Vladimir Putin, badass biker

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Vladimir-Putin-Harley.jpgLooking creepier than usual in bad sunglasses, fingerless gloves and an all-black outfit, Vladamir Putin rolled into a bike festival in the Ukraine mounted on a Harley trike. Like the time he posed topless or in his Lada 4×4, the appearance focused on building the Russian Prime Minister’s tough, everyman image. Speaking to the assembled crowd of American culture enthusiasts, Putin described motorcycles as “the most democratic form of transport.” The video below gives a good idea of what Putin’s Eurasian empire will look like after he nukes the West, creating his very own Mad Max fantasy playground. 

  • http://oilygauntlet.blogspot.com Hank

    As lame as riding a Harley trike is, this is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen a major politician do in quite a long time.

  • Noone1569

    Significantly more bad ass than our governor, Mitch Daniels, on his harley . . uhg

  • Felix

    In Soviet Russia, bike rides YOU!

  • Deltablues

    Thought that was an early 80′s pic of Rob Halford for a moment.

    • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.


      Is Putin “The Toe-Cutter”?

  • Deltablues

    No…Putin would definately be Bubba Zanetti.

  • Dan

    Wes, I’m being a bit of a grammar nut but there is no need for “the” before Ukraine. “…rolled into a bike festival in Ukraine mounted on a Harley trike.”

    Frightening that one of the guys riding with him is waving the old soviet hammer and sickle flag. At least one Ukrainian flag is flying.


  • Hayes

    Whats the deal with the Honda Trike with the huge speakers?

    This is VERY Mad Max….weird and creepy.

  • Hayes

    What is that weird vest thing the guy on the Victory has on?

    • Richard Gozinya

      Just a bad ass biker dude biker vest, made exclusively for bad ass biker dudes.

  • Mr Spock

    His ride of choice is a dumb Harley trike? What a pussy.

    • Jamie

      You are a pussy. This guy kills people with food.

      • Mr Spock

        Sounds like someone has a man crush on a trike-riding pussy. How sweet.

    • Cajun

      If any of you hero’s really have the courage of your convictions I would strongly urge you to let Vladimir Putin know that he is a pussy (or any derogatory term you choose)for riding a trike. Send him a letter, fax or e-mail contact your local Russian Embassy and they can pass along the message. Please there must be someone ignorant enough to do it just to see what happens.

  • Johndo

    First time I see a Goldwing with rocket lauchers.

  • Richard Gozinya

    He should’ve done it on a Night Rod Special, if it’s got to be a big cruiser. The trike just makes him look old.

    Now I want to see Nancy Pelosi do something like this. Or even Obama. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities, McCain made a douchebag of himself at Sturgis, so why not?

    • Jamie

      Peliso would ride a bitch on Obama’s Busa.

      • Richard Gozinya

        Nah, she’d ride her own. Probably a Bonneville, or a 70′s era Beemer or Guzzi. That’s just how she rolls.

        • PeterJackson

          No way, she would be Vespa Scooter all the way.

  • Michael

    The sivler part of the two-tone paint job matches Vladamir’s balding pate nicely.

    Also, trikes are fucking stupid.

  • Michael

    What kind of motorcycle would President Obama ride?

    • Jamie

      Busa with an extended swingarm.

    • adam

      honda scooter. or a segway. maybe

    • IK
      • What kind of motorcycle would President Obama ride? *

      A Ural, obviously

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Obama tends to buy big and American (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler 300), isn’t prone to radicalism despite the sniping of his opponents, likes to work things with the long perspective in mind, and digs old soul, so I can totally see him on a Dyna Wide Glide. The man also probably needs the kicked-back feel about now, too.

    Pelosi? A cafe’d Commando or Triton. She’s got that intensity, and is (ahem) of the right era.

    • Michael

      Heh, good descriptors. It’s funny because I agree with your reasoning but end up seeing President Obama on a Victory Vision Touring.

  • http://www.americadelivered.com Nick

    First time I’ve ever seen a trike and thought “wow, that’s badass.”

    Go Putin!

    • chili sv

      I can’t imagine this would have changed your mind.

  • chili sv

    I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a governor of mine. Putin, you’re no Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • Matt

      No, Putin is no Arnold Schwartzenegger. One pretends to kill people in movies, the other one simply kills people.

      Honestly guys, Putin’s image doesn’t need to be made more manly; the guy’s a scary former KGB and FSB agent who was also a national judo champion. He has people killed with isotopes of elements that most of us had never previously heard of. Russian girl bands sing songs about how they “want a man who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and doesn’t beat me; I wanna man like Putin.” If anything, riding a trike is helping soften his image.

