Building the ultimate, automatic Bat Pod replica

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Equipped with working grappling hooks, turn signals inside machine gun flash suppressors, hidden instruments, an automatic transmission and, as the builders stress, no bondo, just metal, this must be the ultimate Bat Pod replica. It works too, achieving impressive angles of lean on the nearly square tires. The best part? It’s being auctioned later this year, so you could buy it and live out the ultimate “Dark Knight” fantasy.
YouTube Preview ImageRiding the Bat Pod, physics appear to be a problem.

YouTube Preview ImageTurn signal machine guns.

YouTube Preview ImageThe grappling hooks.

YouTube Preview ImageThe hidden instrument panel.

YouTube Preview ImageInitial shakedown.

YouTube Preview ImageIn the shop.

Powering this contraption is the 76bhp, 54lb/ft liquid cooled v-twin from an Aprilia Mana 850. That engine is equipped with a whizz-bang ride-by-wire throttle and a switchable automatic transmission. Look closely and you can see they also carried over the Mana’s parking brake lever; don’t worry, your Bat Pod won’t roll away while you’re off fighting crime.

The PS-Pod, as their lawyers likely told them to call it, was built by Dave Welch and Florida’s Chopper City USA. They’ll be auctioning it for charity soon, check out their website for details:

Chopper City USA

  • richard gozinya

    So so as far as a replica goes. The handlebars are way too high up though, making it more of a chopper that looks like the Batpod than a replica of it.

    • Wes Siler

      I think they wanted to actually make it ridable.

      • richard gozinya

        That’s a slippery slope right there. Next thing you know they’ll want to put sanely sized tires on it, and then all hell will break loose.

      • SPEKTRE76

        Yeah for people who are used to choppers. Then again a chopper company built it. It does look pretty Insane though! I think it’s just a bit to large. It needs to be like the concept bike that Yamaha made, the Tesseract. Specifically the suspension and wheel system.

  • Emmet

    Impressive lean angles? For those tires, sure. What would those tires usually be equipped on?

  • parkwood60

    Could they have choose a louder chase bike? What they didn’t have a pro-stock drag bike in the shop to give chase?

    I like the way they kept editing it to keep you from seeing how long it took the rider to make a U-turn before heading back. It would be interesting to see if someone like Chris Carr could get the back end to hang out and turn quicker. Or maybe with some more riding and confidence on their new creation these guys will be able to lean it and corner harder. If not, better adjust the geometry and add more steering lock.

  • circuitsports

    the first ride will go something like this – brm brm bmr

    neighbor 1: holY #$#$ batman are those machine guns real ?
    neighbor 2: yes they are I saw it on TMZ
    Neighbor 34: thats a threat to national security
    Neighbor 510: outlaw all black vehicles
    Neighbor 12,000,000: they have too much money time for socialism

    And after 4 seconds flat the whole world will have dialed 911 the senate will be called into emergency session the stock market will fail and we’ll find out the Russian dead hand system has been activated.

  • circuitsports

    As everyone knows : you cant have nothing good anymore so the Kremlin will order the Apocalypse to stop it.