Roland Sands plans to hit 200mph on a cruiser

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Looks like Roland Sands is finally tackling his ambition to race at
Bonneville, he’ll just be doing it on a bike that, in stock form, makes
only 97bhp and weighs over 670lbs. The big honkin’ turbocharger has yet
to go on, but as you can see, Roland’s been busy modifying the Victory
cruiser into something that vaguely resembles a land speed record racer.
His goal? 200mph.

Converting a bar hopper into a performance bike isn’t as straightforward as bolting a fairing a tucking behind it though. To easily alter the gear ratios, the belt drive got thrown in a bin in favor of chain drive and the riding position had to be radically altered to accommodate a human body in a vaguely aerodynamic form. All that was enough to reach 147mph using the stock motor.

RSD-rip-off-1.jpgOur favorite part of this video isn’t Roland’s sweet new ‘doo or even all the moody shop shots. Instead, it’s the clear homage RSD has chosen to pay us with graphic elements clearly inspired by Grant’s Initial Report layouts. Check out the heavy black borders surrounding the vintage photo-like elements and the triple image arrangement. They’re also using courier as their font in these elements and locating that text in locations very similar to our features. Really, the resemblance couldn’t be more striking. Thanks guys, the reference is very flattering.

RSD-rip-off-2.jpgRSD  via MCN

  • Felix

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    Also, goddamn that bike looks mean.

  • Ken

    Now a proper cruiser at 200mph would be fascinating. Which Screaming Eagle accessories would be the first ripped off by the wind blast? At what point would you no longer be able to keep your feet on the highway pegs. What would happen to your goatee? At what speed would your lady friend fall off the back? These are questions the motorcycling public wish to know.

  • Scott

    Felix nailed it, fellows.
    Feels like I want Roland’s gig.

  • Deltablues

    I don’t think I would have a problem at all riding this around Little Rock….very nice. Gonna be some bagging on Sands in the following posts, but I think many of his designs are tight and functional.

  • James

    I got the chance to ride the bike about 200 yards yesterday as we were setting up for the 2011 Victory press event here in Colorado. Riding position is surprisingly comfortable. Footpegs fall right where you’d expect them on a bike geared for 200mph. Bars are a comfortable reach, and the cutout in the tank makes the aero tuck very easy.

    Not much steering lock or lean angle, but that’s hardly necessary on this kind of bike. Frame and swingarm are stock. I believe it’s a Hayabusa front end and fender. Bike has been lowered a couple of inches.

    Watch for more on this in the future when the engine has been breathed on.

    Oh, and this is Victory, not a Harley. Screaming Eagle is what HD riders buy so they can keep up with their friends who saw the light and bought a Victory.

    We’re considering a new line of aerodynamic conchos, leather fringed saddlebags, and flag holders that are rated to 200mph. It’s still cruising… just faster. :)

    • Ken

      Yeah I know, but humour is humour. My hat’s actually off to Mr Sands for this. It’s a great mash-up, like a stretched BOTT racer.

    • HammSammich

      “Screaming Eagle is what HD riders buy so they can keep up with their friends who saw the light and bought a Victory.”

      So what do Victory riders get to keep up with their friends that bought Triumhps?

      I kid, I kid, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a cool project. Not being a cruiser fan, I’ve never really paid much attention to Victory Bikes, but I was looking over one in the Parking Garage recently, and find the swingarm to be quite fascinating. It’s almost Sword-like in appearance.

      Good Luck on the Salt!

  • 2ndderivative

    Aren’t there drag bikes that are modified cruisers than can reach 200 mph?

  • Will

    Aaaand beats his record next year on a Ducati Vyper.

  • Sean Smith

    Any word on what fairing he’s using? I’m guessing it’s one of his old 250 GP pieces.

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      Yeah, it’s one of his old Yam 250 fairings.

      • Sean Smith

        Nice! I SO called it. I’ve been following this project for a while, and I thought the front end looked familiar.

  • Michael

    That’s funny, I saw the pictures and thought they were a collaboration with HFL.

    Also, if Roland really wants to hit the big double ton, he better call a professional. You know damned well he better call The Skank!

    Alright, I’ll stop. Couldn’t help it.

  • Michael

    BTW: I have always liked Victory motorcycles, and that salt shaker is fucking badass!

  • Mark D.

    That’s an interesting project; 200 in shorty gloves a jeans? I’d be in fucking blast armour if I was doing that!

    More importantly, though, who’s the blonde?!

    • Kidchampion


      His name is Roland Sands.

      • Mark D.

        Roland’s got pretty legs :)

  • JB

    This is about as cool as a turd being flushed down a toilet.

  • geoGe

    So since no one has asked the question I’ll be the dick and kick the hornets nest: WTF classifies this thing as a Cruiser? Not bagging(pun intended) on the bike I really dig it but, come on my ’73 TR5T dirtbike is more of a cruiser than that thing. lol

  • Rob

    Sick Busa.

  • El_Diablo

    First Roland Sands bike i actually like.

  • vic

    well it’s the right almost looks like a drag bike.the tank needs to be a bit lower to get the rider all tucked in

  • Das Boese

    Maybe he got jealous of “Germany’s fastest chopper rider” Arne Tode:

  • Adrian

    200 MPH on a Cruiser… boring

  • Nick K.

    I’ve got nothing against Roland Sands or what he does, but damn, am I sick of these dour, pretentious, “It’s the end of the world, but I’m doing something important.” videos.

  • Cajun

    Why create anything original when you can just imitate and flatter at the same time. Saw an old Biker Build-Off where Sands created a 2 wheeled cluster fuck he called “The Glory Stomper”.
    At least this speed attempt will keep him busy and out of the shop for awhile. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, “Screaming Eagle is what HD riders buy so they can keep up with their friends…” Yeah or just by a 250 Ninja and blow them all away.

  • Mugget

    sweet video – 2:43 is DA BOMB!

    I like it… also if I ever get around to making a bit of a video I would also like to pay homage to the HFL feature layouts. they’re very cool – mad props, guys!

  • James

    HammSammich: ROFL. nice one. My first thought: more tinted shades so we don’t have to look at the tractor engine stuffed in the Rocket III?

    • HammSammich

      Yeah, but if your shades are too dark you’ll have a hard time finding the PTO on the Rocket, and then where are you going hook up your plow, huh!? :)