Buell 1190RS gets official, marketing gets officially weird

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This whole guerrilla slow-release-marketing-teaser-video thing that bike makers have finally caught on to might be going a bit too far. As usual, there’s not a lot to go on, but what we know so far is the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS will be seen in a teaser video of some sort on Tuesday, September 14th. Plus the dude from Queensryche is involved, and is debuting his new band’s hot upcoming single. No, seriously.

Update: We’ve just received a response from Rat Pak Records stating, “The bike won’t be avail [sic] until next year, but we are selling the merch for it ahead of time. It is the official merch for the bike, we just sell it for Erik as he has no time ship orders all day! Next week there will be some more info posted about the bike!.”

We found out thanks to a tip that Erik Buell’s record label, Rat Pak Records, is already selling shirts for a bike called the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS on the label’s website. What kind of bike is that? According to the site, “The 1190RS will be the new street bike from Erik Buell Racing! The design is currently in the pre-production/testing stage and is not yet available for public sale. Show your support and be the very first to get your new 1190RS and new EBR logo merchandise! Check back here Tuesday, September 14th for the 1190RS “teaser” video featuring music from Wratchet Head the new project from Michael Wilton of Queensryche!”

Amazingly, the site also says, “Note: Side effects of wearing the 1190RS design shirts may cause you to seem extra cool to your friends and neighbors!” We’ll be reaching out to Erik Buell and EBR in the morning, so check back for updates.

The 185rwhp Buell 1190RR was supposed to be the race version of the 157bhp Buell Barracuda 2; basically it was the Buell we no longer needed to make excuses for. If all this plays out into an actual street-legal bike we’ll finally be seeing an American sportsbike that’s fully competitive with other 1200cc v-twins on both power and weight, that Barracuda 2 would have been 22lbs lighter than a Ducati 1198.

Erik has a non-compete with Harley effective until February, 2011. Don’t look for official details, or official acknowledgement, until then.

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    185 RWHP & 221 lb’s LIGHTER THAN AN 1198!

    “This makes me very happy in pants!”

    -Not Another Teen Movie quote

    So thi bike is supposed to weigh in at only 156 lb’s dry?

    Or is the ’221′ a Type ‘O’ and supposed to be 21 lb’s?

    • http://www.twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

      It says 22lbs lighter. Aka, 22 lbs. By I’m secretly hoping they meant 221 lbs lighter. Sure, it might be terrible on a cross wind, but think about the power to weight!

  • Tony

    FANTASTIC News!!! I’ve been waiting (hoping) for this day for nearly a year.

    As for the unusual marketing, I think it’s a simple matter of taking advantage of what’s available. Erik and the guys from Queensryche go way back an Rat Pak records has been the primary sponsor of the race team. I wouldn’t be surprised if the conversation went something like this: “Look, you give me enough cash to limp through the 2010 AMA racing season and I’ll drive as much business to your website as I can by letting you break the big news and I’ll also give you rights to sell all the merchandise you can.”

  • jake

    sounds hot i hope Australia gets it.

  • Tony

    . . . I should correct my above statement. I’ve been waiting for a new street bike for nearly a year since Buell shut-down, but I’ve been waiting for an American Superbike MY ENTIRE LIFE.

  • MichaelMM

    Wes, as a suggestion: the proper notation for units is to put a space between the value and the unit associated with it. For instance: 22 lb vs. 22lb. It would help clear up confusion, especially for fonts such as this one where a lower case, “l,” looks like the numeric, “1.”

    • Random

      We metrics don’t getcha none of this poundy thingy.

  • chopper585

    I’m still trying to figure out how Erik Buell is competing with HD. The EB sport bike is a lean, fast racing machine. The HD is a fat, overpriced, slow, pig…

    • slowtire

      The HD is a fat, overpriced, slow, pig…

      You sure that’s HD you’re talking about? Sounds like an ex wife to me.

  • keithh

    When HFL says you’ve gone too far, you know you’ve done good. :)

  • seanslides

    You had me at Queensryche. Seriously. I’ll take one dressed up in Operation: Mindcrime livery.

  • slowtire

    Just another bike for the pseudo Buell fans to ooze over, but never buy.

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Does Harley have a record label? If not, they could be selling out, big time!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Without the license to Freebird, they’d be unable to serve their audience.

      Born in the USA could make the perfect brand allegory though.