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After three long years of a non-dirt-capable Tiger, Triumph is finally going to build the bike it should have all along: a badass, medium-capacity, lightweight, three-cylinder performance bike that should shred deserts as easily as it does rainy English highways. It’s coming in two versions: the more road-oriented Triumph Tiger 800 and the dirt-focused Triumph Tiger 800 XC. They won’t be fully unveiled until next Tuesday, but here’s 33 pictures and three videos of England’s new adventurer.

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Just about all this material comes from Triumph, which has been slowly teasing and leaking material since July, including “spy” shots that have appeared in various magazines. The shot of the bike’s tank, taken through one of the peep holes the bike was displayed in at Triumph Live was taken for us by a friend and the document that gave us the bike’s name was published by CARB.

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Both bikes will be largely identical with the exception of wheels and other small changes intended to alter their focus more towards the road or dirt. The XC comes with a 21-inch front wheel, tubes and more engine protection than the 19-inch front wheel and tubeless tires of the plain 800. A longer front mudguard on the XC will visually separate it.

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The Tigers will be powered by a version of the three-cylinder engine from the Triumph Daytona 675, stroked out to 800cc and tuned for torque. Both are expected to weigh around 200kg/440lbs (wet) and use chain drive.

  • miles_prower

    Looks great so far — I like Triumph’s new design direction. And I’m glad it went on a bit of weight-loss. Looking forward to seeing it in real life. As soon as my local dealer has one, I’m going to check it out.

  • DoctorNine

    Looks like Triumph will have a real contender. I can’t wait for the comparison with the BMW 800 which are sure to follow. From what we see here, the Tiger appears to be very competitive, pound for pound.

  • roccopeterbilt

    I love the spoke wheels on the “One with an off-road focus,” but I want them on my Speed Triple. Think the 1200 (or whatever the big one ends up being) will have the single-sided swing-arm like the triple and it’s German rival, the 1200GS?

  • Pete

    Wes, have you noticed the countdown timer ticking away on Triumph’s ‘Adventure’ website. Looks like about 5 days left in the countdown…

    • Pete

      I meant that as a question of course. Punctuation!!

  • BamBam650

    Yeah, I getting tired of the cloak and dagger BS too. It’s just a f@%&ing motorcycle, so show it to us!