Book Review: Deus- The House of Simple Pleasures

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Published in-house and limited to 2000, even the haters will begrudgingly admit that Deus’ rather large 300 page coffee table book is beautiful if nothing else, before going on to dis it as an empty self-promotional marketing tool. That’s okay because deep down, the haters, all of us, are just really really pissed off at the amount of great work those whacky Aussies, especially Mr. Tuckwell, are pushing out while having boatloads of the kind of fun most of us only dream about, like epic motorcycle/surfing road trips and dreamy girls, all perfectly photographed and illustrated.

The House of Simple Pleasures is more than a motorcycle book, and comprises of just about every created thing the smallish company from Sydney has done since it’s inception roughly six years ago, which is a lot. That means page after smartly laid-out page of  wonderfully shot motorcycles, bicycles, drilled parts, re-finished components, surf boards, logos, helmets, drawings, parties, paintings, characters, happenings, posters and tee shirt designs.

While there are no official designations like chapters, the book moves though events using the bikes as narrative anchors to navigate through all the craziness. And it’s that craziness that informs us of what Deus really is, from which the bikes, the drawings and all the other stuff are the manifestations of.

You can order the book on the Deus website. HFL readers can also enter DEUSHELL in the coupon box at checkout for 15% off.

  • WoosterSauce

    I feel like you HFL guys could release a pretty bitchin’ coffee table book at this point, what with all the cool features you’ve been running.

    I never tire of looking at all that shop porn.

  • vic

    i was expecting taschen”special edition” money but that it’s actually good value especially if they micropublished. also show the kids someday when they say that my generation only produced occ in terms of custom bikes.

  • Emmet

    Deus posted a full preview of their book online. Nice work- I can drool all over my keyboard instead without putting myself further in debt!

  • brutus

    only problem being that shippin to utah is 71 dollars! aw hell i was gonna buy it

  • mugget

    Hot damn.

    I am just looking through their online preview now… I think I want that book. While I wouldn’t pay what they’re asking for the bikes, I can certainly appreciate looking through their book. A veritable treasure trove of style!

  • flyin_flip

    I bought it as soon as it came out and now i find theres a discount?! argh!!!!

  • pdub

    Suppose I could say something cynical about another moto-hipster lifestyle product but eh? Looks like they’re living their dream a bit and this is their shared yearbook. Good on ‘em.