Video: Moto2 carnage at Catalunya

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Carmelo-Morales-Crash.jpgWith 42 bikes on the starting grid, an accident like the one that occurred in turn one, lap one during this weekend’s Moto2 race at Catalunya is inevitable. You’d hope that accidents like the 175 MPH one Carmelo Morales suffered just before the checkered flag wouldn’t be. Amazingly, the Spanish rider walked away with only bumps and bruises.  >

  • Ted Baxter

    I think 175 mph is a little optimistic. Seeing how the accident occured at the start of the straight.

    The Banderas reaction shot is pretty classic.

    • Mark D

      They meant the Morales crash, which was at the end of the race. I can barely watch when the bike lands on top of him…YIKES!

      • Cynic

        There is no way Morales is going 175mph. Maybe kph which would be about 110mph. The crash was at the end of the race and coming out of the last corner. The MotoGP bikes hit 200mph at the END of that straight, so 175mph might be what the Moto2 bikes do at the end of it.

        Still it’s a vicious crash and I’m glad he’s ok.

  • Mitch

    Oh man, when he gets caught in the flank by the bike, ouch. Very surprised it didn’t perforate a kidney or similar.

    Despite the extra power, with their gearing I’d imagine Moto2 machines can’t actually get to 175mph.

  • Turf

    top speed in catalunya was 174.61mph

    That was a seriously nasty crash, I really didnt expect him to get up. Glad he’s just bruised though, damn is he lucky.

  • Brandon Glanville

    Yeah… that’s the definition of violent. Nothing like some good hard racing. Glad Morales was more or less OK and it looked like he crossed the finish line too.

    • Ninjah

      Morales got a DNF for the race – I guess you have to actually be attached to the bike when cross the finish line for it to count.

  • Kevin White

    The World Supersport race was far worse. Tristan Lentink may never walk again.

  • Gregoblv

    Don’t you know he was hurting in the morning. It is alway worse the next day. :-( But glad that is all he has to deal with. :-)

  • telekom

    I don’t think it matters much how fast the bike was going – when 170kg of anything falls on your back it’s going to hurt you. He was already probably a bit dazed to say the least from falling off at that speed but probably not too badly hurt. But that bike cleanly bopped him on the back- ouch.

  • Mugget

    that was a fairly shocking crash… i cringed. after the bike hit his back and his head just went limp and his legs were twitching, reminded me of Craig Jones. oh man.

    so glad to hear that he got out of that with only bad bruising!

  • Pascal

    I just can’t understand how Morales avoided major casualties.
    Such a crash with the bike over him during the slide. Wow … Lucky him. Hopefully.

  • shinigami

    Actually it appeared his head smacked the track rather smartly.

    Lucky man, inches either way and we might be reading an obit here.