Veon Motorcycles morphs from cruiser to racer at the push of a button

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veon_03.jpgCan’t decide if you want a cruiser or a racer, and can’t afford two bikes? Veon Motorcycles’ concept bike morphs from cruiser to racer at the push of a button. The bike is being presented at the AMD World Championship of Custombike building right now.

veon_02.jpgThe bike is the brainchild of Peer Toftner, a Norwegian robotics engineer and founder of Veon Motorcycles. He’s been working on the project for years, and has patented many of the solutions on the adjustable bike. The concept bike presented at Sturgis is built by Fred Krugger.

Thumbnail image for veon_04.jpgThe bike has two sets of foot controls to allow the the bike to transform from a low, feet forward cruiser, via a classic, upright riding position to a sportier configuration with higher ground clearance and a more aggressive riding posistion. The bike also alters steering geometry, and it all happens in five seconds at the push of a button. You can even change configuration at speed.

Hopefully we’ll be able to bring more information and some better pictures as soon as the judges have done their job at Sturgis.

Via DBBP and Cyril Huze Blog

  • stratkat

    stupid, stupid!
    why would you even want a bike so low to the ground in the first place, never will understand that.

    • Liquidogged

      Uhhhhhhhhhh this is clearly awesome. First bike like this, ever, give him a friggin break on the ground clearance. It’s almost a transformer! That you can ride! Does your inner geek/nerd not dance for joy at this???

      • Les

        I seen another ‘transformer’ bike here :

        This one looks kinda neat as a ‘racer’ and looks mostly pointless as a cruiser. You’ll still have to reach those bars… with your feet out front.

        It will probably weigh as much as 2 bikes and cost as much as 3 bikes… what’s the point of this? Does anyone actually ride their bike and half way think, gee i should have took a sport bike/cruiser instead?

        Engineering masterbation without a need.

  • Will

    What happens when you’re in “sport” mode railing through a corner in the twisties and you bump the cruiser mode button? Geometry changes and you blow the corner, running head-on into a logging truck. Hopefully you can lock out inadvertent mode changes…ever bumped your horn button trying to cancel a turn signal?

  • HammSammich

    I think this is a pretty whiz bang concept, but I can’t imagine that a custom bike such as this would actually be less than purchasing two off the shelf bikes, so I’m not sure that argument justifies it’s existence.

  • Michael

    I won’t lie, that is a pretty sick concept! Preventing an inadvertent mode change mid-corner would be as easy as installing a flip cover for the switch a la fighter jet weapons toggles.

    I notice they did not publish expected weight. Gee, I wonder why…

    Is that the motor out of a V-Rod?

  • fazer6

    Umm, I’m pretty sure if you could afford this, you could just buy 2 (or more) single-purpose bikes, that will each perform better at their intended task than this in either of its ‘modes’.

  • VetteWrecker

    As someone that rides in a 1% MC and must ride a HD product, this would be effing great for me. The only decent bikes we have to choose from right now are Super Glides or V-Rods, both kinda suck in their own special way. I would give my left nut for a ~$20k Harley powered bike that weighed under 500 pounds, had mid controls, decent brakes, light wheels, proper ground clearance, decent suspension, and more than 69 tired ponies.* Something tells me and a few other people in the comment section that this bike will never come in at that price point, but it’d sure be nice.

    *Buells aren’t an option.

    • pauljones

      Why must you only ride an HD product? I like HDs, and at some point would like to own one, but to automatically disqualify other motorcycles merely because they aren’t HDs is myopic, to say the least.

      There are so many great bikes out there that it damn near makes my head spin. If you want the sportiest big-twin cruisers you can get, try a Star Warrior or a Triumph Thunderbird.

      • Mark D.

        If you believe him, he rides with a 1% gang. Meaning, if you don’t ride and HD, you get stabbed.

        Fucking savages…

        • pauljones

          Whatever. Let’em have it. All I know is that I am fully capable of recognizing and acknowledging a good motorcycle when I ride one, regardless of badge, and that’s all that matters. There is no perfect lineup, and what brand of motorcycle I would choose depends entirely on the size and type of motorcycle I would be looking for.

          Beyond that, well, I just don’t particularly care what people ride one way or another.

        • VetteWrecker

          Stabbed? No, you just wouldn’t be able to have your patch. I can’t speak for other clubs, but mine requires members to own an american v-twin (HD) powered motorcycle of 1200cc or more. 1200cc Sportsters are ok but not preferred by Americans. That said, they are not uncommon in parts of Europe (and the developing world) where import duties/taxes jack the price of bikes through the roof.

          Yes, there are other options than the two I gave, the v-rod and super glide just reflect my personal taste and the environment in which I ride.

          • fazer6

            What about Victory?

            • VetteWrecker

              No one in my club rides them. Other than that, I know nothing about them.

    • Richard Gozinya

      There’s always the Street Rod or Night Rod (Not the Special), not impossible to find one used, and those both have mid mount controls. Sure, they could be lighter, and like all the V-Rods, aren’t cheap. It’s either that or an XR1200. Not sure why it would have to be HD though.

    • PeteP

      HD made the Street Rod for a few years, and it was close to what you’re asking for.

