A tiny Moriwaki for tiny Indy racers

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Moriwaki_MD250H-Trophy-1.jpgIt’s easy to get the feeling that the most exciting thing happening in Indy this weekend isn’t going to be some boring Spaniard dominating yet another race from start to finish, but instead the variety of smaller capacity racing receiving a welcome promotional push from Honda. Not only are Roger Lee Hayden and Kevin Schwantz fronting an Amerigasmic Moto2 effort, but there’s also $180,000 in contingency money in place for two Moriwaki MD250H races for riders aged 12 to 16. Winners will receive this trophy, a laser-cut, heat-treated titanium silhouette of the MD250H mounted on a Moriwaki MD600 triple clamp.

Moriwaki-MD250H-Trophy-2.jpgThese two races might be something of a swan song for the MD250H and its
race series. The CRF250X-powered Moriwaki will be unable to compete in
the new four-stroke Moto3 class that’s officially replacing two-stroke
125GP racing in 2012. Despite using a four-stroke motor of the correct
capacity, Moto3 dictates a prototype engine and an 81mm bore, where the
production-based motor in the MD250H has a 78mm bore. While the little
Moriwaki provides a hint of what’s to come from Moto3, it’s likely the
company will switch to producing a class-compliant bike with a new motor
housed in a similar frame. Unlike the Honda-powered Moto2, Dorna
promises Moto3 won’t be a single-engine class.

Moriwaki-MD250H-Trophy-3.jpgDon’t read that last sentence as negative though. Moto2 has proved an
exciting class and we love seeing this much small-capacity racing taking
place on a major American race weekend. An all-American Moto2 team and
two 250cc races for American teenagers? Honda, you rock.

  • Chris

    There’s nothing like being jealous of teenagers for a very good reason. I can only hope to be capable of providing my kids with the same options.

  • steve

    cant wait to see Peter Lenz win this!!!!!!!

  • Darrick

    I’m rooting for the young De Keyrel lad from Minnesota. Go Kaleb! If you there check him out, #1 for style in my book!

  • Sean Smith

    You know, Thumper Racing makes an 81mm big bore kit for CRF250s. Hypothetically, you could purchase said kit, shorten the stroke and add a longer connecting rod to get you back to 250 cc’s.

    I haven’t read the rules yet, but if modified production engines are legal, it would be ridiculously easy to build a motor like this.

  • Pete