Nicky Hayden rides the Indy Mile

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After qualifying on the front row of the Indianapolis Grand Prix on Saturday, Nicky Hayden informed Ducati that he’d be putting in a few demo laps of the Indy Mile. “Least I could do is get a couple laps,” said Hayden. “I’m going to go out, ride around… not sign up for the heat races or nothing like that. But definitely I’m looking forward to it.” Turns out that, despite not strapping on a steel shoe since 2002, Nicky’s still got what it takes to ride sideways.

Update: Ducati sent over two new high-res images, you’ll find them in the gallery.

Update 2: Even more photos from Ducati.

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Hayden was riding Joe Kopp’s Hypermotard 1100 Evo-powered Ducati tracker.

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  • Slim Pickens

    Not as awesome as King Kenny riding the Yamaha again for the first time in decades, but still pretty cool. Has that bike won any more races? Google doesn’t help much.

    • MichaelMM

      I was at the Indy Mile for the races last weekend, Joe Kopp’s Ducati won the heat race and qualified for the overall race, but he ended up finishing 4th (if I remember correctly, so don’t quote me on it).

      Either way, it was my first time watching Flat Track, and holy shit was it fun! If any of you who have not seen it get a chance to, take it!

  • Stonygut

    No chance of losing a knee-slider either.