2011 Triumph Adventure: two models, line drawings

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These line drawings are the best images yet of the 2011 Triumph Adventure(s). Today comes news that there will be two versions: one equipped for the road with a 17-inch front wheel and firmer suspension, one specializing in dirt with a 21-inch front wheel.

According to the official leaked information (oxymoron much?) both bikes will share the same aluminum tube frame (similar to that on bikes like the Triumph Speed Triple), swingarm, ABS brakes and 800cc-ish three-cylinder motor based on that of the Triumph Daytona 675. According to the official leak, that 675’s motor has had its capacity increased by lengthening the stroke, a move intended to fatten the torque curve at low revs and make the engine less peaky.

YouTube Preview Image

The bike in these sketches is the road-going version, note its distinctly sportsbike-sized tires and lack of a honkin’ front mudguard. Hopefully the dirt version will also add something in the way of engine protection, that bash plate doesn’t look like it could stand up to much bashing.

As cheesily voiced over in the video, also expect the two bikes to differ in riding position, with the road version putting more of your weight over the front end than the off-road, which will be more upright.

  • Pete

    I will definitely be test riding one of these for a potential buy.

  • mluddyjr

    The line drawing definitely looks like 17″ wheels with sport-sized rubber, but in the video the front tire looks tall and skinny, almost like a V-Strom’s 17/19 setup.

    If the road version is positioned as a super-moto-touring bike like a Triumph-flavored KTM 990SMT I’ll be very excited.

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

    Like the Speed/Street triple, there’s a lot of frame, not so much bodywork. Same potruding, bug-eyed headlights as well, just chamfered off for a more mechanical look.

  • duke777

    Hmmm this or my 1200GS adv that blew up on its 22k mile? – Hellllloooooooo Tiger. Should have gotten another VStrom I guess, but now triumph ups the ante

  • robotribe

    The face of this thing is scary; and I mean that in a good way.

  • TeeJay

    In your previous post on this bike there were pictures about the offroad version – the engine protector was a more decent piece.

  • http://www.twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    Gotta give credit to Triumph – they know how to make the most of their engines. With the Adventure, they’ll have six lines of street bikes (not counting cruisers) on two engines. That the bikes are all well-received speaks volumes to the engines themselves and their focus on the street.

    • Chuluun

      And don’t forget that the same engine is in the America, Speedmaster, Bonnevilles, Thruxton and Scrambler…

      When Triumph made its 90s comeback they stuck to two basic principles, and they worked – modular construction and over-engineering; presumably cost savings from the former enabled the latter. I’d guess they’ve eased off on the over-engineering now though.

  • MichaelMM

    What’s the point of the street version of the 800 cc Triumph Adventure occupying pretty much the same space as the 1050 Tiger? The Triumph 800 cc Adventure street version is cool looking, but…. Why not just use that styling on the 1050 Tiger?

    • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

      My guess is they will retire the Tiger, or make it a street-exclusive big-bore tourer, like a Kawi Concourse or a Honda ST1300.

      • MichaelMM

        What about the Sprint 1050? See, there’s a little to much dillution going on.

      • MichaelMM

        What about the Sprint 1050? I’ll caveat this by saying I do not know what Triumph’s business strategy is in their immediate future; but there’s a little to much model identity dillution going on.

    • Chuluun

      Well, MY guess is they’ll see what the reaction to the 800c Adventure is, then do the same thing with the Tiger — stroke up the engine to around 1200cc and offer two versions, parallel to the Adventures.

    • John

      The rumors are a 1100cc or 1200cc Tiger with a shaft drive.

    • ltgesq

      I would imagine it is designed for people who find the current tiger too large and tall. Supermoto style bikes are huge sellers, and i expect this will be as well. It is aimed right at the BMW F800.

      Triumph has needed a real off road capable machine for a while. The scrambler is really just a styling exercise.

  • miles_prower

    It looks 100,000x better than the new Multistrada. (And I’m the owner of the second-ugliest motorcycle ever–the earlier, Terblanche-designed Multistrada.)