Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 leaks in owner's manual

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2011-Aprilia-Dorsoduro-1200.jpgWhat appears to be an an owner’s manual for the much-rumored Aprilia
Dorsoduro 1200
has leaked, revealing nearly every detail about the big
supermoto. A big brother to the Dorsoduro 750, the 1200 looks virtually
identical to that model, but is a little bit longer, a little bit
heavier and should have a lot more power and torque. Both bikes use a
liquid-cooled v-twin of Aprilia’s own design. The full owner’s manual is
available below, as is a wiring diagram pulled from an online workshop
manual which gives this leak two separate sources.

Update: The Dorsoduro is coming, but not to the US. Here’s the official word from Piaggio: We are extremely pleased with the sales of the Dorsoduro 750 and do not plan on importing the 1200 at this time.

Here’s the full owner’s manual:

Here’s the leaked wiring diagram:
Let’s compare the specs for the 1200 to the 750:
Aprilia-Dorsoduro-1200-specs.jpgWhat’s notably absent from these specs are power and torque figures for the 1200. Two years ago, it was rumored the 1200 should produce something in the region of 130bhp and 89lb/ft of torque, but that same information also gave an engine size of 1149cc, where this owner’s manual lists an 1197cc figure. Additionally, the 1200cc engine uses a higher compression ratio than the 750. As such, we’d expect to see a higher output than those 130bhp, 89lb/ft rumors.

Looking at the numbers, we expect the 1200 to be substantially faster than the 750 despite the disappointing 57lbs weight penalty. The chassis’s apparently been modified to cope with that extra speed, gaining some stability through the more conservative rake and trail and slightly longer wheelbase.

Like the 750 and several other Aprilia models, the Dorsoduro 1200 uses a ride-by-wire throttle with three different settings; Touring, Sport and Rain. Touring is optimized for smooth progress and good fuel economy, but does give you max power and torque. Sport sharpens the throttle response. Rain reduces throttle response while limiting torque.

Anti-lock brakes will be optional on the 1200, but traction control is not available. ABS can be turned completely off.

The 1200 will also use fully-adjustable Sachs suspension where the 750′s is only adjustable for preload and and rebound damping on the rear shock (the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Factory is fully-adjustable).

It’s most likely that the Dorsoduro 1200 will debut at EICMA in November, where was also expect to see the Aprilia Tuono V4. There’s no word on this engine reaching the Aprilia Shiver, but that has been heavily rumored and the Shiver is based on the same platform as the Dorsoduro. Additionally, there’s talk of a new R1200GS-rivaling Aprilia adventure tourer using this same engine. Aprilia was not immediately available for comment.

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ Anders

    Caramba! Now can we please have a 1200 Shiver without the weight penalty??

  • stratkat

    why is it that KTM and Aprilia can design a decent front fender and Ducati doesnt have a clue. man, the fender on the Hypermotard and the new Multi are hideous!!!

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Counterpoint: Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a rumor about an upcoming Aprilia sportbike with the motor from the R/M/SXV 4.5. We get this instead.

    Am I going to have to build the f%&#$! thing in my apartment myself?

  • Michael

    Looks like a cross between the KTM 990 SMR and the Ducati Hyper EVO SP.

    467 lb? It BETTER have more power than the competition! There’s no reason why that thing should weight more than my Multi’ 1200 S.

  • TwinMe

    Ok,Ok… This year is shaping up to be awesome for new models and heads sticking out of some asses. Can’t wait for EICMA.

    Im glad they went full(well,almost) 1200cc instead of 1150cc.

    Now…we have the engine, all we need is a NEW Mille model to dump it in… and that crazy SuperTenere Rival they were planning + a Maxi Shiver.

    Just try to keep all of the above CHEAPER than that Dang OverPriced RSV4.

    • fazer6

      You’ll never see a v-twin Mille next to the RSV4 (besides, you can’t have a 1200cc ‘mille’ anyway).

      • TwinMe

        LOL…I see what u meant there with the “Mille” thing but still i would like to see it anyways even tho it wouldn’t be a “Mille” anymore.