      • Mr Spock

        Good point by Matt. Probably chose the gay trike to avoid scaring away the other bikers.

  • Chuluun

    ‘Motorcycles are the most democratic form of transport. But, well, some bikers are more equal than others. Two wheels good. Three wheels better!’

    Either he can’t ride a two-wheeler or he isn’t allowed to. Either way, not badass.

    • Jamie

      Animal Farm for the win!

      Also I change my Pelosi ride of choose. I think she would go for the new Harley Sportster Superlow.

    • http://www.americadelivere.com Nick

      He was in the russian army, I think. If that’s the case, I imagine he knows how to ride on two wheels…

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    You know why he is on a trike? Because THE UKRAINE is week! If he was on a bike with just 2 wheels, Ukrainians couldn’t handle that much awesome and defect. Again.

  • Bruno

    Things ‘r slow, e????

  • Big Steve

    I can’t be certain from the camera angles but it looks very much like the guy riding on the right of Putin is maybe a member of the Night Wolves MC, a long standing Russian three patch club. The vest is what their cuts looks like. Also where Putin is speaking looks like it might be the stage at their compound/clubhouse – which is pretty “Mad Max”-ish.

  • Deltablues

    Well, every Harley owner who trailers their ride should watch this video and be shamed because Putin maybe on a Harley Trike, but at least the man is riding and riding on a damn dirty rut-filled road.

  • Matt

    Woah. Bottom right corner at 2:02; is that man wearing a thong and nothing else?

    And where’s Yulia?
    Ukraine’s PM looks good on a bike, even if it is just in the studio.

    • PeteP

      @Matt”Woah. Bottom right corner at 2:02; is that man wearing a thong and nothing else?”

      No. He’s also wearing a hat.

  • Yes he is

    Absolutely a Ural, or perhaps a Voskhod or Izhmash; he pines for the good old days.

  • Yes he is

    Pelosi rides a broom.

  • CafeRacer1200

    The trike makes perfect sense if Putin participates in the national sport of Russia. That sport being Vodka. Seriously, good for him. I don’t care WHAT he rides, just the fact that he rides puts all riders in a more positive light to his admirers.

  • warhead

    I think that all the funny comments here are out of place as no other country today has a political figure of such coolness as V. Putin. He is well-liked by most Russians except for some sick-brain liberals that only love themselves and hate everyone else. AND he makes people have a more positive opinion of the biking community, which is great, too.
    And so what if KGB killed some jerk-offs using radioactive isotopes? Like political murder is anything new! You have plainly no idea WHAT KIND of individuals had to be killed. They were no nice, law-abiding church goers, you know.
    Plus, Putin must have chosen the trike, because the trike IS BIGGER. Plain and simple.
    He does not have to prove himself to no one, because he know karate, he shoots guns like you don’t wanna mess with him and he can fly jet fighters.

    • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.


      Wait, you weren’t serious were you? Because Putin runs the largest country in the world like he’s a Mob boss. Complete-lack-of-civility-and-democracy ftw.

      • Ignoranceisbliss

        If you’ve not been there you know much less than you think you do.

        If you’ve not ridden there and met any of the Night Wolves you know less.

        If you think that you are living in democracy you need to read more.

  • PatO

    The dude next to Putin looks like one of the Werewolves from TrueBlood.

    I dont know why but this seems pretty bad ass to me. Putin is a despot but he sure is a bitchin’ cool despot. I mean killing dudes with radioactive food is about as cool as it gets!

    Puu – tin
    Fighter for the little man
    Champion of the sun
    You’re a master of karate and friendship…for everyone
    Puu – tin, Puu – tin
    Uhh ahhahh!

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.

    Relative to Russia, we live in a friggan Athenian utopia!

    Make sure you keep your tin-foil hat on tight.


  • C Mad

    why does that knarly biker riding next to him have football pads on?

  • Rincon

    It WAS the NightWolves he was with – and yes, it was all very Mad Max.

    Which fits Putin pretty well, becuse he IS a bona-fide bad-ass … tough and extremely dangerous if pissed off. If they cast him opposite James Bond, he wouldn’t HAVE to act.

    The trike is kind of a mystery however … unless maybe he had to carry along the Russian version of “the football” in the trunk. Didn’t see any Urals, he coulda put it in the sidecar.

    Anyway, interesting to see a major political figure who isn’t too pussy to ride with the wolves. :-)

  • Pinback

    The guy to Putin’s side is the president of Night Wolves MC. I think Putin has attended the Crimea rally a couple of times now..
    Remember Putin could kick any other world leaders head in…