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While we’ve got a bunch of feature content from our trip to Labrador on a BMW F800GS and BMW R1200GS cooking, we figure’d you’d like to see some of our best iPhone photos and videos from the trip. This is material we (mostly I since Grant had to take nice pictures with his Leica and Rollei) shot along the way, representing an off-the-cuff look at our trip. Photos above, videos below, including my best David Lee Roth impression and Man Skills 101. 

R1200GS Flyby

A panoramic view of our favorite campsite.

Wes versus the F800GS’s unnecessarily difficult centerstand.

A humpback whale jumping, as seen from our campsite. We also saw Orcas, which are new to Labrador waters.

How to split a log with a knife.

How to make a fire with a knife and a cotton ball.

With luggage mounted on the pillion seat, I had to mount the F800GS this way every single time. Grant never stopped laughing.

  • Stacy

    Dear Wes,

    Mount it like a horse: left foot on the left footpeg and swing your right leg over. The sidestand is stronger than you think.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, a combination of too tall seat and clunky boots for that. I needed max height and a straight leg to clear it.

      • mark

        The trick to mounting a well-loaded bike like that is to mount from the RIGHT side — grasp handlebars, right foot on the right peg, step up and quickly transfer your weight to the left so the bike doesn’t tip over, then swing your left leg over. Works like a charm even on a tall dual-sport bike loaded with luggage.

        I’m leaving for Labrador tomorrow morning, btw. :)

        • Wes Siler

          Awesome, skip Newfoundland, it’s one big trailer park and camp on Labrador’s coast, not the interior. Less black flies that way.

  • contender

    Any chance of a writeup on the two bikes? Curious to know which would work best as an only bike…

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, that’s coming, along with writeups on the gear, how to do the trip yourself and a big travel feature with nice photos and longform text.

      As for which one to get, it kind of depends on price. They both do exactly the same thing, but the 800 is more biased towards off-road without really having any additional ability there, which is to say it’s a bit more compromised on road. But seriously, both are utterly awesome, easily more broadly capable than any other bike in the world and built like tanks. I cartwheeled the 800 at 50mph on a hard gravel road and then road it over a thousand miles home with no problems. Touring, scratching, dirt roads, moderate off-roading, city stuff, they do everything.

      • Grive

        So, in general, I get the idea that you’d go for a 1200 if you had the choice.

        I’m actually thinking of getting one of these two next year.

        My biggest doubt is: The 1200 is better than the 800… but is it $3000 USD better (that’s the difference between the two here)?

        By the way, awesome trip, I’m eagerly awaiting the feature.

  • Deb

    WOW..the pictures are great!

  • Pete

    I used to have to do the David Lee Roth on my BMW when it was loaded up too. Brings back fond memories. Looks like a great trip.

    Also, which iPhone did you use? 3G? 4?

  • Ray

    I just got back from the North Shore of Nova Scotia a couple days ago, have been to Baie Comeau, Tadoussac, and Gaspe, and NF twice. Sure love riding up North of the Border, love speaking French close to home too.

    This time I cracked the ton several times for long stretches on the Guzz two up with a pretty girl and I played a friend’s bagpipes too. Warmest water north of the Carolinas they say, not to give the secret away. But you do have to negotiate dirt roads… And the V11 Sport handled that for short stretches too. My last few big trips have been up that way, and I’m still exploring. Like to do the golden arm some time too. Looks like you had fun. Cheers.

  • Anthonievdw

    Nice Pics, almost as pretty as South Africa…. almost…..

  • damien

    Great stuff. Looks like it was an awesome trip. That campsite looks like the west coast of Ireland.

  • david folch

    I love that one : “since Grant had to take nice pictures with his Leica and Rollei”
    it’s well known, when you use german cameras, you’re doing great pictures…
    I did mostly shitty pics for months with my Leica M6, with 21mm, 35mm, 50mm since I figured out how to use it and its limitations…

    @ Grant, of course, I’m not doubting in your skills, I just wanted to give shit to Wes about this “idée recue” about german cameras !

    welcome back !

  • guerrila

    When are these promised features coming out?