    • Vladimir Putin

      First of all you are full of crap. But that aside, if you have a 20K budget there is plenty you could do to satisfy what you are after.

      Buy a XR1200X for $12K and put $8K into mods. Pretty sure that would run circles around the bike pictured or any VR in existence.

      Something like this XR1200 from Adrenalin Moto

      According to Adrenalin Moto, the paintjob is a replica of Cal Rayborn’s XR750TT racebike and the Café Racer is actually 83.8 lbs lighter than the standard XRX (so about 500lbs wet).

      It for sale as well – Price is £12500

      Here is another that is only about 44 lbs lighter:

      • VetteWrecker

        I’m sorry, have I offended you somehow?

        If you’re questioning that I am what I say I am, I’d be happy to verify my identity with Wes or someone else on staff here. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal though, it definitely isn’t something to be rude about.

        I guess I’m not really sure what to say if you’re referring to my previous comments on my personal taste in big twins. I am an American expat that rides in a developing nation… most the North Americans I see are passing through on adventure bikes with tons of ground clearance. I’m on a Super Glide, I ride year round in tropical weather, and I ride every day. As someone that respects and honors the tradition of the MC I ride with, I need to ride a Harley. As someone that enjoys performance motorcycles, I’d like something like the Veon. That’s all man, nothing to get bent out of shape about.

        Re: Adrenalin Moto, I checked it out and it’s an interesting bike, thanks for the heads-up.

        • Vladimir Putin

          Hey sorry for not believing the 1% thing, I just assumed you were lying because it’s the internet and it was information not really relevant to the topic. I just assumed you were going out of your way to bash HD in very subtle method. You also write very well, so kind of outside of the typical stereotype many would have for a dude in a club. Beside the point…anyway.

          Yeah, check out the XR1200X, it is a pretty cool bike and seems to be exactly what you are looking for. It is the best handling and fastest HD out there. The added suspension travel would be welcome in whatever part of the third world you find yourself. The suspension and brake upgrades to the X model make it a really nice stock Harley.

          $20K would make a seriously cool XR.

          • VetteWrecker

            No worries, I understand.

  • Emmet

    This is interesting, I’ve heard of egonomic adjustability, but this is on another level. Adjustable chassis, at the push of a button… and can be done at speed?!?! VIDEOOOO!!!

  • Jackie

    So if I let all the air out of my back-end, can I call it “morphing” too?

    “That’s ok Mike, beer makes me morph too.”

  • PeteP

    Night Rod still has forward controls.

    • Richard Gozinya

      The Night Rod Special (VRSCDX) has forward controls, the Night Rod (VRSCD), from which The Special is based, does not. The original Night Rod was sort of a cross between a V-Rod and a Street Rod. It was only in production a couple of years, same as the Street Rod, just a year later.

      • VetteWrecker

        Right. They still have not so sporty geometry and a oversize rear tire. Basically, the only thing I like about the V-Rod is the motor, add ~$4k in parts (cams, pistons, heads) and I’d say the same thing about the Dyna.

        • pauljones

          Then go get a cafe racer like this Veon or a Moto Guzzi and get a bike that suits your technical description and wear a different patch. HD isn’t the only motorcycle companies that has fan clubs.

          Richard Gozinya was just doing his best to point out a few potential alternatives within the HD family that came as close as possible to your technical description. Certainly, they aren’t perfect matches; the only perfect matches are made by other motorcycle companies. So go buy one and enjoy what you ride regardless of the badge or patch; or if you really, absolutely must ride an HD for whatever reason, then deal with whatever is in the HD family.

          No reason to get on Richard for trying to offer a helpful comment.

          • VetteWrecker

            Take it easy, I wasn’t “getting on” anyone.

            Re: what I ride, I appreciate your input. FYI, I am “dealing” with the motor companies offerings and am actually happy; it just takes some work ($$$) to get the bikes to a performance level that is passable.

            Again, I like the idea of the bike in the featured article. Perhaps I should have just stuck with that without getting into too much detail. Lesson learned.

            • pauljones

              What did you do to get your Super Glide up to those specs?

              Getting big-twin Harleys to be more sporty can be done, but it’s a tough task, and there’s only so much that can be done with a cruiser, regardless of brand.

              • VetteWrecker

                What did I do to get my Super Glide up to those specs? Nothing, it’s not possible for me. Sure, I guess if you had an unlimited budget you could get some light wheels (we have wheel eating potholes here though, stock alloys hold up best), upside down Ceriani forks, Ohlins shocks out back, Brembo calipers, floating disks, big bore kit, etc… that’d be ~$35k where I live. You’d still have a heavy steel double cradle frame big twin.

                FWIW, the last Dyna that I modified was a ’00 FXDX with a 95″ kit, gear drive cams, PM calipers (lame), Mikuni 45, etc. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the FXDX but it was a great starting point for building the sort of bike I dig; adjustable front and rear suspension, dual disks up front, etc. Ironically most people that bought them immediately pulled off the components that made the FXDX a special bike and slapped on god-awful chrome brick-a-brack.

