Rem Koolhaas’s abstract motorcycle

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This is Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas’s idea of a motorcycle refined to its bare essence. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there aren’t any wheels.

Update: turns out it’s Rem D. Koolhaas, Rem Koolhaas’s nephew who’s responsible.

The “Lo-Res Motorbike” was created for Rem’s “Lo-Res” project, a part of his United Nude fashion label. The images are actually created through a an automated process in which a two-dimensional image of a real-life item is created using a three-dimensional scanner, then, as the name suggests, pixelated until it barely resembles what it once was.

Follow the photos in reverse order and you can see the de-res process in action.

The idea is for the project to tap into the primal understanding of an object underlying all its details and precise forms. United Nude will actually be using Lo-Res to design blocky, architectural shoes and other fashion items. This would actually make a pretty cool motorcycle, they’d just have to re-res some wheels and maybe some handlebars for it.


  • robotribe

    I want a bike in the future that resembles slide #2; of coures, it will float off the ground, be as fast as those speeder bikes from Star Wars, and be powered by water.

  • Mark D

    …cool hipster tattoo?

    • Wes Siler

      Nah, it lacks the proper irony and there’s not a swallow in sight.

  • James

    So he’s tapping into the primal understanding of an object by running it through a series of automated processes and pixelating it.

    Good job, Rem.

  • cptincog

    Most 3d programs do this out of the box these days. It’s mostly used to reduce the data required for models in video games.

    The math, if anyones interested:

  • ChickenStrip

    Now we know how KTM generate their designs.

  • kidchampion

    He just designed a 2001 Aprilia Futura.