It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Brammoman!

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Brammoman.jpgWith 18bhp, comes great responsibility. By day, just a mild-mannered Brammo Enertia owner, by night this electric motorcycle enthusiast transforms into a grown man wearing a novelty set of jimjams. Beware evil doers, this superhero is out to destroy his own dignity.

Thanks for the tip, Jon.

  • Deltablues

    Hey, he is dressed better than many of the ‘Grey Beard and Chrome’ crowd here in Arkansas. Personally, I wanted to wear my Cow Suit on my Daytona for Holloween…but my Udders kept getting slammed into the tank…ouch.

  • Brammofan

    Cease and desist letter being drafted as we speak. Clear case of trademark infringement.

  • lame


  • Scheffy

    His lack of CE armor disturbs me. We need the real heroes in the Iron Man and Batman leathers to go and give him a good ka-POW!

    • Spank

      Iron Man and Batman are just guys with money, Spidey has super powers, he don’t need no stinkin CE armor!

  • Les

    I dont use this phrase much, but that was fucking gay. (and the song sucked too)

    Larry ‘spiderman’ McBride would kick this this wankers ass!

  • Brett L.

    “this superhero is out to destroy his own dignity.”

    Mission accomplished.

  • Sean

    Brett L, you beat me to it. How does this guy get so much attention on the motoblogs?

  • fazer6

    what a douche

  • Steve F

    Be cool if he actually rode…