This is not a Chiangjiang 750 sidecar

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To create his incredibly detailed and accurate wireframe versions of common objects, Chinese artist Shi Jindian crochets steel wire around them before destroying or removing the object once his sculpture is complete. The Chiangjiang 750 seen in wire ghost form here is similar to a Ural sidecar in that it’s based on a 1937 BMW R71. We have no idea how such a substantial and intricate bike could have been removed from within its wire frame, so can only speculate that pieces were created individually before coming together in a final assembly; an inadvertent parallel to how the machine itself is created.

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  • AK

    Wes, this looks like AutoCAD meets Total Recall’s hologram device! I need to see this in person or high-def video.

  • robotribe

    Crazy cool. Almost as good as putting the real thing on display. Actually, this one you could hang form the ceiling or mount more easily to the wall, so I’d say “better” than the original in some ways.

  • chili sv


  • telekom


  • Sean Smith

    This is by far the coolest art piece I’ve seen in a long time.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Moth like. Beautiful.

  • The Grudz

    Unreal. I too need to lay my eyes on this in person. It’s stunning.

  • cldrnkr

    Beleive it or not I am in possesion of this piece. It was sold to a buyer and was damaged while in transit. The ins co paid $65K to reimburse the buyer. It has since been repaired and we have it in our warehouse and it currently for sale if any one has or knows of an interested party contact me at