Scott Hustle Goggles adjust to fit your face

Dailies -


Featuring two cams in the cheekpads, the Scott Hustle Goggles claim to be the first MX goggles with a customizable fit.

YouTube Preview ImageNot only does this cam allow for adjustment to a rider’s individual cheek shape, but it also adjusts the width of the nose bridge, pinching only as tight as you prefer. Those cams are screwdriver-adjusted and should only need to be set once.

The Hustle also claims improved peripheral vision thanks to a wider aperture and incorporates all the usual google features like an anti-fog coating on the Lexan lense and sweat-wicking foam.

We dig the internal trellis frame, it lends an architectural look to the goggles and improved peripheral vision is always welcome, but the colors available are a little…flatbilled for our taste. There’s definitely room for some plain colors in the range.


  • Emmet

    Looks like they’re a dealer exclusive. I’ll have to check them out- can’t get caught with just sunglasses after dark again!

  • pplassm

    I need wider nose gap. This doesn’t solve that problem.

  • pplassm

    Oops. Maybe I should RTFA.

  • pplassm

    How about a “delete” option?