        Ok, maybe a 1200cc Falco and Futura ? I guess im just whining cause im too broke to afford an RSV4.
        Dang Economy…!

        • Michael

          A 1200 Futura would be hot shit… until you realize that the market for big displacement (> 1000 cc) bikes with detachable hard bags and adjustable windscreens is completely saturated. I’ll list it out to include the ST and ADV style bikes:

          Ducati Multistrada 1200/1200S (Class high water mark for dynamics)
          Kawasaki Concours 14
          Yamaha FJR 1300 (in need of a serious updating)
          BMW K1300GT
          BMW R1200RT
          BMW R1200GS
          KTM 990/990R
          Moto Guzzi Norge
          Moto Guzzi Stelvio
          Honda ST1300 (Does this bike even count anymore??)
          Honda ST1200 (Possible. Built off VFR 1200 platform. Makes more sense than the current VFR.)
          Triumph Tiger (Barely)
          Triumph Sprint GT (Again, barely)

          Holy Shit! That’s a lot of motorcycles! If you compare that with the sportbikes you’ll see why this market gained in importance so quickly. Aprilia would have to one up all the bikes and reach parity with Ducati. Or just one up Ducati. Easier said than done, of course. If they don’t, it’s real easy to get lost in the mix with this crowd. I think that’s why it would make more sense to stick with a (hopefully lighter) big bore supermoto style right now.

          As for the Falco, that was built off the old RSV Mille. The Falco will return as the naked version of the RSV4. It may have a different name, but the spirt will be there.

          • TwinMe

            Point taken, but the thing is that even tho u have all these many choices all don’t appeal or are considered by everyone.Let me use myself here for a sample.

            Multistrada…Nope. $$$$.
            ZZR1400…Nope. $$$$ and a bitch make valve adjustments and fuel hog.
            K1300GT…Nope. $$$$.
            R1200RT…Yes, but used(less $$$).
            R1200GS…Yup, but used(less $$$).
            Norge…Maybe…but used(less $$$).
            ST1200…Yes…but used(less $$$).
            Current Tiger…Nope…dang qwirky looking thing.
            Spring GT…Yup…good value for $$$.

            More choices never hurt consumers and keep manufacturers from sitting too long on their asses from smelling the roses(bike profits) from yesteryear…case in point that DANG CONCOURS…it took them what?! 20years or more?

  • Drew

    Keep in mind that Aprilia and Moto Guzzi are owned by the same company. Since this occurred, they have done a great job of avoiding duplicity between the two brands, focusing on sport for Aprilia, and lifestyle/touring for Guzzi. Aprilia dropped their touring models (Caponord/Pegaso) and Guzzi dropped their sportier bikes (Daytona). Sure you can buy a luggage kit for a Shiver or Mana, but that’s not the core purpose of the vehicle. I would be very surprised if they developed a touring-focused bike under the Aprilia name.

  • Jack

    I hope they build a Futura version of the RSV4. I would pay cash money for that. Especially with Ohlins suspension.

  • Eric

    I sat on the Dorsoduro 750 – pretty comfy. The performance specs are pretty close to my DL1000, but not enough to tempt me to get out the checkbook. Now a 1200 supermoto…That’s worth a month on the couch when the wife sees the credit card bills :-)

  • Keith

    No Shiver 1200??

  • toeCutter

    How about a Chopper, Ducati does it… lol

  • toeCutter

    And Call it Sinner1200 (classy)

  • TwinMe

    Ok, let me fix that UPDATE for TRULY how it should read:

    The Dorsoduro is coming, but not to the US (SCREW U AMERICANS!!!).Here’s the official word from Piaggio: We are extremely DISSAPOINTED with the sales of the Dorsoduro 750 and do not plan on CREATING another F&%$-UP importing the 1200 at this time.

  • Steve Sutherland

    Too bad riders/buyers in the US pass on so many really great bikes that are only offered in Europe and or Canada. Those, (like me) who have been patiently waiting for a 1200 Dorso, guess we will have to sell our 750′s and go for a Ducati 1100 Hyper or the stupendous new MS1200. What a shame, would love a 1200 Dorsoduro.