BMW S1000RR sets production 1000cc land speed record

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Reaching an average two-way speed of 196.117mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats last Saturday, the BMW S1000RR now holds the land speed record for 1,000cc production motorcycles. Amazingly, the record was set not only on a bone stock motorcycle, but it’s actually San Diego BMW’s demonstrator.

Riding the S1000RR, Andy Sills reached a top speed of 196.416mph on his first run and 195.819 on his return, setting the 196.117mph average. The previous Bonneville record stood at 192mph, although it’s unclear which bike that belongs to. Andy’s only modifications were taping over the lights and removing the mirrors and license plate bracket.

England’s Performance Bikes magazine just took a slightly modified S1000RR to 202mph, but that run and others like it at non-sanctioned events are unofficial as they’re unratified by the FIM or AMA. Racing on the salt is an entirely different challenge as the granular surface not only makes finding traction a challenge, but creates drag too.

via San Diego BMW and USFRA

  • Shas

    great news here you will also see S10 Hitting 202mph with minimal mods along with comparisons
    with other Superbikes

  • s0crates82

    holy balls that’s fast.

    it’s funny how the bar gets raised. used to be that when shooting the shit with car-only friends who ask about bike performance vs. car performance, you’d haul out the “suzuki hayabusa will do 180 off the showroom floor for 13 grand. how much did that s500 set you back?”

    now it’s 195 for 14 grand. unreal.

  • BuellDoc

    I thought there was an international limit?
    I’ve been to the limit on a stock Busa at the Maxton Mile and stock gearing was the limit. So you are saying the BMW has more horsepower, less drag and comes from the factory with stock street gearing that will let it reach this record on the Salts slippery conditions? I can see the posted ticket but it is hard to beleive when I’ve been there. By the way it took modifications and gearing to reach my goal of 200mph.

    • Wes Siler

      There was a gentleman’s agreement – 300kph – among the Japanese makers, but no actual limit or regulation. And yes, more power and less weight work wonders, the Busa and its ilk have been slower than liter bikes for at least five years now.

      • the_doctor

        The ‘Busa is like a heavy ass sofa sleeper and the S1000RR is like a carbon fiber patio chair. The BMW being that much faster is not at all surprising.

  • mugget

    Very nice…

    I guess someone had to do it, just for those who don’t believe that the S1000RR is a fast bike!

    I gotta get me one of them, one of these days when I’m not so weak and scared to twist the go-fast stick under my right hand…

  • pdub

    Bullshit. Fake. It’s clearly KPH. They’re just looking for attention. (;

    • Wes Siler

      How dare a motorcycle publication run an article on fast bikes being ridden fast! It’s a sign of the apocalypse I tell you! Get off my lawn you damn kids!