The gloves we always wished we owned

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Hammarhead-Gloves-1.jpgSure, these gloves won’t protect your hands as well as a set of rainbow-colored GP-Techs, but at least you won’t look like a power ranger while you’re picking bits of gravel out of your palm. We’ve always looked at pictures of vintage dirt bike racers and marveled at their amazing gear. Gloves like this probably came from old work gloves, modified to provide a little impact protection with the leather strapping on top. Now, Hammarhead Industries, makers of the Jack Pine, have created an accurate reproduction.

Hammarhead-Gloves-2.jpgMade in the USA from American deer skin, these gloves come in these
three different colors and retails for a positively affordable $69.
They’re the first of series of items Hammarhead is commissioning to
complement its vintage-style bikes.

Hammarhead Industries

  • gregorbean

    They’re competitive in price, I wonder how they compare in comfort and protection to the Lee Parks Design stuff…

  • Vladimir Putin

    I like ‘em in black. And $69…score!

  • Mark D.

    I’ve got a pair of the Metro racing gloves; I don’t wear them that often except putting around the city, but they make good mechanic gloves, actually!

  • Ryan

    Cool, the original motocross gloves like this had foam rubber strips on the backs of them though.

  • Beale
  • Sasha Pave

    Combine those with a nice set of Hi-Points and start kickin’ that smoker!

  • Michael

    They are nice looking, but if there is not even hard knuckle protection I’ll look somewhere else.

  • the_doctor

    Very cool. I am in the market for some under $70 gloves.

  • LINK

    What do you mean The gloves we always wished we owned?

    I had a pair just like them in 1981 when I was racing my yz80 at Bridgehampton (on the MX track). I think I threw then away for a pair of JTs

  • 2ndderivative

    To paraphrase a common saying: “I’d rather look like a power ranger than bleed.”

  • Devin

    In response to Michael and 2ndderivative: I spent some time speaking with Lee Parks about this last weekend, as it was my main concern with his gloves. He showed me some samples he has crashed with, and the deer and elk skin, when properly assembled (I’m not sure how these compare to Lee’s gloves), holds up better than any textile, and most leather gloves on the market.

    Impact injuries to the hands are nearly nonexistent at street speeds, especially to the knuckles, where most armor is. In the dirt, even less so. I would prefer a flexible, comfortable glove that protects against abrasion to a glove that will fall apart but will take an impact to the knuckles. Are you using these for riding or fighting?

    • Michael

      I have a pair of Held AirStream gloves. Kangaroo leather, Kevlar, Superfabric, and thermoplastic knuckle protection. It’s the best of all worlds.

  • jackie

    “Impact injuries to the hands are nearly nonexistent at street speeds, especially to the knuckles, where most armor is.”

    With all due respect, your wrong here.

    One of the most common hand injuries in a motorcycle accident is a boxer break to the outside of the hand. You don’t need to be going fast to do it either. You can even do it on a bicycle…you need only fall over.

    These gloves are just trying to capture the “cool” retro factor that is all the rage atm. They fits in with all the hard-tail bobbers around, and as a fashion statement, are fine. Kind of like all the ugly, “look I’m going to be shot out of a cannon” open face helmets I see around. They looked bad in the 70s, and look just as bad now.

    So these gloves, as protection, are a joke. There isn’t even a way to cinch them down around your wrist to keep them from coming off in a fall and are clearly form over function…more fit to work in a garden then protect you in a get off.

    Your hands are worth more than 70 bucks.

    • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

      Would you rather have someone wear these and alteast get some protection or nothing at all?

      If this is the kind of styling it takes to get people to wear protective gear(even if it’s not the most optimal protection) than I am all for it.

      • telekom

        No I think Jackie is right. These look great and offer minimal protection. I’d rather look dumb and be in one piece when the paramedics arrive. :) My 2p

  • Michael

    If people don’t care about something as important as their own preservation in an environment as hostile as the open road, no amount of style is going to get them to change their habits.

