2011 Triumph Speed Triple leaked in accessories catalog

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This is getting ridiculous. Images of the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple have leaked through the company’s own online accessories catalog, clearly showing the redesigned, now angular headlights, new clocks, more-finished rear end, sexy new wheels and the biggest change: a new cast-aluminum frame that helps the bike lose around 38lbs.

Last week we showed you a CARB document that reveals the new Speed Triple will be retaining a 1050cc three-cylinder motor, but increased pollutant levels in that document indicate it’ll be operating in a higher state of tune. The official weight in that document was also much lower, down to around 200kg from the current model’s 217kg figure.

These images are, at the time of writing, still on Triumph’s website, in their accessories catalog, hence the existence of all sorts of random bags, brackets, screens and fancy exhausts in them. While they fail to show us the whole bike, they do show us some important details.

The old bike.

Compare the swingarm pivot plates on this current-model Triumph Speed Triple to the parts shown in the gallery below and you’ll see that the frame appears to be all new, looking, at least in the part of it shown, much more angular and lithe. This same picture also shows more angular wheels, a smaller hugger and an optional low-mount exhaust. Other pictures in the series seem to reveal that two, high-mount pipes will still be the stock configuration.

The new frame and rear wheel.

The clocks have also been updated for 2011, at least visually not functionally. Triumph’s universal instrument cluster appears to adapt a more angular plastic surround as well as   larger, more stylized digits on its tachometer.

Other visual changes include bronze rather than black forks, topped with red instead of blue adjusters. The leading edge of the tank is now clad in black plastic. The biggest visual alteration remains those new headlights. Likely to prove controversial, they’re the first departure from round since the Speed Triple when all googly-eyed back in 1997.

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  • motoguru

    They’re not making it easy for me to decide which bike to put a deposit on, that’s for sure… Hopefully we get to ride these at dealer conference as well as the Tiger 8′s.

  • seanslides

    I’ve wanted a Speed Triple since… Well since forever. In my mind it’s the most beautiful bike ever made. The new headlights are totally lame. Thankfully, there’s not too much bodywork on this thing, and I’ll bet 20 bucks the old ones will bolt right up.

    After I realized that, I calmed down and realized that I can have my cake (less weight, more power) and eat it too (tasty round lights). The plastic at the front of the tank kinda sucks, but it’s certainly doesn’t kill it for me.

    I can’t wait to see photos of the whole bike.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I heart speed triples too. I’m guessing the new lights will mirror a more angular tank and frame, so won’t end up looking out of place. But yeah, there was something simple and sort of industrial about the current one. Like an old rifle or big steam engine in an industrial revolution factory.

      • seanslides

        Whatever that look is, all I can think of is a bad ass assassin wearing a very nice suit and wielding a very large gun. Well, at least for the black bike. And really, I’d only ever own one in black.

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

    The original round double lights are iconic, but I think the new ones could work as well. Looks like the whole design is a bit more chiseled and leaner. Less bulldog and more finesse. I am not sure about the tail though. Somehow lacks character. Lets wait and see what the proportions are like.

  • robotribe

    I have to admit, the round bug eyes took some getting used to on my Street Triple, but the rest of the bike (especially the motor) helped them grow on me eventually. If these new angrier eyes on the Speed (and what looks to be on the new Tiger as well) were what my Street was wearing at time of purchase, I would have been that much happier.

  • dfdoc

    There is an ABS sensor on the rear wheel. Is this possible?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Interesting, hadn’t noticed that. Rear wheel ABS totally exists, but there’s a chance that could be for traction control too.

  • dfdoc

    Speed Triple with ABS and Traction control is kind of an oxymoron but very interesting indeed.