Triumph teases new "Adventure" bike

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After years of speculation Triumph is finally getting ready to launch a mid-size adventure touring bike. The Adventure (if that is the name) will come in two versions – “street” and “off-road”. There’s not much information about the bike yet, but Triumph sources tell us both bikes will use an 800 cc version of the triple engine, going head to head with the BMW F 800 GS. The bikes will be presented at the EICMA show in Italy in early November, but expect a series of “leaks” before that.



  • Turf

    God, i hope it’s a stunner. May well be my next ride.

  • Mugget

    hmmm… very scant on details. does the site even load for anyone? (not for me…)

    i am really loving this new marketing wave of “tease and don’t give away any real info”.


  • Brett L.

    Maybe I’ll get rid of my 2 current bikes and get one of each. 2 versions of the same mid-size bike, one off-road oriented and one on-road, would be hard for me to pick from. There would be some advantages to having 2 of the same basic bike too. Oh well, I’ll wake up any second now…

  • AJ

    I have been waiting for this bike for 4 years,perfect mid size with good power I can’t wait to buy one.

  • Johndo

    Can’t wait to see that model.

  • piccini9

    I only want one if they use the Rocket III motor, and add extra argument juice.

  • Ninjah

    I hope Triumph actually builds this bike for serious off-road use. The current Tiger 1050 is perfect for paved adventure, but the suspension and frame are not built to put up with off-road abuse. (Which is not a bad idea: why spend twice as much on a BMW if you aren’t going to hit the dirt?)

  • Sean Tempère
  • Brett L.

    I signed up for email updates, here’s what the 1st one said:

    “Thank you for signing up. Want to know a secret? Here at Triumph, we’re really busy developing two brand new adventure bikes. It’ll be a good few months before they’re ready. But we’ll send you updates as soon as more information is available, so keep a look out in your inbox. Watch this space.”

  • RSVDan

    I have been waiting for damn near three years to talk about this bike!! A good buddy of mine is the designer. I still can’t spill much, but I can confirm there are two versions, that syling will be nice, but conventionally reserved Triumph (read: purposefull). The off-road version should more than easily trump the GS in the dirt and give the KTM a straight up fight as well. The road version will obviously be more along the lines of the current Tiger.

  • Tom W.

    I’m a big Triumph fan, and I’m happy to see them coming out with cool new bikes, but I can’t help but wonder if they would be better served by aggressively updating the core models they already have. The Speed Triple is getting quite long in the tooth and can’t hold up to new contenders like the Ducati Streetfighter and Kawasaki Z1000 or even its little brother. The Daytona 675 won just about every 600cc shootout when it was introduced, but now frequently places dead last in the comparisons, due to relentless updates from their more financially endowed competitors. I can envision a scenario where, five years from now, having more models then their budget truly allows for keeps their models languishing in salesrooms for years longer than the competition without updates. Just my 2 cents.

    • robotribe

      You speak the truth, but Adventure/Touring bikes are still relatively hot, especially in Europe. It’s probably got more growth potential than the sport, cruiser or naked bike markets. They almost needed to do this as much as BMW needed to compete in the inline-4 liter sport bike segment. To that point, I’m glad they chose this arena and didn’t fart out a “me too” Daytona 1050 (YAAAAAWWWWN).

      • motoguru


  • Mike

    Bike of the Year- 2011.

  • Kit

    Sounds like our beloved 675 motor. Please be a Tiger Cub with some real legs!

  • CMC

    I agree, sounds just like a 675. Could be pretty damn cool!

  • A. Ray Jr.

    The F800GS has 85 hp,I hope they don’t claim to out hp/torque the BMW with something tepid like 86hp. C’mon Triumph go big !

    • CMC

      The 675 motor in the Daytona is something like 125 hp. Tuned for torque it would still be a 100, easy.

      • ltgesq

        tuned for torque it would be 100hp more than easy, given that the current 675 is running 126. Except this triumph will be a 675 stroked to 800, so the torque and hp figures should be up there far above the 86 hp and 65ft/lbs of the old carburated 885 tiger of ’99.

        I imagine the two bikes are set up to compete with the ducati hypermotard, KTM duke, and other supermoto bikes in the street version, and BMW F800gs and kaw versys in adventure bike mode.

        The inline triples triumph has been making are remarkable engines. I ride a 99 900 and love it, but i led some test rides on a daytona during motogp weekend in indy and that engine is just lovely.

  • A. Ray Jr.

    100 hp would do it!

  • Hebgan

    I own a street triple and LOVE it… I’ve been considering a KLR or Vstrom 650, but if this bike looks and performs as good as the Street triple then I’m SOLD. It likely will be my next bike.

  • Duge

    And please, PLEASE give it good suspension…. I’ve been looking to get a 990adv but this new tiger cub may be the ticket…

  • CubanSandwich

    Yeah, Yeah… this is all Fine and Dandy. Hurray for whoever this bikes floats his/her boat but what about THAT FRIGGING OVER-DUE 1200CC Daytona Superbike ? and Please Triumph, put that “Dinosaur” 1050cc Engine out of its misery and design something FRESH (Engine Wise).

  • Mike

    My “dinosaur” Speed Triple 1050 motor puts a ridiculous grin on my face everytime I ride it. It may be a big long in the tooth, but most journos and enthusiasts would say that it is arguably one of the best motors ever built. The torque is ridiculous. The sound with the Arrows fitted is amazing. The gearbox is a bit thrashy but for the street it is the perfect engine.

    If only everything aged so gracefully, even me!

    • CubanSandwich

      Indeed, it must be a feeling similar to what i get out of my “Ancient” Naked 03 Suzuki SV1000…But it has to go and Triumph move on with “Freshness” (New 1050 or w/e cc’s they choose)…maybe out of the same Architecture as the current 675 Engine ?

      • Mike

        I am actually thinking of downsizing to a Street Triple R after spending some time on one recently. All I really need, and the bike is like a big supermoto. It doesn’t give up that much to the bigger bikes and is easier to throw around.

  • Tony C

    Hopefully it will be in the same class as the KTM990ADV, they have been in a class of its own since 2003.

  • Dean

    Why an 800? Why not a 750? I pay a big premium for that extra 50cc…and it’s already bigger than the Wee.
    I sure hope it’s light! So far this sounds like it could be my perfect bike.