KTM teases 125 Naked, disregards PR ban from KTM boss Stefan Pierer

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KTM125.jpgKTM are teasing the European launch of the 125 Naked – the first of a new range of 125 to 350 cc entry level street bikes – with a new video on a dedicated Facebook page. The video is a perfect example of the kind of marketing KTM boss Stefan Pierer banned last month.

The 125cc bike is aimed at learner riders, whose safety is of special concern for ACEM (the Motorcycle Industry in Europe) and its president Stefan Pierer, a.k.a the CEO of KTM. Under pressure from the EU to help reduce motorcycle accidents, ACEM recently reinforced their self imposed advertising policy, outlining a “common approach to socially responsible communication”.

Looking at the video above of the KTM ridden on the pavement in sneakers and t-shirt, it seems like Stefan Pierer has already forgotten his own month-old ACEM press release:

The advertising policy adopted by the European Motorcycle Industry ensures that all promotion and advertisements for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds destined for use on public roads show the vehicle used in a safe and responsible manner, in order to positively influence the attitude of the rider, which is central in motorcycle safety.

Aggressive riding styles, and any depiction of unsafe behaviour on public roads will be banned from ACEM manufacturers’ PR campaigns. Next to encouraging safe and responsible behaviour these measures also aim at promoting safety enhancing features such as advanced braking systems.

Stefan Pierer, ACEM President and CEO of Austrian manufacturer KTM Sport Motorcycles, stated: “Motorcycle Manufacturers can play a significant role in improving road safety through communication and marketing. The Motorcycle Industry has therefore agreed to strengthen its commitment toward road safety by following a common advertising policy, which sets clear rules to influence attitudes, change behaviours and thus contribute to make a difference in improving road safety on European roads.”

Words will be exchanged next time ACEM president Stefan Pierer meets KTM CEO Stefan Pierer.

  • http://twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    “When we said ‘advertising,’ we were referring to things like paid magazine ads and those things. Teasers are totally different than advertisements. Completely different.”

  • s0crates82

    that bike looks like a blast, by the way.

  • Scott


  • Nahh

    There is only 15 secs of riding or so and he is just cruising along at that. Doesn’t look dangerous or aggressive at all.

  • Mike J

    This is nowhere near the level of their infamous Superduke advert a few years ago…

  • Brian Zooom

    can we say, fun bike to play Mini-moto’ing on the Go-Kart track with?!?!?!

  • MCR

    Wish they would bring it stateside. It would stomp ninja 250′s in sales if the price is close. Bring the 350 too.

  • Cattleprod

    Stefan appear to have the symptoms for foot in mouth disease.

    cool bike though. Fun aside, riding it on the pavement like that as “marketing” is dumb.

  • PeteP

    I think there’s a big difference between non-ATGATT riding and what he’s referring to.

  • SR500 envy

    Yeah and did you see the pin up calendar girl? Shocking!

    Hopefully these bikes make it to the US. Probably won’t sell that well over here. But for those of us who enjoy pushing “slow” bikes fast through the corners, these things would be ideal.

    Hey Stefan, how about making us a 350 or 400 V Twin?

  • Clintonio

    The 350 should sell decently if priced right. Problem is that most Americans don’t understand how much more practical a standard is than a sport or cruiser. Especially as a first bike.

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    I would be so pumped if they brought the 350 here. Not sure if it would sell but I’d be all over it.

  • MTGR

    That is the beauty of something being “leaked” through sites like youtube; since it was not “officially released” through the KTM marketing dept, KTM are off the hook – this not being an “Official” KTM marketing attempt after all.

    Big companies have gotten around all kinds of set-in-stone polcy this way for years, including their own, and the internet has just made it that much easier.

    • Ivar

      This videos isn’t leaked – it was first published on KTM’s facebook pages.

      And don’t get me wrong, I like KTM’s videos. ACEM’s pretend responsibility and Pierer’s double standards – not so keen on them.

  • sq

    It looks like a nymph er6n.

  • http://www.oliepeil.nl Highsider

    Strangest thing ever when Pierer became chairman of ACEM, right at that time they released the infamous and now classic “Osaka” video, a big Up Yours to all Japanese manufacturers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM22jEfcm1Y) All KTM marketing stuff was pretty wild at that time, which was the main reason for their explosive growing number of fans. The KTM brass seems to want to abandon that strategy bu t I think it will cost them a lot of their present customers.

  • http://www.righttoride.co.uk Elaine

    For years we’ve been saying that the motorcycle manufacturers – not just KTM – have double standards. If you look on ACEM’s website, http://www.acem.eu – you will see how they play the “Safety” card for the benefit of the EU Commission. I asked a representative of Yamaha (Europe) why they continue to promote aggressive riding and encouraging bikers to use the roads as a racetrack – and his answer was “because that’s what the market wants”. Even boring BMW is just as guilty – have a look at their BMW promotional video for the K1200R


    This is the same industry that is lobbying the EU Commission to legislate for anti-tampering measures to stop riders from modifying their bikes. Their excuse? To stop young bikers from speeding!

  • PeteP

    Still, quite a bit of differfence between this and the 990 SD commercial. I don’t get the concern.

  • willybeamish

    if ktm fags out ducati will slowly chip away at them