                I was thinking about what Vladimir said about me subtly bashing HD. There’s nothing subtle about it, in stock form HD big twins are underpowered, under-braked (until recently), too heavy, and can be downright dangerous due to their underwhelming performance envelope. This is not heresy, it’s the truth.

                Good talking to you guys.

                • Justin Penney

                  Here‘s a big twin in the flat track style.

                  Otherwise … XR1200X.

                • VetteWrecker

                  I like the idea, the styling looks a little awkward but I’d definitely ride it!

        • Richard Gozinya

          The Street Rod and Night Rod have 180s, but they were the last models to have sanely sized rear tires. They may also have been lighter than the V-Rod and NRS, not sure on that though.

  • Mugget

    i am actually excited by that!

    so many times on long trips I’ve wished I could just pop my feet up on the frame sliders for a rest (they’re just a bit too high). maybe I just need a throttle lock so i can sit on the pillion seat and really stretch out.

    but that bike looks the goods. highway ‘pegs not so low they’d scrape in sports mode and looks like there is a significant difference from cruiser to sports. good stuff!

  • Dragonflyiii

    HA! That’s AWESOME! I love it! I have a sport bike that I have to ride either 50 or 77 uncomfortable highway miles to get to the canyon or mountain twisties that I love to ride, and then I have to ride those same 50 or 77 miles back exhausted. And as I am NOT a professional racer, and never will be (I am happy to be “merely a mortal enthusiast”) this is a GREAT idea. As long as the final product is actually er… uh… “affordable”.

  • Ben Branch

    I like it, would be potentially a little better if those handlebars came up a bit in cruiser mode. It would be a godsend to be able to significantly alter riding position on long rides.

  • baddad

    Krugger rules. I think he is Belgian. (Good beer land)

  • baddad

    Krugger Motorcycles Is 2010 AMD World Champion OF Custom Bike Building! Congratulations!

  • Vladimir Putin

    The Adrenalin Moto bike meets all of these requirements:

    “$20k Harley powered bike” Yes – well actually less
    “that weighed under 500 pounds” Yes
    “had mid controls” Yes
    “decent brakes”, Yes
    “light wheels” Yes
    “proper ground clearance” Yes
    “decent suspension” Yes
    “and more than 69 tired ponies” Yes

    Even the stock XR1200X hits all of those requirements (less the weight) but that could be addressed by coming in 8K under your budget.

  • coho

    This bike is:
    1. One of a kind and not destined for mass production, therefore style/weight/aesthetic comparisons to production models are pointless.

    2. One of a kind and not destined for production, therefore price comparisons to production models are pointless.

    3. Really freakin’ clever and given the advent of the MTS1200 and its (admittedly less extreme) transformer suspension probably a sign of things to come.

    Also, two more specifically focused bikes would certainly be better able to perform the functions of cruiser and carver, but unless you hang a sportbike off the back of your cruiser on davits it’s gonna be hard to have both with you on the road.

    And I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Peer & Fred probably know just a little more about motorcycle engineering, design and dynamics than the average HFL reader, myself included. So I say hooray for them.

    PS @ Les, The R-bike is a computer drawing, this is an actual machine that you or I could actually ride around on.

    Just sayin’ :)

  • Tony the Tiger Rider

    I always laugh my ass off at motorcyclists. They always want to be different just like everyone else. It’s not a GSXR, it’s not a true big twin. Maybe that’s why a I own bikes like Triumphs and DRZ’s; I just wanna ride my bike and not be caught up in the fashion of it all.

    I think it’s a neat concept and looks good in both positions. I think calling it a sportbike is a stretch, but it’s a good looking cafe racer replica. As far as a cruiser goes, doesn’t look any less uncomfortable than half the stuff Jessie James makes.

    It’s nice to see anyone making niches instead of following them.

  • maui.twolvesfan

    I’ve been dreaming of a similar concept for years. I’ve always wanted something that would go from a dirtbike to a cruzer (cruzer to dirtbike would never work). Cudos to the engineers who built this bike! It takes some balls to build something that works and then put it on display for all to judge…

  • Scottie

    “As someone that rides in a 1% MC and must ride a HD product”

    These guys thinks theey’re rebels, but they’re lame dogmatic followers.

    • VetteWrecker

      Wow Scottie, it really isn’t classy to be rude in comments. I don’t recall claiming to be a rebel, so I think you’re coming to the table with some preconceived notions that have nothing to do with me.

      The only reason I said what kind of club I ride with is because I thought it would explain why I must ride an HD product. The HD of 1200cc or greater requirement has nothing to do with marching in lock-step and everything to do with tradition and personal taste. If nothing else, it’s a hell of a lot more fun to do 70 on a Harley than on a modern sport bike. I have owned plenty of both so I’m speaking from personal experience.

      I’d appreciate it if you could extend the same courtesy and respect to me that I extend to you and everyone else on this site.

      Thanks in advance.

  • Motonut

    Yamaha made the Morpho concept back many years ago which basically did the same thing with a front upper frame attached to a main frame at a pivot point that the ride could adjust “before” riding. I heard the reason why it never came to reality was the liability. I would bet this would never hit US shores for the same reason. Like the concept though, maybe some day…..