TTXGP 2011: Specs class, more teams and races

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IMG_6911.jpgMichael Barnes of Lightning Motorcycles had already won the championship before the final race at VIRginia International Raceway, but to TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain the increasingly tighter racing is one of the biggest achievements of the TTXGP North American championship’s first season. 

- I think we’ve achieved a lot in our first season in North-America. To me the biggest achievment is how tight the racing has become. By round four the racing was very competitive. Everybody was better than before.

Hussain has already started making changes and improvements for the 2011 season, and hope to add both more teams and more races, as it starts looking more and more unlikely TTXGP and FIM e-Power will partner up again.

- One of the things we’ve learned from this season is that we need to help teams with logistics and we’ll be looking at ways to make it easier for them to get to the races. We also recognise there’s a need for a specs class. We’ll probably specify the capacity of the controller and motor and leave the battery open. A specs class will also allow us to provide better support at the track, making it easier to enter a new team. We’ll also try to add more tracks, and probably do two rounds every weekend. More races means more TV, more sponsor interest… more everything!
With more support and a specs class, TTXGP hope for 20 teams in next years North American championship – twice as many as the best grid this year. That’s ambitious, but Hussain claims there’s a lot of interest from potential teams.

- We have interest from companies in the aviation, biomechanics, space and marine industries. They see TTXGP and electric motorcycle racing as a platform for innovation and a way to bring attention to their company. They’re noting the success of Agni, who are now selling more per month what they sold in a year before they entered motorcycle racing with TTXGP, and are now an OEM for Zero Motorcycles

  • millerman

    Don’t know what’s more exciting, the action on the track, the progress on the tech or the turf war between the organising bodies.

    FIM do have a rep for taking a good idea and pulling it out through where the sun don’t shine. The result is unsurprisingly a pile of FIM.

    Am looking to 2011. Will be following TTXGP with interest and this time make it to a meet.

    Hope they get better TV coverage. Speed2 has been kinda lame so far but that might be just start up pains.

  • Mike J

    Yeh, a spec class is what’s needed… lets take a series where most of the interest comes from innovation and developing technology and place a restriction on two of the major components. Slick thinking there!

    • jeza

      Sounds like the spec class is in addition to the regular class. Regular will probably be the same as this year, so unrestricted use of components.

      Spec class makes sense if its additional. Agree with you if that’s the only option though.

  • Ivar

    Sorry if it’s unclear in the post – specs class will be in addition to the regular class.

  • Scott

    How will an E-racer come out head-to-head with an IC-racer? Now we know: E-racer wins in AHRMA’s 350 Grand Prix* class at Barber’s Vintage-do Saturday.
    * 350cc four-stroke machines; 350cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, two-strokes with no more than five speeds; 250cc two-stroke water-cooled singles; 250cc twin-cylinder air-cooled two-strokes with no more than six speeds. Machines must have been built before Dec. 31, 1968.

    • Scott

      Uncertainty on which 350 class it raced. Or, 350 Sportsman; Four-stroke, maximum three-cylinder street bike-based machines. The cutoff is Dec. 31, 1972.