Schuberth returning to North America with C3 flip-front

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The definitive flip-front helmet maker is returning to North America with its flagship helmet, the Schuberth C3 seen here. Considered the last word in flip-front safety, the made-in-Germany helmets are bizarrely styled, freakishly quiet and surprisingly lightweight.

The news comes straight from Germany, where this country’s respected (ie not us) motorcycle press is currently being wined (expect bad Reisling) and dined (fried meat products, oh Germany) and told what we’re telling you now. Instead of putting their faith in some half-assed American motorcycle accessories distributor, Schuberth’s learned their lesson and is going for an own-brand distributor called Schuberth North America. Expect decent helmet availability that should be at least moderately easier than ordering the helmets from Europe, which is what fans have been stuck doing for the past few years. The first helmet is going to be the bread-and-butter C3, but other models are expected to follow.

The big question in all this — one that we sadly can’t answer for you as we’ve never met anyone from the company, they won’t answer our emails and they’ve never reached out to us (hey Schuberth, email us, we’ve got a reader or two) — is which helmet standard their American helmets will adhere too. Will they stick with soft-and-light ECE 22.05 or opt for hard-and-heavy Snell M2010? That decision could swing this whole thing. Hint: go for ECE 22.05 and sell us the same light, safe, high-quality helmets you sell your fellow socialist yourapeens.

What’s all the fuss? After all, Shoei, Roof and a bunch of other companies already sell flip-front helmets here. The thing is, all other flip-front helmets ask you to pay a weight, noise and size penalty for the privilege of exposing your face. Schuberth, reportedly doesn’t. According to Schuberth, the C3 exposes its wearer’s ears to only 84dB at 62mph on a naked bike and weighs just 1,550 grams for a size medium. According to WebBikeWorld, that’s lighter than an Arai Corsair V.

The helmets are enormously popular in Europe, especially among bike cops, who appear to almost exclusively wear the brand. No matter where on the continent you go, there’ll be a big mustache made visible by one, usually hovering just above some sort of fried meat/pastry combination.

The C3 is said to be hitting a US website near you mid-September.

via Guido Ebert

  • s0crates82

    Awesome. As far as I know, they make the BMW System series of helmets too, and I’ve wanted a System V for awhile.

    These schuberths are gonna be expensive.

  • Mark D

    All the cops here in Cambridge also wear them, along with their BMW R1200 police specials. They must have come with the bikes.

  • Timo Schneider

    Dear Hell for Leather – Team,

    don´t worry we hear you ;-) A first information preview for the launch of the C3 in the US can be found on our website:

    The helmet will have a DOT AND ECE certification, which adds some weight to it compared to the ECE-only version.

    Regarding Guido – he had two beers and went for a nice steak yesterday evening. No fried meat, and quite good Riesling and southafrican Merlot. Ask him ;-)

    For any further updates watch us on facebook ( blog ( or just contact me directly at [removed].

    Thx to all of you and greetings from Germany

  • Kit

    Woo! I can finally retire my C2!

  • MichaelMM

    The helmet seems nice, though I have never been a fan of flip-ups. They do make more sense the the ’70s era 3/4 helmet crap the US cops wear these days.

    What puts me off is the styling in mono-tone colors. The helmet looks like Snoopy, with a characatured dog’s muzzle and the black air intake looking like a snout. That helmet is in serious need of some (good) graphics to break up all that visual mass up front.

  • Kevin

    I’ve worn this helmet in Europe and absolutely love the light weight, fit, quiet and the quality of the locking mechanism. If they can bring it to the US at a fair price, the will have my business.

  • miles_prower

    @Mark D
    Haven’t noticed the Cambridge bike cops wearing BMW/Schuberths. Will take a gander next time I pass Stefani’s. BTW, nice music.

    Check out the other helmets from Schuberth. I have an R1, which I ordered from Helmet City UK (helmetcity .dot. co .dot. uk). It’s got kind of a “primal” graphic to it. I actually wanted a plain ol’ solid color, but HCUK didn’t stock any!

    I like the features of my R1, but the build quality is nowhere near as nice as my Arai helmets. I bought the R1 because it’s incredibly quiet. But I did have to modify the cheekpads to work with glasses and with my super-square jaw.

  • amlethae

    I’ve been wearing the C3 for the past two years in NYC (“Sorry officer the DOT sticker fell off…”) and I absolutely LOVE IT. I even splurged and got the SRC bluetooth system which is honestly the best looking BT system for any helmet out there at the moment.

    My only complaint is the internal fit of the helmet, I need more of an oval shape and this is most definitely towards the round. It only starts to bug me in my 3rd hour of riding, but *MAYBE* they’ll change the internal shape for the Americans over here… that’d be great!!!

    Oooh and can you ask them to bring the Carbon version over to America too?? Cause if I have to get a new one it’s gonna be carbon.

  • Shinigami

    I just tried one of these on, in a shop in Japan. My god, it is a heavy sucker!!