Belstaff successfully privatizes bad taste

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A brand of once great repute that’s now owned by an Italian fashion label, but still makes some classically-styled, functional bike gear, Belstaff loves putting its products in movies where their timeless appeal can provide a marketable connection to other periods. Those movie tie ins become a problem, however, when the film is adapted from a comic book and the lead character is more likely to wear crimson and gold pajamas than he his a brown bomber jacket. Witness this piece of Iron Man 2 merchandise. For just $1,900, you too can fail to sleep with Scarlett Johansson and, for that matter, any other women.

Belstaff isn’t the first company to cash in on what must be an extremely niche market for expensive leather reproductions of the suit from Iron Man 2. UD Replicas makes a full Iron Man 2 motorcycle suit, complete with real crash protection, that includes boots and gloves. But where that suit will actually protect you in a crash and costs a fairly understandable $1,099, this is just tissue-thin shiny fashion leather jacket that costs a staggering $1,900. Do you really want to look like an alcoholic with repressed daddy issues and an inability to relate to women that badly?


Thanks for the tip, Will.

  • SteveCan

    Duly filed under: Butt Ugly

  • mugget

    Bah. That proper full Iron Man suit would be much better.

    Not that I want to look like a depressed alcoholic with an inability to relate to women – but it would go some way to representing my inner depressed alcoholic and actual complete inability to relate to women.

  • 1chi

    Next time I get shit about my white Sidis I’ll direct my ‘friends’ to this.

  • vic

    Belstaff by Liberace

  • telekom

    That really is fuckish. Belstaff opened a fashion store here in Glasgow with a Bonneville in the window. I went in, expecting to find Belstaff motorbike gear, but was told by the gushing foppish assistant that they only had replica motorbike gear and not ACTUAL motorbike gear. So the £450 Belstaff motorbike jacket he was showing me was actually just a replica of a motorbike jacket. Pointless. But I expect they make a fortune from people who want to look like they ride a bike but don’t fancy the inconvenience of actually having to do so.

    • vic

      have you seen the shitty leather they now put on most of their jackets?i wandered down to their store in Bucharest because apparently they we’re having a sale and now the jackets have that ultra-supple thin leather that you see on fashion clothes and ladies gloves.that crap would disintegrate in a millisecond

    • UrbanRider

      Hi Telektom,

      Belstaff have two separate divisions to their operation. 1. Fashion and 2. Pure Motorcycle. Your local one is a Fashion one as you found out, don’t think there is a Pure Motorcycle one in Scotland, we get lot’s of Scots come to us when they’re in London.

  • Mark D


  • odiewan

    Ah, geez… I don’t feel so well
    Ooops, I just vomited in my mouth a little.

  • robotribe

    Damn. Someone at Belstaff really likes that Flash movie from the 80s with the QUEEN soundtrack.