  • Bob

    Dad had a pair just like this, but with rubber ribs on the fingers. That was teamed with the original full-face Bell helmet (in white) with the flat snap shield and his 1978 Honda CR250 Elsinore. He still has that bike.

    I wouldn’t wear something like this on the road on a dare.

    I’ll take my Arai/Held/Sidi with full Dainese leathers for the commute to work. Same as I always do.

  • coho

    It seems that these very nice, subtle, adequate for “not-a-track-day” riding gloves are neither expensive enough rainbow-power-ranger-y enough for most HFL commentors.

    Too bad.

  • JohninVT

    Gear Nazi’s are annoying. These are very nice, vintage style gloves. Deerskin is usally soft as hell and supremely comfortable. These are also made in the USA. Hardly any garment making exists here anymore so the price is great considering they weren’t sewn together by chainsmoking 11 year olds in Bangladesh making 43 cents a day.

  • Parkwood60

    Yeah, the ATGATT guys get annoying. The simple fact is that riding a motorcycle, no matter how much gear you wear or how expensive it is, can get you hurt. If you don’t have an accident, you can ride naked and not get hurt. If you get T-boned by someone texting who runs a stop sign you’re going to get hurt no matter what you are wearing. A friend of mine with training in Ninjitsu got hit head on, did a flip and barrel roll in mid air and landed on his feet next to the car. Then he grabbed the driver by the collar and gave him a piece of his mind. I suggest if any one is going to ride a motorcycle they have at least a black belt in martial arts or 5 years of acrobatic training to keep themselves safe.

  • Mitch

    I gotta throw in with the ‘this is hipster stuff’ group. A stars ‘Hero’ gloves are just like these and they’ve had them for a while. I’m just not feeling them, I’m sure they’re fine, but it looks like you should be pulling apart animals corpses or putting a fence up or something in these.

    Also, no vent holes? No sale.

    Ahhhh, this is a Wes piece – nevermind, these will go great with your super skinnies :D

  • vic

    that’s some ugly stitching

  • Beast Incarnate

    But these won’t match all of my other power ranger gear. Sigh.

    Though my Dainese jacket might look a ton better if I try to remove the big ass logo from the chest. Or worse, tough to say. I’ve never done it.

    • Mitch

      I bet you have the Dainese Laguna Seca jacket – nice, understated jacket except for the huuuge Dainese fox logo on the chest like a superhero!

  • carter

    I just ordered a pair. I tried them at Vintage MC Days and loved them — great feel and control. Much better dexterity than my other MC gloves. I guess it doesn’t hurt that I think they look good, too.

  • Basset

    this glove style has always been available. for example, Aerostitch has been selling similar elkskin ropers since forever, but kudos to Hammarhead for making gloves here and not in country that actively seeks our destruction.

    these gloves are in the same category as a half helmet: better than no safety gear at all. i recommend buying gloves here: ;-)

  • chili sv

    The pitchfork design seems more Grant Wood than Grant Ray.

  • GregorErdmann

    Is the deer hide from animals killed by motorcyclists?

  • Steve516

    I think I have a pair of simple deerskin gloves with a wrist cinch from Tour Master, Olympia, or Joe Rocket. I would prefer to see these with at least a wrist cinch. I’ll dig them up and report back.

  • The Grudz

    Somebody crash in them and report back. They look nice and simple, but I wouldn’t trust ‘em on my hands…

  • Paul

    I did crash in a pair of deerskin gloves very similar to these (no ribs on the back). I hit a deer, got launched and slid face down/head first for a distance before tumbling to a stop. Lots of abrasion on the gloves, none on my hands, and they didn’t come off. I was very impressed and have worn similar gloves ever since.
    Deerskin also breathes very well and is cooler in the heat than anything else I’ve used.

  • jhd

    Wish we owned? Nope, not even close. Actually, I point & laugh at folks these gardening gloves.

  • Jeff

    The biggest problem with these is that there’s no gauntlet. You stand as much chance of having em fly off as anything. I’d actually take an old pair of ropers over some of the crap I see in stores these days, and I don’t question the leather, but just whether or not they’d actually stay on your hands in a crash.