ducati 1098s Tricolore, hot-rodded ’97 Ducati 916, ’10 MV Brutale 1078RR, and a Bimota SB8R. Yes, it was a treat!

    And that Aprillia is bonkers, bananas, virtually uncontrollably fast!

    He said the lower ecu setting makes it feel like a 750, but what the hell fun is that?!