Video: Michael Czysz tests E1pc

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Czysz-Testing.jpgMichael Czysz has been testing at PIR in the run up to his first race on the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc this Saturday at Laguna Seca. He looks pretty damn good in this video, but told us he was still relatively unhappy with his bike’s setup, something that should be sorted in time for Saturday.

One thing worth noting in these videos is Michael’s body position, it’s
the ideal form that he teaches at the Skip Barber Superbike school and
something I’m a long way from mastering. One cheek off the seat, toes on
the peg facing out 90-degrees, spine parallel  with the bike, outside
arm stretched across the tank and head down by the inside hand.

  • EP

    Is this Quentin’s video?

    • EP

      Nevermind, figured it out. First one looks like it was Arun, second one is Q.

    • kat

      yep! looks like it. :)

  • Quentin Wilson

    I will tell you, from being the guy on the chase bike, that thing is way better than he likes to admit. I want to ride it so bad!

  • gregorbean


  • Isaac

    That bike looks so mean. I wish there was some hi-res images of the new paint scheme. I sure hope MC releases a civilian version of this bike soon.

  • jason

    its probably alot easier to focus on your riding technique when you dont have to worry about shifting!

  • chili sv

    Any predictions on the MotoCzysz vs. Brammo showdown at Laguna Seca?

    • Wes Siler

      Czysz, it won’t even be close.

  • mr man

    dead cool

  • Miles

    What, No gyroscopic camera?

  • Big

    Is that Arun following him on a Duc?

    • EP

      Arun in the 1st, Quentin in the 2nd

    • EP

      It’s a air cooled superbike project. multi engine, about 330lbs and 95hp.

      • Wes Siler

        You should send us details of that.

  • Quentin wilson

    EP, it is me in both clips. Arun followed him briefly when we went CCW, but only for a second or two. He has footage of me going grass tracking out of what is T1on my Streetfighter!

    Wes, the bike is a really rough (but really functional), it is a 999 chassis with an old kit mag swingarm, mag triple clamps, 1098S front end, carbon wheels(yick!) and a breathed on DS1000 engine from a Multistrada. Call MotoCorsa 503.292.7488 and ask for Arun for more info. Perhaps with the threat of press he will finally paint that thing.

    I used to be a chassis mechanic for Aaron Gobert @ Graves, even in the shadow of Anthony he is no slouch. If Brammo has come with the extra power he might have something for MC. I would love to see MC beat a competitor who is on the same lap…

    • Quentin wilson

      Sorry 996 chassis.

  • The Grudz

    Jesus, you guys are humbling. Awesome stuff.

  • Tom

    Love the Duc. Sounds like a neat project on it’s own. I was hoping for onboard footage from the E1pc, but I’ll take a lesson or two on the form and the lines.

  • JR

    funny, the guy in the first video has the same helmet as one of the guys in the Brammo Empulse promo video.

  • SB

    C’mon that’s a novice SV pace….let’s see a real flying lap!

  • cds

    All this talk of electrics and Laguna Seca. Where were you guys 2 weeks ago at ReFuel?
    Zero was there, taking first in the bike class. (0:46 if you have short attention span)

  • Isaac

    Another thought on this machine, with no engine braking, wont the rotors have to be thicker than an ICE motorcycles would be now? Or would the pads have to be thicker or both?

    My meaning is that you will have to rely on your brakes more for slowing down than using the engine to do it for you.

    Posssibly even some 6 pot brakes?

    Just my thoughts

    • Das Boese

      Electric vehicles can use regenerative braking which is sort of like engine braking, only a lot more consistent and tuneable.

      In roadgoing vehicles, regenerative braking is actually one of the biggest advantages of electric drive because it gives you a range boost while putting less strain on the brakes, and unlike engine braking you’re not trading brake wear for clutch wear.

      That said, all that applies to road vehicles. This is a race bike, it probably has SBK-spec brakes fitted.

    • chili sv

      If you’re using engine braking on course, you’re rolling off the throttle way too soon; brakes, maintenance throttle, gas on, repeat. No engine braking, bro.

  • Emmet

    it’s matte black. Aboslutely loving it….

    • Emmet

      disregard^, meant to comment on the ducati 848evo…

  • JRl

    I freakin’ love this bike. Wes, keep up the good work with the Motoczysz updates!